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Haven Overhaul 

I’m interrupting my usual Monday programming for a little glimpse into my life today. 

I just needed to share- I’m so freaking proud of myself for getting down and dirty and  really organizing and purging my craft room. I’ve made enough room it’ll now be known as our craft room- my husband can move in and take up model airplanes, etc. too!

I’m not done yet, but I got a good chunk done today. It only took roughly 4.5 hours, lol.

Here’s a progress shot:

The filing cabinet in the corner has two totally empty drawers; I have one large sterilite container, and one small one that are completely empty and out of the office; I feel like my stuff is better organized- two bags of recycling have made it to the curb, and I have two separate piles of miscellaneous stuff, one to donate to a school or kids club, and one to be brought to the second hand store. 

There’s still a green sterilite drawer to go through that’s full of woodblock Stampin’ Up stamps, my own personal CTMH stamps that I don’t use, and a few other random CTMH products- all to be sold (or brought to the second hand store if that doesn’t happen). 

There’s lots to do still, but I got a lot done too!


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