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Make It Monday

Good morning, dear friends! I’m all showered up (how I missed my shower!!) and ready to take the dog to his spa appointment (groomer). 

We have a slow week to recuperate (unfortunately, my husband doesn’t. They tried sending him to work before we even got home from vacation!), then we have two more weeks of swimming lessons. 

If you’re anything like me, when my husband is away I despise cooking. When it’s just the three of us, I don’t feel like cooking big meals. So, I don’t. I tend to make whatever my husband doesn’t care for, but that the twins love. (Think kraft dinner, chicken fingers, pot pies, etc.) We may have even had toast for supper; I neither confirm nor deny that…

One fateful day in the recent past, I came across a Kraft Canada recipe that the twins were sure to love. It is a cross between grilled cheese and kraft dinner, and it is completely kid friendly!

Introducing Grilled Macaroni and Cheese Cheese Sandwiches! 

This meal is so easy to make. Seriously, here’s what you do: 

Step 1: Make KD as usual

Step 2: Make grilled cheese as usual

Before adding your second slice of bread to your grilled cheese sandwich  (and before grilling), add KD to your sandwich and a second slice of kraft singles cheese.

(Remember, the recipe and link will be included at the end of this post). 

Step 3: Grill, as usual

And, between you and I, this recipe is a heart attack waiting to happen. Lol. All that cheese can’t be very healthy! Pure comfort food, y’all. Seriously. Enjoy with tomato soup and a side of veggies, or a salad, and/or a long, leisurely walk or step aerobics class. 

For me, this recipe fell flat. It was flavorless, and if I make it again, I think I’d add the KD to a grilled Tuna Melt, or I would make my Chicken Cacciatore (both recipes coming up in the near future!) before adding it to a grilled cheese sandwich. (My Chicken Cacciatore recipe is made using Kraft Dinner, as well). I’m not always a huge advocate for meat (I’m ok with meatless recipes; my husband isn’t.) He’s a proud “meatatarian”. This recipe required it, in my humble opinion. Chicken or tuna would pair nicely with this to make a slightly more well rounded meal.

As promised, here’s the Pinterest link to this fabulous, kid friendly recipe. Let me know what you think when you try it! 


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