CTMH Whimsy Grow

Last months’ special at CTMH was a great one. I bought myself a couple of the Fundamentals bundles- Basics and Whimsy. Both absolute favourites of mine.

Here, I used some different sheets of Whimsy, coordinating embellishments and left over Thistle cardstock to put this page together.

I repeatedly stamped the apples then fussy cut them and arranged them on the green patterned paper.

I managed to find a bunch of extra pictures that need to be scrapped from another (or a continuation of the original) glitch in my picture saving adventures. There’s another large chunk of time that’s missing up until July of this year. That’s when I switched back to an iPhone. Hum. Makes me sad all over again, but what can you do? I still have pictures to scrap and memories to live over again. This picture from junior kindergarten is one of them.

Miss A used to have a picture like this one, but I’m not sure where it disappeared to. I think it hung on her bedroom door for a bit there. I found miss M’s mixed up with pictures of my own from many, many moons ago. I’m not sure how it got in there, but at least I found it.

I have more new stuff to share, so stay tuned 😊


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