CTMH Pebble Cardstock

Throwback Thursday is a couple days early, but the next in my queue of layouts to share with you is of my Gregory. 

My heart turns to mush whenever I come across pictures of him- especially of him cuddling with one of us. He didn’t cuddle with M much, he seemed to have a deep connection to A. That makes the picture of her above just that much more special. 

In the background, I used some of the new cardstock that’s recently become available. Here’s a peek at it:

Yes, our new cardstock is two toned! I love the versatility this provides. Now your options are twice as many!

I chose the lighter side of the Pebble cardstock (which is also a brand new shade at CTMH!) I paired some juniper Jack patterned paper, Slate and Pacifica papers along with it. Looks good, hey? 

Stay tuned for an upcoming workshop using this fun new cardstock! I’ll have more details in the near future. 


CTMH #twins Layout

Good morning! This’ll be a quick post- more appointments today and this week. We’ll be off again in a few minutes. 

I have twins. More often than not, they strive to look as different from each other as humanly possible. Some days, though, I catch them #twinning. It couldn’t be more adorable!

And if you’re wondering, no I’m not one of those anal twin Moms that dressed her babies in the same outfits. Just because I had two at once didn’t mean they’re the same person. I birthed two different people at once. They should be treated as such. 

They did this probably by mistake, but it was all on their own. 🤣

CTMH Fall Favorites Corn Maze Layout

It’s the last nice day here before winter possibly sets in. The weather network is telling me the weather will turn rainy and snowy this week, and we could get a lot of both types of precipitation. 

It makes sense, because I’ve been feeling the urge to get some Christmas baking started. I think my internal clock might be in tune with natures. Or, I’ve been expecting it so long, my senses are telling me it’s time. Either way, I plan to start this week. I have to bring baking to our family Christmas social, which is always the first Sunday in December. There’s no time like the present to start!

On today’s agenda, is getting out and putting the kids’ bikes, scooters and other miscellaneous items back into storage in the shed. When K comes home from work, I’ll help him tear down the remainder of the trampoline and my patio table. Hunker down, in other words. 

The weather has been so unpredictable this year, we weren’t able to visit our local corn maze. All the wind and rain made for a poor corn crop, so the maze didn’t open at all this year. I recently saw a picture of his bison chowing down on what did grow. 

In the layout above, the day was nice for a tour of the corn maze, but the wind was chilly. It didn’t stop us from going. The kids really enjoyed it. I was hoping to go again this year, but it wasn’t in the cards. Oh, well. There’s always next fall. 

Once again, there’s a snippet of Silver & Gold in this Layout; Jack, too. The stamp set is really old (it’s CTMH, too), and I bought it second hand from another rep. I was poised to sell it, but have recently changed my mind. It has come in handy, after all. Isn’t that how things always happen? Donate or toss something and suddenly have a need for it? I’m glad I still had it!

Products Used

– Jack Paper Packet X7222B

– Silver & Gold Paper Packet X7226B

– Sorbet Cardstock X5983

CTMH Happy Moments Sweet Layout

Got a pet you can’t get enough of? I’m lucky to have two, one of which you see in the layout above. 

Not much new product is here, but there is a bit. You’ll see a pinch of Silver & Gold, as well as Adventure Fundamentals in the bottom left corner. The glittery strip is called shimmer trim, and CTMH has a number of shades to choose from! It’s glittery tape that comes in a roll and has a peel off backing. It’s some of my most favourite stuff to use. 

Products Used

– Adventure Fundamentals Z3351

– Happy Moments Complements Z3355

– Silver & Gold Paper Packet X7226B

*- Shimmer trim

* The shade of shimmer trim I used here is no longer available, but find more on my website by searching ‘shimmer trim’. 

CTMH Welcome Home Layout

It’s Friday! Woohoo! I think we could all use a lazy day or two. 

If you have kids or are privileged to be called auntie or uncle, you know they’re little hurricanes just waiting to happen. They always start out innocently enough, but it always ends in a natural disaster. 

I found Miss M playing in her sisters closet, cuddled up with her comforter and her sisters. She called it her new home. 

The patterned paper here may be old and retired, but the gold glitter paper and blue “solid” patterned paper certainly are not. I call that paper solid only because it appears to be; in reality it’s got a watercolored pattern to it. It’s very pretty and very subtle. The embellishments came from the Jack and Happy Moments Complements. 

Products Used

– Happy Moments Complements Z3355

– Jack Complements X7222C

– Gold Glitter Paper Z3238

– Adventure Fundamentals Z3351

– Handwritten My Acrylix Stamp Set E1030

– Desert Sand Exclusive Ink Z2818

CTMH Gymnastics Layout

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here, but gymnastics is a large part of our lives. The twins have been involved in it since they were 4 years old. For the last year, I’ve occupied the secretary position on the clubs’ board. My kids often have “I hate it” moments, but watching the way they practice their cartwheels and handstands, I know that’s not true. 

It isn’t often our club offers drop in classes (it was due to space and timing in the past), so I was elated when the stars aligned and drop in classes was offered. (Just that one time. I wonder if it’ll become a thing, now that our space and timing situation has been rectified). We need more qualified coaches, though. That’ll help. 

In honour of this drop in class- and because I actually thought to get a picture of them doing what they love- I needed to scrap this moment. When I came across the gymnastics stamp that I used (I have another one in my stash, too), I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I knew it would eventually come in handy. Case in point: the layout above. 

The stamp set I used retired a long time ago. In contrast, I used patterned paper the new Silver & Gold paper packet. I paired Sorbet cardstock with it and scrap Little Dreamer (also retired). The bold pattern and vibrant colours lends itself well to the high energy sport known as gymnastics. Even the slant across the page depicts movement. 

Products Used:

– Silver & Gold Paper Packet X7226B

– Sorbet Cardstock X5983

– Black Exclusive Ink Z2805

– Crystal Blue Cardstock X5977

– Crystal Blue Exclusive Ink Z2817

CTMH Jack Manly Man Layout

Happy hump day! The street looks wet in front of my house. Maybe it will be a rainy day after all?

Yes, it is. I just ran out to take the garbage to the curb, and a gentle, steady rain is falling. I’m glad I haven’t put our rubber boots away yet!

The weekend the tractor pull took place was the same- wet and cold. It also marked the start of K’s battle with RA, but we didn’t know it then. It wouldn’t be diagnosed for an entire year (plus some) afterwards. 

I thought Jack was fitting for such a masculine event; the pattern is bold and quite dark in places, and I realized as I was writing out what I wanted to say (in pencil) that it would be hard to read in places. My solution was to paint the area designated for journaling with a mixture of acrylic paint and water. It helped to soften the darkness of the background so the journaling would be easier to read. It worked like a charm?

Remember Layout

Words escape me these days- I’m afraid what I have to share vocally is sparse and dry. Part of me is still exhausted from the events of the last month, and the other part of me feels self conscious of the fact I have no current (very little, actually) product to share with you. It is coming, but it’s taking time. 

So, for now, my posts may mostly be wordless- unless I have news to share or projects using new and current products.

Have a happy, blustery Tuesday!

Wild About You Layout

We took the kids to see a tractor pull near our hometown. It was a cold weekend, but it was fun. There also happened to be toys there for the kids to play with in case they got bored. You’ll see that in a future layout 😊

There’s nothing too exciting about this layout- I used all retired CTMH products. I’ll have newer stuff again in the near future. Hold tight!

CTMH The Purge Layout 

Good morning! TGIF! Another busy weekend is upon us. I’m longing for some peace and quiet. We are finally finished all of our appointments for this month; there’s a few more coming up in November, and then I think things will be relatively ‘quiet’ until the Christmas holidays crowd our schedule again. What are your plans for the weekend?

My husband should be up and spending time with me, considering he isn’t working again today (we’re waiting on the repairman to come and fix the fridge), but instead he’s sleeping on the couch. So, I guess I’m going to scrapbook.

I have a couple layouts to share with you! I’ll share one today, and next time I’ll share the next. I hope you enjoy it!

Some of the embellishments here are not from CTMH, but happily the rest is. I’ve had the fortune cookie in my stash forever. I scratched off the fortune portion to reveal its message, and adhered it with some pop dots. Also, the cork hearts are not CTMH. I think the neutral colour contrasts very nicely with the soft background. I’m in love with the colours!

Here’s the CTMH products that I used:

-1385 White Daisy cardstock

-X7219B Little Dreamer B&T Duos (retired)

-Bulk404 Silver & Gold Patterned Paper

-Z3238 Gold Glitter Paper