Snail Mail Saturday

Welcome to snail mail Saturday!

I have some incoming smail to share with you- I love how bright and colorful each envelope is. It makes my heart so happy!

The bright and cheery incoming smail inspired me to send mine with the same lighthearted nature, so here’s my most recent outgoing smail:

I was asked how to create these envies (which were created using a 12×12 sheet of patterned paper), so I’ll share a simple tutorial the next time I make one! (I have two letters waiting to be responded to yet!)

Ready for the goodies that were sent along?

Such a fun questionnaire! I guess I need to order a picture of yours truly before I send this little gem back!

I was sent a lovely postcard by another penpal but unfortunately didn’t snap a picture of it. 

Oh- one last thing. How insanely cute are these Beatrix Potter stamps?!

I’m smitten ♡


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