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Snail Mail Saturday

Welcome to snail mail Saturday!

Here’s some glimpses of my incoming mail this week:

All the letters I received were lovely! Here’s peeks of what was sent along with my letters:

How smart is the washi samples?! I need to find embroidery thread holders so I can send some. They’re plastic! 

One of my pen pals is from Germany, and she’s quickly becoming a very dear friend. We chat at least once a day on Facebook, even if it’s just to say good morning. She sent me the lovely cards and crab stick it notes above. 

Germans have a special tradition their kids LOVE called zuckertüte. The Saturday nearest their first day of school they are spoiled with candy, goodies, school supplies and sometimes clothes- among other things. My pen pal extended the same tradition to my kids, as you’ll see below. I’m thinking we need to start our own family tradition!

K’s goodies made the twins’ day. They’re slightly jealous their mama gets more happy mail than they do. This mama feels kind of bad about that…I hope this slightly made up for it!

And lastly, here’s a snippet of my outgoing mail to these lovelies:

I threw my first letter in the mail before snapping a picture of this one…Oops! I still have K’s to finish, but I’ll be away all week next week, so she’ll have to wait!

(How do you like the flyer covering the bottom portion of my outgoing mail? Bahaha)

Although I’ll be away, I will still have my phone with me, and plan to keep posting, even though I’ll be relaxing beside a lake 😉

Thanks for joining me today, friends!


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