CTMH Happy Holidays Layout

Good morning! Its a bit cooler here today- I broke out my fleece pj pants and a sweater this morning because I was cold when I got out of bed! Its a welcome change to feeling sticky and wet after waking up in the morning.

In honor of the cooler weather today, I have a festive Christmas layout to share with you.

I look forward to all the big events that the twins’ school puts on throughout the year. They have a spring concert and a Christmas concert. The spring concert is pretty huge- they put on a black light show every year. Coming up (in the future- more recent future, like 2016 and this year) I’ll have pictures of the black light shows we were at. Lots of fun! Only the grade 3 class gets to do it…it builds excitement for the little ones as time goes on, so when they reach grade 3, they’re super excited about getting to do the black light show. I think its awesome they have something so special to look forward to. Their concerts are also in French, since our school is bilingual. We offer a French program, so all the French kids are able to take part in the concert, as well. (My children are in the English program. My French is way too rusty to be able to help them with their homework).

I used City Sidewalks again, and sadly most of it is gone. I think I have just a few sheets left. But, that’s good, on the other hand, too. This Christmas I can stock up on the new collections CTMH comes out with! In yesterdays order, I also stocked up on the Little Dreamer and Jack paper packets, so that I have extra of my favourite papers to play with until the new collections come out in September. I have lots of planning to do coming up- my card classes start in September! I know what technique I want to introduce at our first one, but I don’t have a design figured out yet! Or the paper we’ll be using. All in good time. August is going to be a busy month! If you’d like to join, comment at the bottom of this post, or email me at theeverydayscrapbooker@gmail.com. (Just a note, I don’t currently have any Jack papers because I ordered the wrong workshop in June! Oops! So, I’ve ordered it this month, and will begin playing with it once its made its way to my doorstep! Can’t wait!)

Did you know that the small strip at the top of CTMH’s paper- we call it the ‘zip strip’- is also useful in your paper crafting? Other companies call it other things, but that’s what we call it; it is meant to be used in your crafting, as well. You’ll notice that one side of it is always printed with a pattern that coordinates with the collection it comes with. The other side has collection- pertinent information on it, such as the collection name, what colors coordinate with it, the product number (for easier ordering), and the size of paper it came from (such as 12×12 inches). Our paper is always 12×12, just so you know. I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping them all instead of throwing them out. You never know when they’ll come in handy! I snuck the City Sidewalks zip strip in this layout right at the bottom of the mat layered behind the pictures. I snuck some washi tape into the mix, too. I do not think its CTMH washi. The zip strip is always 0.25 inches, and it adds just the right touch to any project. Have you ever used them in your crafting before? If you haven’t, because they’re not printed to be used in your crafting, maybe its time you tried out some CTMH paper!

What is your favourite thing about your kids being in school? What do you look forward to throughout the school year?

Products Used:

-CTMH City Sidewalks (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy Card stock 1385

-CTMH Juniper Card stock X5752

-CTMH Happy Holidays My Acrylix Stamp Set (retired)

-CTMH Juniper Exclusive Inks Z2865

-CTMH Outdoor Denim Exclusive Inks (retired)*

-CTMH Pomegranate Exclusive Inks Z2854

*Note: Replace Outdoor Denim ink with Pacifica Z2892. Its dark, too! Any other light blue colors will work, too, such as Glacier Z2841, Crystal Blue Z2817, Lagoon Z2895, Peacock Z2849 or Sea Glass Z2813.



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