CTMH Jack + Oh, Deer Layout

For a slight change of pace, I have a double page layout to share with you today!

I used Jack, once again, but this time paired it with CTMH Oh, Deer complements. Instead of using another paper border along the top of the photos, I opted to stamp it instead. It was a nice change, and I love the final result! (Why do I not stamp borders more often?) I always worry about whether it’ll look good or not, but when I finally give in and do it, I love it! Why worry? It will all work out in the end.

Something I like to do when I stamp borders or a linear shape, is using my straight edge ruler to mark a line first. Then, I follow behind with stamping. I know there are fancy tools out there that help you make straight stamps each time, but this method works well enough for me for the time being. I like old school. (For now, who am I kidding? Owning a tool like this would make my heart so happy!) One day I would like to splurge and buy a stamping buddy! Do you have one?

I might be the only one that thinks this, but how CUTE is the deer and tree patterned paper at the bottom of the layout? Of all the paper that you find in the Jack collection, this is by far my favourite. I would love to own more of it. But…it isn’t meant to be. Mama needs to make room for all the other beautiful goodies coming out! Tomorrow is that day! The new Seasonal Expressions catalog goes live TOMORROW! I’ll be adding it to my next order. If you’d like one, please message me to reserve it.

Lets get back on track. Jack equals perfection when it comes to your outdoorsy, boyish and trendy cards and layouts. Whats your favourite pattern? If you want Jack in your life, I can make that connection happen. You have TODAY to order it; 11:59 PM MST is your last chance to make this a part of your life. If you need it like I need it, send me a message, or visit my website @ http://www.theeverydayscrapbooker.ctmh.ca to order it for yourself.

Products Used:

Jack Paper Packet X7222B

-Jack Scrapbooking My Acrylix Stamp Set D1723

-Oh, Deer Complements (retired)

-Sweet Leaf Exclusives Ink Z2853


CTMH Jack + PathFinding

Good afternoon! I’m making this afternoon about me. The rest of the week is going to be busy- and this weekend, since its a long weekend here in Canada- so I’m going to enjoy a bit of time for myself since I have it. There are other things I should be doing, like cleaning the trailer and unloading it, but it can wait until Friday.

Do you ever use chipboard in your scrapbooking? Its a thing of the past- I haven’t seen anyone use it in quite some time, honestly. Have you? I personally don’t like the bulk that it adds to my scrapbook albums (or the layout itself), but every so often, the occasion calls for it. The layout I’m sharing today is embellished with chipboard, and I think its rather cute.

I paired the chipboard (which is retired Pathfinding) with the new CTMH collection Jack. I love the black patterned paper in the background! I love it even better paired with the red and green patterned papers, as well. You’ll find all this and more in the Jack scrapbooking kit, paper packet or card making kit online. Its still available to purchase, by the way! You’ve got exactly two days to purchase it if you like it, too! At 11:59 PM MST on Thursday it’ll be retired, along with a lot of other awesome stuff. Visit my website to stock up before its too late.


Products Used:

-CTMH Jack Paper Packet X7222B

-CTMH White Daisy Cardstock 1385

-CTMH Pomegranate Cardstock X5964

-CTMH Juniper Exclusives Ink Z2865

-CTMH Pathfinding Complements (retired)

-CTMH My Acrylix Stamp Thankful Heart B1463 (retired)

Time is Nearly Up!

Are you missing me yet? Summer is finally here in our household! We’ve turned a new leaf in terms of my husbands’ job, and its allowing us a little more financial comfort to do the things we’ve waited patiently for over the last few years. (More consistent work, raises, etc.) So although summer is winding down, its finally begun for us! We went camping last weekend, and plan on going again in two weeks. If the weather lasts long enough, I think we should push it as far into September as we can…we’ll see. The Farmers Almanac is calling for flurries by the beginning of October. My fingers are crossed that doesn’t happen!

School starts in one week, too. Who else is as excited as I am?! Life has been so busy, I haven’t had the chance to buy school supplies yet, either. Tomorrow will be our day, I think. I’ll make it that way. I also need to buy new indoor shoes for the twins, too. Oy- time speeds up rather than slows down as the kids get older. I’m desperate for some quiet me time, but I haven’t been able to find it over the last three weeks. Hopefully when school starts? Friends, excuse me while I hermit for the first month when school starts. I’ll surface again, once I’m whole again.

There are sadly just two days left to take advantage of a few things from CTMH before they expire and/or are replaced by new things. First, the deadline to rsvp to my Grateful Card Class is Thursday. I will order the kits on Friday, so if you’ve been thinking about attending, please let me know ASAP!

Secondly, the Flash Warehouse Sales that have been happening every Tuesday through this month (August) will be wrapping up on Thursday, since the last day of the month falls on a Thursday. Head over to my website to grab the deals that are available this week- if there’s any left! Hopefully there is!

Lastly, there are two days left to purchase anything you’ve been dreaming of from the Seasonal Expressions catalog. Once August is out, so will it be! A new catalog will replace it- along with all new goodies- on September 1! To order, get in touch with me, or visit the website I shared above. You can shop directly from it any time of the day, 24/7!

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope to spend time a little more regularly with you very soon! I appreciate your patience.


CTMH Back To School August SOTM

Third times the charm, right? I’ve tried writing 3 times already, and it just won’t work. 

I am dropping in really quick this morning to share augusts stamp of the month with you. I know, I know, the month is nearly over. Please forgive me! It’s been busy. Still is. Swimming wrecks the whole day. It’s at such an awkward time. 

This stamp set is fitting with school just around the corner for us. T- minus one week. Thank the lord! I know school has been in session for some of you for a bit now. The peanut gallery is jealous. Just saying 😉

How perfect would this be for first and last day of school layouts? My favourite part of it is the pencil, hearts and ‘first day of school’ and ‘last day of school’. I haven’t used it yet because I’m trying to get back to school pictures! It’s coming, eventually.  It would work for so many school related activities! I’ve seen lots of cards on Pinterest made with this stamp set too. How would you use it?

It’s just $6 CAD when you place a qualifying order if $50. Order it directly from my website, or contact me if you need help. It will be discontinued at the end of August, so make sure you add it to your stash before it’s too late. 

CTMH Warehouse Sales 

I haven’t been very good at sharing more things going on with CTMH (sales, etc.), especially on my Facebook page. I need to remedy that- its the sole reason I started my page and blogging again! The majority of my posts are creative in nature, which is good, but not when your main objective is to share news, sales and information around the business you’re trying to build. But, realizing this is good, too. Time for a slight mindset adjustment 🙂

I may have mentioned that through the month of August, a new flash shale will be posted on Tuesdays. Today is Tuesday, and there’s new goodies up for grabs- at steep discounts! I saw some items as low at $2. For reals, check out the deals. They’re good ones! Here’s a few I took snapshots of:

I missed the price on the City Sidewalks embellishment pack above, but its marked wayyy down, too. (Its $7 CAD. It was $14). You’ll also find embossing folders, thin cuts (CTMH brand of dies compatible with your cuttlebug, etc.), tag making bundles, and much more. To get your hands on these deals, visit my CTMH website.

Speaking of great deals, this month is also a fabulous time to sign up as a CTMH consultant. Join my team! In addition to earning spending money (called SPC credit)- when you reach your sales target- and commission, you’ll also get to choose from some awesome rewards to call your very own. What would those be?

You’ll get a FREE cricut collection of your choice, FREE alphabet dies and coordinating stamp set OR shopping credit for your very own shopping spree! Who doesn’t love shopping sprees? Or Cricut?

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? If you’ve been thinking about making this wonderful company a part of your life, get in touch with me. I’d love to add you to the family 😊

I’ll be back tomorrow with more CTMH steals and deals!

CTMH Little Dreamer (Baby) Girl Layout

I had intended to sit down and get this posted before my kids had swimming lessons this morning, but time wasn’t on my side! Its now after noon, and I’m sitting down just now. I’ve got my second load of laundry in the wash, which means its me time! Whoop!

Yesterday I mentioned that I’d share more housekeeping with you, and I intend to keep that promise. The online crop I hosted yesterday went quite well- I was pleased with the attendance and everyone that participated enjoyed themselves. This may become a regular thing- I’m thinking when I host another one, it’ll be to kick the summer off, not end it. I’m also thinking it may work best to create a group for the crop goers to join just for the event itself…posting on the event page got a little confusing for some people. Lesson learned! Other than that little hiccup, it went off without a hitch!

What are your  favourite colours? Better yet, what are your favourite colours to pair together? I love a lot of colours, and can’t pick just one or two. My daughter, however, loves teal and purple together. So, when I put this layout together, I used blue and purple together because I figured she’d like it.

The white strip on the far right side of the page- its there because I made a boo boo and needed a way to cover it up. I was hoping it wouldn’t show up too much after I took a picture, but its screaming at me that its there. Oh, well, that’s life. This is another layout I created while I was away in Edmonton, and I used a sticker from CTMH Baby Girl Complements to create the title. Yes, here’s another way to create a title without using your Cricut or sticker alphas. Read more on that subject here. I used a mixture of CTMH Little Dreamer (hurry and order yours before its retired!!) and some older Blossom patterned paper. It looks so sweet together. I had to celebrate- my daughter received her first award at school and she was super duper proud of herself for finally getting one! Her sister had gotten one earlier in the year, and she was jealous. It was finally her time to shine!

Products Used:

-CTMH Little Dreamer Paper Packet X7219B

-CTMH Blossom Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy 1385

-CTMH Baby Girl Complements (retired)

-CTMH My Acrylix For Always Stamp set C1547 (retired)

-CTMH Pansy Exclusives Ink Z2804

-CTMH Whisper Exclusives Ink Z2872

By the way, I’ll have a booth at the Arts in the Park event on Wednesday evening at Rotary Park. I’ll be there from 5 PM to 9, with sign up sheets for the remaining events I have organized (I’m also working on organizing a Christmas card buffet), and gently used stamps and other items that I’d love to sell. Check out the entertainment and other vendors that will be there. There’s also a movie playing around 9 pm. I don’t know which one yet, but who doesn’t love a surprise? I’m sure it’ll be a good one! (It’ll be family friendly, because this is a family friendly event!)



Creating a Layout Title Using CTMH Complements

Planning for a crop is serious business, especially when it takes you away from home. Knowing just what to bring, and what to leave behind is tricky. Often, you’ll come across something you should have brought, and there’ll always be things you brought that you definitely shouldn’t have. How do you know, though? (That’s the beauty of virtual crops- the worry of forgetting something is avoided because you’re scrapbooking in your own home, using your computer as the tool to communicate with other crop- goers).

The same happens if you plan a trip away from home, and scrap supplies are brought along. Much like my trip to Edmonton last week. A friend and I have joked in the past that we’d plan a camping trip together- we would chill in the trailer scrapbooking, while our husbands took the kids and did things. We haven’t acted on that (yet), but I do like the general idea!

Scrapbooking without my cricut is hard for me. I rely entirely too much on it for cutting titles and images to decorate my layouts with. The odd crop I do attend, and trip away from home along with my scrapbooking supplies gets me outside of my comfort zone and forces me to use some brain power to create titles. What do you use to create titles?

One way, and probably the most obvious option, is using alpha stickers for making a title. Here’s an example:

Sometimes, you’ll find ready made titles on a sticker sheet, along with sticker accents and embellishments. The sticker alphas I used here came from CTMH Complements Good Life.

Other times, you’ll find sticker sheets filled with the entire alphabet and some punctuation marks. You’ll find them in a wide variety of patterns, sizes, colors and fonts. Typically I am not a fan of them, but I do like how they come from CTMH. (I waste too many letters when there’s left overs. I don’t often like to mix and match fonts when it comes to alpha stickers. I like everything to coordinate, and I don’t want to put the energy into making sure the alphas I use coordinate with other alphas. I also like a uniform title, so it needs to be the same size and general shape.

There are other ways to create unique titles, such as watercoloring, stamping, and masking, but I’ll share those another day. The one I wanted to highlight this time was using CTMH Complements.

Products Used:

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Fundamentals Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Ivy Lane Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Good Life Complements (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy Cardstock 1385

-CTMH Canary Cardstock X5982

-CTMH Calypso Complements (retired)

-CTMH Regatta Complements (retired)

Mid Summer Fiesta Online Crop With CTMH

You know the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’?

Its so true. Last week was an absolute blur. I had good intentions of sharing a bit via the blog every evening before going to bed, but when I opened up the editor, my brain went blank. I didn’t have the energy or the brain power by that point in the day to get anything concrete down. So, I left it.

I did miss it, though. Just in case you wondered. I thought of it nearly every day. (Must be a labor of love.) While I did get a couple layouts made while I was away to the city, I haven’t taken pictures of any of them just yet. I do have some housekeeping to share with you today, instead. I’ll start sharing those tomorrow. Once I’m done here, I’ll get back into my regular daily scrapping. (While I wait for laundry to wash and dry).

(My kids are currently watching the Princess Bride, and seriously- I nearly have the movie memorized. Its at the part where Princess Buttercup is set to marry Prince Humperdink before Wesley swoops in and rescues her. LOL. Its a classic!) Who else gets a kick out of the priest that marries Princess Buttercup and Prince Humperdink?

OK. Back to the housekeeping.

Tomorrow kicks off my renewed effort to build my CTMH business through offering classes and events (amongst Home Gatherings and online parties, if anyone is interested). I am hosting an online/virtual crop and everyone is invited. There are no strings attached- meaning I’m not here to try and up-sell and pressure anyone into becoming a customer. Although that would be ideal (and my eventual goal), I’m using this event as an opportunity to spread the word that I’m a consultant, and should anyone need supplies at any time, I’d be more than happy to help them purchase what they need. The prizes that are involved are all CTMH in nature.

There will be no sales pitch, no fine print, no catches. Come out, have fun, and craft your heart out. I have some games planned, some challenges (and they’re all easy, because I’m not sure what skill level everyone is at. Not everyone attending is a paper crafter, either).  I’ll have a specific thread open for chit chat, and once all the fun is over (you’ll have a month to finish your projects) submit your work for the chance to win a prize. IF its a hit, I’ll offer more events like this in the future.

The event starts at 1 pm MST tomorrow afternoon, and will continue until everyone peters out. I’ll only be able to commit until about 5 pm myself, because I still have my kids and husband to cook for. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate having to fend for themselves so I can just focus on what I love to do most- especially since time is set aside already (daily) so that I can scrap. But, like I said, the event doesn’t officially end until 11:59 pm MST on September 22, 2017. You’ll have until 11:59 PM MST the 24th to submit your projects to be considered for the prize, and I’ll have the winners announced by October 1, 2017.

Sound like fun? Here’s the event info!

Mid Summer Fiesta Online Crop

There is more housekeeping to share with y’all, but I think I’ll split up what I have to share and sprinkle it throughout the next couple posts. I don’t want to overwhelm everyone with all that’s new at CTMH this month! There’s some great stuff available- a new Annual Inspirations, new goodies to earn when you host an Online Gathering or Home Gathering (if you’re interested in any of this, please message me), and there’s more new goodies coming available next month (September), as well! Stay tuned. Your mind will be blown. For reals!

Documenting Your Memories Using Paraphernalia From Your Vacation

Good morning! Its a new week at CTMH, and I forgot to mention that there’s a new sale happening right now! You have until Monday at midnight to save huge on amazing- retired- products! Go check it out now!

The last of the Las Vegas layouts I have to share with you have no pictures! I have the paraphernalia I gathered and saved from some of the places we visited while there, but I have no coordinating pictures to go along with them. Which is ok, because I can still document my stories without pictures! I’ll share them all in one post today, as well, because there’s just a handful of them. And once again, I won’t share the products I used to create each layout, to save time, space and your sanity.

Next week, I’ll get back to the regular way of doing things. Oh, and just a note. Next week the kids and I will be uprooted from our home and regular routine while they attend day camp in the city. I am packing as if I’m headed to a crop for the next week, and I’ll be somewhat treating that time in the city as if I’m on holiday/cropping. I plan to continue blogging, but it may not happen, depending on what things come up while there. I’ll do my best to stay in touch!

The one place I wish I had pictures of to scrapbook was SeaCan Park. I don’t remember now if that’s exactly what it was called or not, but it was the neatest accidental discovery my husband and I came across during our trip there! SeaCan Park was neat because it was family centred and totally unexpected! Unlike the rest of the strip in Vegas. I could totally see my kids playing there while we had coffee at one of the kitschy shops. The Praying Mantis was out of this world, too. Its hot enough in Vegas. When you get one that blows fire, its even hotter! Oy! There was a monument or art instalment that was full of combination locks and locks of every kind there, too. I think it was shaped like a heart. Very, very cool! If you happen to be in Vegas, make sure you add this to your itinerary. You won’t regret it!

Just a note- in case you’re wondering- my title in the last layout. I titled it this because it was the 2nd time we saw the Hoover Dam (the third for me. I saw it once as a girl with my family). The 2nd time was even better when friends were involved!

That’s all for me today. I won’t be around again until probably Tuesday next week. My kids are going ‘camping’ with some of their bestest friends for the night tomorrow, and my husband and I are camping by ourselves for the night. On Sunday, the kids and I are heading into Edmonton. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and I’m looking forward to the next time I get to hang out with you!

CTMH In Las Vegas

Ever draw a blank as to what to write or say when you sit down in front of your computer to pound out a blog post? I’m there today. So, I’ll make today’s post a ‘wordless’ post, and I’ll just share the rest of my dear friends’ wedding layouts. I really enjoy sharing the products I used to create each layout, but for the sake of space and time, I’ll skip that step today.

Happy hump day dear friends!

I should just mention here, the layout above was created using a sketch created by a fellow CTMH consultant, Chris Lothian. I found some of her sketches on Pinterest. Find more of her work and sketches on her blog www.christinescreativecapers.blogspot.com.au. I used another one of her sketches on an upcoming layout. Stay tuned for that!

This concludes all the wedding layouts, but I have a few more from our trip to Vegas, outside of the wedding! I wish there was more, because was saw soooo much while we were there, but what I’ve got will have to do!

Stay tuned, and thanks for joining me today!