TIOT- Why Recording Dates is Important in Journaling

Hello, friends! I’m dropping in to share with you what I’ve created over the last little while. It’s been so refreshing to do my own creating for a change, but I have to say I feel a bit out of the loop! Do you ever feel that way in relation to your crafting?

I’m on a roll with Fresh Air. I made a point of using the complements, stamps and journaling cards where I could. Of course, I used the papers too. I just love the neutral palette. It really speaks to me. I find it calming and welcoming. My home is painted in the same hues. (At one time in my life, I dressed in mostly earthen tones, too). Yes, I love neutrals!

I also turned to Central Park, and used it to highlight a significant milestone in my husbands’ life:

But, because I can’t get enough of Fresh Air, I snuck some of its papers into this spread, too! You’ll find a number of collections here. I used two paper collections, and two different complements collections, too. Can you spot them and name them? Here’s your homework for the day! 😉 (Just kidding, I don’t actually expect you to research what they are). Here’s a hint: Fresh Air (duh), Central Park, Documented and Stargazer. Now can you pick them out?

Do you share your pictures on Facebook? Are you meticulous about recording the dates of events as you scrapbook them? And, by extension, do you jot down your thoughts for the purpose of journaling on your layout at a later time?

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I like recording the dates in my layouts. It’s a little piece of information that’s quite important. It’s a detail that I want included and not forgotten. (Especially if it’s related to a special event, like Easter, and the only photo you have from it is a home made cake). 😐

I share my pictures to Facebook. Naturally, right? Lots of people are prone to add pictures to their Facebook. As a result, it becomes an unintentional photo album- or, dare I say it- a scrapbook album. It’s a good practice to get into, because if you run into any problems with your pc (for any reason), or you lose your stick it notes or journal with notes jotted in it, you’ll have a “back up” of sorts to help you out of that bind. Dates are always recorded when pictures are posted to Facebook. When you have a printed photo and you can’t figure out why it’s in your ‘to scrapbook’ pile, you’ll be able to deduce- through Facebook and google- that April 17, 2016 was Easter. So, that mysterious cake with blue frosting and duckie sprinkles was actually for Easter. (On a side note, stay tuned for a layout with that very picture in it).

Recording dates, especially for the purpose of journaling, is super important. It helps keep you organized. Holidays, such as Easter, always fall at different times of the month. Sometimes it’s in March, other times, it’s in April. You’ll want to stay on top of those dates so that the details remain accurate. If you’re not a chronological scrapbooker, keeping dates becomes even more important. Knowing what day your BFF’s wedding fell on is something you probably shouldn’t forget!

It helps you keep your events and other (‘smaller’) daily memories in order. Say someone asked you to confirm the date of something- maybe a particular vacation you took together. Would you be able to recall it off the top of your head? What if it happened 8 years ago, or 20? Now can you? My sister texted me the other day, and asked me when we took a particular family vacation. There was a bet going between her and my parents: mom believes I was in high school when we went on this particular trip, and dad and K believe I was already in college. Umm. I can’t tell you when it was. That makes my heart so sad. Dates are incredibly important! Our memories are even more so! Treat them with the utmost care, so they don’t die along with us. I didn’t scrapbook back then, but it highlights the importance of recording dates along with your thoughts and emotions of events that occur throughout your life.

If I did scrapbook then, I would’ve been able to consult the album it was in and provide the exact dates. All I know (that I can remember), is that I had written a letter to one of my high school friends while I was on that trip. I believe I was in high school, but that may not be accurate. Memories lie. (Read this blog post to understand what I mean).

Also, it makes the labor of putting your heart into each page of your album so much easier. It completes the package. Rather than wracking my brains trying to remember details that have completely escaped me, ultimately giving up in defeat and only sharing half to little supporting information, I can relax in the knowledge that the missing piece of the puzzle is tucked safely away in a place I can access easily at any time I need to. Personally, I feel that when some or all the pieces of a memory are missing, my layout is incomplete. I’ve told only half the story, my layout hasn’t reached its full potential. The easiest way to prevent that is to jot your thoughts down, record the date, and share as many supporting details as you can. No one wants an incomplete grade on their homework assignment. Why would you want your layout labelled the same way?

That’s my little tangent for today. I hope you find this tip useful! My scrapbooking became much easier, as a result, and I hope you find the same! Apply it, try it out and see how it feels. It’s never too late to try something new. I suppose it’s better late than not at all! It’ll save you heartache, writing only part of your story, and it’ll help you stay on track and organized!


Of Leopards and Apples 🍎

I took a bit of time to create a personal layout, and I’d like to share it with you.

Central Park is a perfect match for the photo in my layout. The Blue, yellow and red are already found in those papers, so it was only natural to pair them together.

If you noticed, I didn’t use strictly Central Park papers here. I used whatever scraps I had that coordinated- and happily, that was lots of scraps! I trimmed them into 2×2 squares, and arranged them in a grid above and below my photo. I used a zip strip from the Central Park range as a border, and stamped the cute leopard print next to that.

I also thought immediately of B1568 Wild Backgrounds for the leopard print in Miss M’s pyjamas. It only made sense to utilize that stamp somehow, too. And lastly, I figured I had better use June’s SOTM before the month ran out!

I watercolored the apples and apple basket from the A Bushel and a Peck SOTM. I also used one of the sweet sentiments in it, as well as the small graphic stamps to add some flourish. Another one made up my title. How sweet is you are awesome to the core?

Leopard print and apples seems like an unlikely pair, but it works here! I wonder if leopards eat apples when they’re feeling peckish? 😉

Try It Out Tuesday

Welcome to my first TIOT post here! If you are new to scrapbooking and want to learn more about it, grab a cup of tea, or a coffee, and make yourself comfy. This will be a lengthy read, but it’ll be well worth it 😃 Once a month, at the beginning of the month (except today, of course), I’ll have a new technique to share with you! But, to begin, let’s go over the basics. Welcome to scrapbooking 101!

If you’d like to catch my FB LIVE abridged version video, search Try It Out Tuesday with The Everyday Scrapbooker on Facebook. Join my group and I’ll walk you through this post there!

Just a note- I copy and pasted my original document to make my life easier, LOL 😂 Enjoy!!

So, you’ve seen the artwork floating around on Facebook and Instagram and you’ve flipped through the odd scrapbook album that your friends’ friend made. Its got you interested. But, what is it? What is the purpose and how is it done? What exactly is scrapbooking?

Very simply put, scrapbooking is a form of art intended to preserve, present and arrange personal and family history in the form of a book. In the very early days, scrapbooking was a method in which newspaper clippings or photos were collected and preserved inside a journal or notebook. There was very little artwork (or none) and journaling. As time went on, an entire crafting industry was built around this method of memory preservation. Today, products from paper to embellishments (such as ribbon, twine and other fibres), scrapbook albums, tools and more all benefit those that strive to preserve their memories in a thoughtful and creative way. Telling stories and preserving memories has been around since the beginning of time, but its only been in the last roughly 30 years that its become a trendy way to tell your personal story.

What is a scrapbook album? I’m glad you asked! It is the tool that stores and houses the photos, papers and artwork that’s gathered collectively onto one page or multiple pages called layouts. Wikipedia calls it a blank book for the insertion of photos, stamps or pictures. These blank books come in different shapes, sizes, and colours and are made from varying materials. Specifically at Close to My Heart, scrapbook albums only come in a 12×12 inch size, but other companies carry albums in 8.5×11 inches, as well. Some albums are made from hard cardboard, and others, such as Close to My Hearts’, are made from durable (and sometimes printed!!!) canvas. Quality differs, as well, amongst the different scrapbooking companies. A scrapbook album you’d find at Close to My Heart will be much better quality than one that you’d find at the Dollar Store. Same goes for the crafting products related to this art form. But, did you know that all these companies have created something called mini albums, too?! (I’ll share more on that, later).

Are you asking yourself what is included in a scrapbook album? Its very simple, but Wikipedia explains that scrapbooks are often decorated and frequently contain extensive journaling. (What is journaling? More on that later!!) Typical memorabilia includes photos, printed media, and artwork. Printed media could be just about anything. Are you documenting that cruise you went on 3 years ago? Pamphlets, ticket stubs, the cute little umbrella’s that come in your drinks….that’s all fair game. Artwork? Either doodle on the background paper, watercolor an element you want to include, paint your background with acrylic paints or with mixed media- they’re all used in scrapbooking. All these make up what scrapbooking is today.

if that feels too overwhelming to you, don’t fret. In its simplest, purest form, scrapbooking is adding photos to paper and storing them inside a page protector, which then goes inside your scrapbook album. As you gain confidence in your scrapbooking, you can add more details to support the story you’re telling. Why use a page protector? To prevent damage or fading from happening!

So, if you’re thinking that all sounds great, but why would I want to scrapbook? Well, I’ve got the answer for you. Actually, I’ve got a couple very good reasons why anyone scrapbooks- me included!

First, we scrapbook to record stories, because memories lie. (I found this online, and it really resonated with me). What? How can your memories lie? We scrapbook because we want to remember events, milestones, special occasions, our past. We want to preserve our history, so that our children and their children can look through the albums and learn who we were, and what our life was once like. They’ll inherit a part of us that would otherwise eventually be forgotten. No one wants to be forgotten. Its not a nice feeling, is it? Even if we’re long gone by then! In addition to preserving a part of ourselves, its important to record your voice, too. And, I don’t mean with a recording device or your smart phone. Jot down your thoughts, feelings and emotions as you experience life, or milestones and certain events. Because, once an event has occurred, if our thoughts aren’t jotted down immediately, the details become fuzzy and change over time. We can recall certain aspects of an event or milestone, but we can’t recall it completely accurately. Things are forgotten and remembered differently by different people. Your thoughts, emotions and feelings are important, so write them down! In the moment! I am guilty of not doing this, but its a good routine to practice. When you look back on your memories of a certain event, whether its good or bad, you can look back on it and remember it exactly as it happened. (Yes, scrapbook the not- so- happy moments, too! They are good to look back on, and learn from!) Reflecting has the power to remind us to be thankful for where we’ve been. Give life to your past and scrapbook! Your future self will thank you for it!

Secondly, scrapbooking provides a creative outlet. Use your creative strengths to create using a new medium. Any other art that appeals to you, outside of scrapbooking, can be applied to scrapbooking. Did you know that?! Its true! If you sew, add it to your scrapbook page! (There’s lots of sewing out there in the scrapbooking world)! The same applies to drawing, painting, colouring and more! There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook. Anything goes. Our scrapbook albums should be reflections of ourselves, and they should be made from the heart. It is often said that scrapbooking is a work of heart. When its a work of heart, there’s no mistakes. If you’ve never scrapbooked before, start with what you know, and go from there. Develop your own style. Do what speaks to you. Research it online. Visit Pinterest, Google search your heart out for inspiration, or to see how others have made scrapbook pages. Take what speaks to you and apply it to your own work of heart. Most importantly, its a great way to unwind, relax and have fun!

Lastly, scrapbook to decompress and relax. I have scrapbooked for over 10 years. It started out as a hobby and a way for me to document our story- I became a very serious scrapbooker when I met my (now) husband and I’ve never looked back. I instinctively knew at that point that this journey needed to be recorded, and I better not stop. My hobby turned into my life line after my kids were born. I suffered from postpartum depression and depression, and it got me through some of the darkest days of my life. For me, self-care and scrapbooking go hand in hand. When the twins were toddlers, I would scrapbook at night, because it was naturally the only time I had to do it. It was the only time I could be myself, and reconnect with myself. I needed to remember who I was, outside of the new role I had acquired after getting married and becoming mom. Its become a dear friend that I can’t bear the thought of losing; we need to spend some time together every day, or most days, or I go through withdrawals. Now, when life gets particularly busy, and I need time to introvert, I hide in my office, and recharge while filling up my happy bucket by reliving the past. If you know me, you’ll know that (now) scrapbooking is purely my obsession!

Pour yourself a glass of wine (or fix yourself your favourite snack) after a long, hard day, and unwind with it and your scrapbook papers and photos in front of you. Make some time- often- for your own self care. Scrapbooking is a great way to do that! You’ll find that as you fill up the albums, and display them on bookshelves in your home, you and your family members will enjoy pulling them off the shelf to look through. My kids do- they’re the reason I keep up with this hobby. They like learning about their history, too. I guarantee that yours will, too!

Adventure Awaits + Fresh Air

After yesterday, I’m not sure I’ll get anymore scrapbooking done this weekend. I’m hoping to, though! I’ve got more birthday cards to tackle for next month! (If you celebrate a birthday in July, let me know. I’d love to send you a card!)

I completed two more single page layouts yesterday, on of which was already on my desk. It was waiting for some final touches. Then I made one more before heading to the kitchen to do a bit of baking with the twins. We might do more today, since it’s more rainy than yesterday was. The only problem with baking is that I eat it. 🙄 Scrapbooking doesn’t contribute to my weight gain. That’s why I love it so much! 🤣

Here’s two more layouts made with Fresh Air. To mix things up a bit, I used a couple stamps outside this range. The first is from Postcard Perfect, and the second is What Matters Most. The latter stamp set is available to purchase from my website. You’ll see it stamped in the background on the White Daisy card stock in the first layout.

In the second layout, would you believe that I trimmed two 3×4 PML cards into two and placed them in a column above and below one of my 3×4 photos? It is true. Rather than cutting into a 12×12 sheet of patterned paper to achieve the same effect, those worked just as well!

I also used a couple zip strips in this layout, too. The blue one was used as a border and the second was trimmed down and used to fill the gap at the bottom of the patterned paper column. Last, but not least, how great is the round stamp out there near the outside of the layout? It’s my new fave! It’s so unique!

CTMH Fresh Air

Did you know that the turn around with close to my heart is usually fairly quick? From the date of order until it arrives on your doorstep is typically a week. In some cases, it’s even faster than that. Isn’t that fantastic news?

Shopping from my website is quick and easy too. Either type the product number into the search option (if you know it), or select from the tabs on the left hand side of the screen.

I mention this because 1) you may not know, and 2) I recently placed my monthly order and received it a couple days ago. I’m excited to share with you what I got and consequently began playing with 😊

The CTMH collection I chose to focus on this month is Fresh Air. It’s perfect for your camping, hiking, and general outdoorsy layouts, card and home decor type projects. You’ll find it’s also useful for creating masculine type projects. I certainly did. The colour palette is soft, warm and neutral. It reminds me of one of my dearest friends. If this collection could take on a human persona, I’d call it Leah. This collection was made for her. Maybe even Bolzenius, because it fits her sweet little family, too.

I had this picture of all my boys (RIP Gregory) relaxing on the couch. They were likely watching tv, because you can see the remote resting against the couch on the floor. In typical Gregory fashion, he had one leg stretched out, hugging whomever he was cuddling with. It was his way of being affectionate without being too affectionate lol.

The PML journaling cards were perfect for matting my photo, and creating a secondary focal point next to it. All three points together formed my theme and drove it home. How pretty are the gold leaf accents, by the way? I’m really digging those trees. And, of course, the wood veneer.

It’s going to be a rainy and possibly stormy day here, and since I’m taking a weekend (finally!!) to relax and renew, I’m hoping to get some more creating done! If my wish comes to fruition, I’ll have more layouts to share with you before too long!

Enjoy your weekend, and see you again soon!

Sparkle- Gimme Some Sugar

I am not usually a scrapbooker that uses PML (also known as Project Life in other circles) cards in my artwork. I had a change of heart towards them recently, and the layout above is proof of that.

Believe it or not, I used two PML cards on this layout. One is a 3×4 card, and the other was a 4×6 inch card. The floral portion of the card inspired me. I thought it would look stunning on its own, so I fussy cut it out and layered it over the 3×4 PML card with some pop dots.

I think the colour combination is spot on- the colours of the flowers pop right off that dark (pewter, is it??) background. Pairing that with the bashful patterned paper from the coordinating paper packet (Gimme Some Sugar), and it’s a delightful match made in heaven.

Dark and light is perfectly balanced in this layout, too. And, it all stemmed from that 4×6 inch PML card! Unfortunately, Gimme Some Sugar has retired. But, did you know that each of our paper packets always includes two sheets of journaling cards?

They do! You don’t need to search my website for a particular PML card set, just search up your favourite current collection and treat yourself to the paper packet! They’re already included in a cut apart sheet!

Unless you strictly scrapbook with PML. Then by all means, purchase the coordinating, stand alone PML cards! It’s a win-win scenario for all paper crafters!

So, don’t fret. I will strive to create using PML cards more often in the future. This was a fun exercise in stretching my creative skills. It’s also a great way to inspire participation in my upcoming Try it Out Tuesday segment that is coming soon.

Try it Out Tuesday? Think Technique Tuesday, but with a TEDS CTMH spin on it. It is geared specifically to those that are new to scrapbooking and are motivated to learn more. I’ll share scrapbooking basics, define foreign paper crafting terms, tackle a variety of stamping and paper crafting techniques and share tips, tricks and more! I’ve created a group that’s linked to my FB VIP group page just for this occasion! I just need to make one vital purchase, and this segment will get off the ground! Will you join me? Message me below, and I’ll get you added to the group ASAP!

CTMH B1582 Super Girl

Hi everyone!

I’m dropping in with a little layout I created yesterday. It’s a tongue in cheek, smart layout, if I do say so myself 😃

I originally planned to take this layout in the “mom” direction, but after I came across B1582 Super Girl in my stamp collection, a new idea was born. I’d been looking for an excuse to use this stamp set, and this was it!

I love the words that come in the stamp set, and Super Girl is pretty cute too, of course. The stars that were left over after punching the border found a home in various places around my layout. The punch worked well for the super hero theme, too.

Would you like to see some close ups?

So, I’d like to know- what’s your super power? 😉

This stamp set is available to purchase for all your super hero and girl wonder needs. Isn’t it adorable?! Buy it now! Head to theeverydayscrapbooker.closetomyheart.ca to start your order.