CTMH June Sales End TODAY!!!

Good morning! TGIF! Summer vacation has started, and I wanted so badly to sleep in. But, my body is too accustomed to waking up at 6:30. I was wide awake at my regular time, and tossed and turned until 7, upon which I pulled out the old (new, actually) cell phone and putzed around on it until just before 8. One day I’ll actually be able to sleep in.

I’m actually stopping in this morning to remind you of the sales and specials we have going on this month. Unfortunately, these sales end today. What sales are those? Well, we have the stamp of the month, called Hello Foxy, which is just $6 when you make a qualifying order of $50. Its regularly $27 CAD. Its a seriously great deal! We also have the 12×12 album and card stock carnival sales. During the month of June, when you buy one 12×12 album at regular price, you could get a second one half price. That includes both post bound and d-ring styles. There’s a number of shades to choose from, as well. They’re all pretty, durable and the perfect house for all those precious memories you’re storing.

The card stock carnival is a unique sale. All bundles are 25% off, including solid and variety packs. I stocked up on Colonial White, because I heard through the grapevine that it may have been retired with the new catalog. Boo. I was just really getting into using it! Stocking up on card stock now is a really, really good thing to do, because as of the new catalog, you’ll see some significant changes to our card  stock. The neutral color palette has gone through a re-vamp, so you’ll see some new colors, and other colors moved to other palettes. Black and White Daisy are stand alone colors, so don’t have a palette, per se. Secondly, and more importantly, the card stock has also transformed. You’ll see its wonderful (and highly anticipated) change with the new catalog release in August! You’ll like it, I promise! If you thought you got a lot of mileage with our current card stock, you’ll be blown away by the mileage you’ll get from the new card stock!

I kind of want to keep the change a surprise, so I don’t want to divulge too much information, but I will say that I’ve never seen this combination anywhere. Its a bold, new step for CTMH, and I think its a smart one. I’m betting they’ll set a new trend with this one, if its already not a trend somewhere. I don’t think so, though.

So, there you have it. I strongly urge you to check out the sales for this month, which will expire today. If you haven’t made an order already, and you’ve been thinking about doing it, please don’t delay. Visit my CTMH website to start shopping, comment on this post or send me a message via email: theeverydayscrapbooker@gmail.com.

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see everyone again soon! Its a long weekend here in Canada, so I may not be around again until Monday! Peace out, peeps!


CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Layout

Good morning, dear friends. We’ve finally made it. Today is the last day of school. Thank the Lord- I am exhausted. I can just imagine how my children feel, though they’d never admit it. I struggled getting my vacuuming out of the way this morning. I seriously didn’t want to do it. There’s laundry baskets all over the house with clean laundry in them just waiting to be folded and put away. Maybe after a day or two of sleeping in and relaxing those things will get done. Phew! How are you feeling knowing that the end is finally right here?

Hopefully, Lord willing, I’ll be at CTMH convention at this time next year, not even thinking about school finishing, but thoroughly enjoying myself and recharging my internal battery surrounded by strong, inspiring women instead. Fingers crossed! I’m going to look into flights…it can’t be too terribly expensive, can it? I’ll find out when I start researching! 😉

That’s right. Convention is happening as I type this. It started yesterday, and I’m starting to see pictures and videos from my uplines starting to float into Facebookland. I am struggling to find the right word to explain how addictive and inspiring the energy is, but its incredible. Its making me wish I was there now instead of vacuuming my floors, lol. Add to the bucket list: going to convention!

After watching those videos, I’m feeling a whole lot of happy- just like I was in the picture above, when my husband, myself and my dear friend attended the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton back in 2013. It was the last time we went; now, I can’t go because I’ve learned that my allergies have developed from moderate to severe. In addition to that, I have allergy triggered asthma, too. So, no more indoor rodeos. And, definitely no more horseback riding. I’m pretty sad about it. Horses are my favourite animal, next to roosters and peacocks. I’ve loved horses the longest. I guess I’ll just love them from a distance now! I can look, but I can’t touch!

This layout I just absolutely adore. I love every inch of it. I used a mixture of CTMH Frosted papers (wayyyy retired) and Urban (newly retired). The mix just speaks to me. The colors fit the theme perfectly. Even the picture fits perfectly, in all its imperfect fuzziness and poor iPhone filter quality. (Back in the day. Its improved tenfold in the last couple years). And, I just love the dude in the background with his hat covering his face so that he wouldn’t be in our picture. I think that’s the best part! Its the small things. Really. The pops of green are the perfect finishing, attention getting touch. I should just frame this instead of putting it in a scrapbook album!

Products Used:

-CTMH Urban (retired)

-CTMH Frosted (retired)

-CTMH Black Card stock 1386

-CTMH White Daisy Card stock 1385

-CTMH Fern Thick Twine Z3093

-CTMH Mini Staples Z2097

-CTMH Mini Stapler Z2027

-CTMH Willow Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2807

-CTMH Saddle Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2871

-CTMH Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2805

-CTMH Whisper Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2872

-CTMH Sponge Daubers Value Pack Z1938

-CTMH Choose Happy S1503

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Scrapbooking Stamp Set D1716

I forgot to mention, there’s just two days left before June ends, which means this months’ specials will be ending, too! If you’d like to jump on these deals, you can reach me via email or by commenting on this post. I’ll get your order posted for you so that you don’t have to! If you choose to do it yourself, visit my website at http://www.theeverydayscrapbooker.ctmh.com. My email is: theeverydayscrapbooker@gmail.com!

CTMH Lovely Birthday Occasions + Shin Han Markers

Do you like colouring? Have you jumped on the mandala/coloring/adult colouring craze? I have. Sort of. I have colouring books and pencil crayons, and I have my Shin Han markers for my scrapbooking, but I rarely do it. I color more in my crafting than I do in my colouring books. Everyone I’ve heard that does this all say that its calming. Honestly, I don’t see it. My peace and calming is scrapbooking. Mind you, I bought them specifically for something to do when we’re out camping and I’m bored. Bored as in its raining buckets and there’s nowhere to go but inside the trailer with two young kids that just want to watch movies anyways. Who has time for tv? Give me some music and something crafty, and I’ll keep myself entertained for hours. What activities do you bring when you’re camping and need something to do other than read?

I broke out my Shin Han markers for this layout and went to town on it, colouring in all the cupcakes. And the cake and candle, which is layered next to the title. It took a long time, but I like the effect. I wanted to give it a messy, rustic feel, so I didn’t worry about filling in all the white space. I love the finished look.

Before I matted the White Daisy card stock to the Smoky Plum card stock, I couldn’t help but feel there was way too much white space at the top of the page. I didn’t know how to fill it; nothing felt right. So, I left it for the day and came back to it another day. Inspiration hit, and I decided to trim off an inch from two sides of the White Daisy card stock, and then placed it inside the Smoky Plum. I’m glad I decided to give myself a break and return to it after my brain had time to relax. It feels much better, now! It feels finished. I doodled around the cupcakes to give it the illusion that another piece of White Daisy is matted inside the bottom corner of the larger sheet of White Daisy, then stamped a border near the top of the page with a variety of different coloured inks.

I chose colors for my layout based on the colors in the birthday cakes my husband bought for my birthday. (Back in 2013.) As a result of that, I’m in love with the purple, yellow (its actually a light green but appears yellow IRL) and light blue color combination. So yummy! I need to figure out a way to use those colors more often! I can now admit that I scrapbook based on the colors found in my pictures. I’m not sure I color coordinated my layouts in the past- I’m sure I did, but wasn’t aware of it. Now…no excuses. I do it and I openly admit it.

Products Used:

-CTMH White Daisy card stock 1385

-CTMH Smoky Plum (retired)

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Lavender Marker Z2453

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Turquoise Blue Marker Z2465

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Pastel Green Marker Z2459

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Tender Pink Marker Z2464

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Light Orange Marker Z2455

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Golden Yellow Marker Z2452

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Scrapbooking Stamp Set D1716

-CTMH Lovely Birthday Occasions B1462 (retired)

-CTMH Celebrate With Cake S1605 (retired)

-CTMH Cutie Pie S1412 (retired)

-CTMH Exclusive Inks Flaxen Stamp Pad Z2842

-CTMH Exclusive Inks Crystal Blue Stamp Pad Z2817

-CTMH Exclusive Inks Smoky Plum Stamp Pad (retired)

-CTMH Adventure Fundamentals Z3253

-CTMH Workshops Your Way Little Dreamer Scrapbooking Kit (scraps) G1126


CTMH Scaredy Cat Halloween Layouts

Good morning! This is my second attempt. I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with blogging this time around! This platform just doesn’t want to cooperate with me! GRR! Maybe the universe is telling me now is not the time for blogging. Well, universe, I’m going to anyways….cause I like it.

I’m super excited about today’s post because I can finally share the good stuff- the stuff I’ve wanted to share for a long time. Layouts! Housekeeping posts are boring; project-filled eye candy posts is where its at. They’re my favourite! I’m sure they’re yours, too. You can’t share the boring stuff without sweetening it with the good stuff. So, today is our day.

Don’t panic. I know that we’ve just welcomed summer into our lives. I have moved on from the baby-toddler stage of my children’s lives to the school-age toddler-age of their lives. Previous to this layout, the twins had just started Junior Kindergarten. Just thought I should catch you up on our lives. (This is also 4 years in the past, too. The twins are now 7 years old). Gaaah- weren’t they adorable?! A lot of work (still are), but super duper cute  (and still are, LOL).

While I was creating this layout (and the next one I want to share with you), I couldn’t help but think that I need to beef up on Halloween products from CTMH. I’m not a huge fan of the creepy, scary aspect of Halloween lines, but I see (now), how important they are to documenting our kids’ halloweens. I found myself wishing that I had some halloween stamps to go along with the paper that I had on hand. Fortunately, the paper that I used (some of it) is halloween themed. I guess I know what to do when the next Annual Expressions comes out! Add that to the bucket list, alongside school themed stamps and papers! What are your must haves?

Luckily, Ballet Safari was perfect for highlighting the twins’ halloween costumes (in 2013); for the rest, I used my Cricut to cut the title and bats. Those bats are pretty cute, too. I coloured the giraffes in (Safari Ballet) with my ShinHan TouchTwin markers, then fussy cut them before matting them on black card stock and fussy cutting again. It was a lot of work, but well worth the effort. I like the effect- they jump off the page better now than they did before I did this.

I’ve fallen hard for a clean, minimalist design as of late, and here’s evidence of it. I also really like doodled lines on my layouts, too. And, still true to nature, my designs are linear. That’ll never change. Which is ok, because I’m totally ok with it. I think its because I’m fairly ‘black and white’ by nature; this fits well for me. Going crazy and blurring the lines is chaos for me. I adore the look, but can’t achieve it myself .

We were lucky this year. It isn’t often my husband is home early enough from work to join us as we go trick or treating, but this year he was. We even convinced him to dress up, too. He went as ‘static cling’. I love it! LOL I can’t remember if I dressed up or not. If I did, there is no pictorial evidence of it.

Once again, the title was cut with my Cricut, which I layered overtop some scrap CTMH patterned papers cut into pennants. I stamped some stars in various shades of ink. (Its a CTMH stamp, but the set it goes with has lost it). The rest of the stamping comes from a set that is not available to purchase unless you’re a new consultant and have reached certain sales levels. (Which my wonderful downline has done! She doesn’t think she’ll use it, so she gave it to me. I love her!)

Stay tuned for more layouts (maybe cards) in tomorrow’s post!

Products Used:

Happy Halloween layout

– Cricut

-CTMH Scaredy Cat (retired)

-CTMH Urban (retired)

-CTMH Eggplant card stock X5774

-CTMH Ballet Safari A1180

-CTMH Kraft card stock Z1375

-CTMH White Daisy card stock 1385

-CTMH Black card stock 1386

-CTMH Shin Han TouchTwin markers (available to purchase!)

Trick or Treat layout

-CTMH Urban  (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy card stock 1385

-CTMH Black card stock 1386

-CTMH Scaredy Cat (retired)

-CTMH Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2805

-CTMH Peacock Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2849

-CTMH Goldrush Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2823



CTMH Hello Foxy SOTM

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did- I scrapped with a dear friend for a bit on Saturday afternoon, and then more dear friends, our children and pets took in the Pets in the Park event in Edmonton yesterday. The highlight for me was meeting Jann Arden. So cool! (It will be scrapbooked one day. Just sayin’!)

If you  can remember back to last week, I mentioned I had some housekeeping items to take care of, and I got around to one of them before the weekend trashed my plans. The last one I’d like to share with you (for now), is this:

The picture above is a graphic of our stamp of the month, called Hello Foxy. Its super adorable, and I’ve made some really cute cards and layouts using it! This stamp set is just $6 (Canadian), when you make an order on my website totalling $50 (or more). Its like our gift to you for making a purchase and being loyal customers. I want you to feel special. Why wouldn’t you want to get a good deal on a quality set of stamps to create with? Here’s just a sample of what I made using this wonderful stamp:


Excuse the unedited version of this picture. I think I deleted most of my previous projects over the past couple weeks, and this is all that showed up in my gallery when I uploaded it. You get the idea, though. I absolutely love that I’m able to color most of the images in this stamp set using my ShinHan markers. Watercolour pencils, pencil crayons and watercolour paints would work, as well. Aren’t the foxes adorable?! They’re my favourite part- so is the floral wreath. I used both those stamps the most when I created with it over the last two weeks. You’d enjoy it, too. I know you would!

Once again, this stamp set is marked down to $6 when you make a $50 order (both online, and when its placed with me); regularly, its over $25! ($27, to be exact.) Talk about big savings! The worst part is, there’s just a couple days left to claim it for yourself, and then a new stamp set will take its place! So, don’t miss out. Live with no regrets. 😀

For now, this will be all the housekeeping I will share with you, but don’t fret! I’ll be back at it again at the beginning of July with more specials! Stay tuned for all the deets! Tomorrow, I’ll share my latest layout with you. I hope it inspires you.

CTMH June BOGO Album Sale

One of the housekeeping items I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to share with you is this months’ promotional sales we have happening. Now is a great time to stock up on items that paper crafters tend to run out of fairly quickly, depending on how quickly you get your crafting done- scrapbook albums! The other is card stock- but I’ll share more about that in a moment.

Yes, we definitely have you covered this month. When you buy one album of any style- post pound or d-ring, get a second one 50% off! All our albums are 12×12, and are sturdy and durable. This year’s albums have a lovely leather cover and come in an assortment of colors. The hot one is Sea Glass, which is this year’s CTMH color of the year. You’ll definitely want to snatch that one up- its sold out once already! They are the perfect way to store your layouts- and the best part is that the page protectors don’t stick out the side of the album, like some tend to do. They stay neatly inside, where they belong.

Why stop at stocking up on albums, when you could stock up on the other item paper crafters run out of quickly- card stock!

Yes, card stock. The basis for nearly every layout there is. All card stock, including paper packs and variety packs, are 25% off at check out when you shop my online store. Go mixed, stay solid, stock up on card stock! You won’t regret it! Our card stock is made from quality paper, and has a white core, just like you saw in yesterday’s post. They all come in a wide variety of colors and coordinate beautifully with all our patterned papers.

This deal just seems to naturally fit together, doesn’t it? As if the deal couldn’t get any better, it does. But, you’ll have to wait until next month (July) to find out what the next promotional sale is! You’ll want to stock on up on this, too! More details to follow in the next week.

(June passed quickly, didn’t it?!) I feel like I’m just going to have enough time to catch my breath for school to end before the chaos of summer begins! Honestly, I don’t think I’ll even have the time for that! If your kids are already done school (even if they aren’t), take some time to inventory what you’ve got on hand, and if you find it lacking, give me a shout! I’d love to help you stock up on some of the essentials!

A New Attempt

Hi everyone! I’m back, after an incredibly long break from blogging. I know things got hectic at the end of 2016, which accounted for my absence, and the start of 2017 was extremely difficult. Its also been full of incredible blessings- and that is the reason why I’m picking up blogging again! I plan to use this platform as a tool to help build and strengthen my business, which has taken a dramatic and (happily) positive turn as of late. Its beginning to grow, and I’m so thankful for that! I’ve been drawing in new customers (yay!) as well as building a downline! Both these blessings absolutely floor me! I want to keep that momentum moving upwards, and I plan to do whatever I can to achieve that! Would you join me (again) on this journey of mine?

My blog format will be slightly different this time around- I’ll still share paper crafting inspiration and my personal crafting projects, but I’ll also share more of what’s going on with my business, my team, and Close to My Heart. This blog will solely focus on everything Close to My Heart and The Everyday Scrapbooker/The Everyday Scrappers. (The Everyday Scrappers are my minions. Just kidding- they’re my army of team members!) My hope is to find more customers and team members by sharing what I’m passionate about, and using social media platforms to accomplish that. Because, more is a party! The more, the merrier, right?! And, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I am 100% passionate about scrapbooking and card making! To say otherwise would be an understatement! If you are too, please follow my blog and my other social media platforms. I’ll share the links to them at the end of this post. You’re welcome here even if you know diddly squat about scrapbooking, but are open to learning more! I’ll welcome everyone with open arms. Who knows, maybe you’ll join my team or become a customer, too!  So, I’ll be sharing news from CTMH, upcoming events and activities for you (my future customers) to participate in, sales and deals that CTMH offers (and me!!), and inspiration. My blog will hopefully be overflowing with inspiration! And, hopefully you’ll catch the memory keeping bug, too.

I do have some housekeeping items to share with you, but they will wait for the next couple posts. I’d really like to kick off blogging again with one of my latest layouts. Just a note related to my layouts- starting with today’s post, I’ll be sharing a list of the CTMH products I used to complete my layouts and cards, and I’ll provide a link to my online shop if you’re interested in purchasing the products I shared. Sometimes, the products I use will be discontinued, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swap the retired items for something newer and more current! Use your creativity! I’ll make sure to note which items are retired, so you’re not left wondering or searching for a product that no longer exists. Have no fear, though! If you absolutely LOVE a certain product, and MUST have it, I may be able to track it down for you- as long as another consultant has it. Sound fair?

Its also important to note that all of my layouts and cards will have my watermark on it. I do that for two reasons: first, to show that each of my layouts is my own work, even though I use a sketch as a springboard for my creativity, and secondly, to direct you more easily to my online shop! You are more than welcome to recreate any of my projects. I just ask that you make sure to give credit where its due, and I’ll make sure I do the same!

It also goes without saying that my projects from here on in will exclusively be made with CTMH products. There may be the odd product snuck in there to complete it that isn’t CTMH (such as sequins or washi tape); everything else will be strictly theirs.

Ready to join the party?! Here we go!

Sorry for the slightly blurry and grainy image. Images won’t alway look like this, I promise! Ah, the toddler years. We’ve passed that stage by 4 years now, but I’m thoroughly enjoying scrapbooking this stage. I miss it so much, although I didn’t while I was in the midst of it. And, no there’s no more babies in our future. Been there, done that. Its time to move on!

To create this layout, I used a tip found in a recent Close to My Heart blog post. Instead of inking the edges of a torn piece of paper- which was the “old” technique, update it by inking the edge of your clean lines with a shade slightly darker than the paper you’re inking. So, in this case, I inked my White Daisy card stock with Whisper ink. I left the torn strip of card stock as is- especially since its unique already, with the white core. And, how awesome is the play on words in my title- the ‘rip’ in the title highlights the rip in the Eggplant card stock! Also, just a note- I created the title using my Cricut!

Products used:

– CTMH My Reflections Urban X7204B

– CTMH Lagoon Card stock X5762

-CTMH Eggplant Card stock X5774

-CTMH Whimsy Fundamentals Paper Packet Z3255

-CTMH Charlotte Complements X7205C

-CTMH Good Life Complements Z3264

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Complements X7217C (retired)

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Workshop Your Way X7217 (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy Card stock 1385

-CTMH Whisper Exclusive Inks Z2872

As promised, I said I’d share my social media links at the end of this blog post. I try not to disappoint, so here you go! Either click directly on the link to go where it leads you, or paste the link into your browser. Feel free to add me! I use all these accounts regularly 🙂