It’s Done!

Friends, I got it done! I’m so happy to introduce- in its entirety- October’s card blitz! Have a look!

Aren’t they so cute?! The deadline to register is coming up on October 1! Don’t miss out! If you can’t physically come to the blitz, that’s ok. Reserve a kit for yourself, instead! If I can drive it to you, I will. If not, shipping charges will be added to the total.

Here’s the fine details:

If you’re in the area, join us on October 20 at the Days Inn Whitecourt from 1 pm to 1:45 pm. All the materials are supplied, but you should bring a pencil, straight edge ruler, scissors, adhesive and a journaling pen. You may need them. Extra adhesive will be available to purchase if you run out. Cash, cheque or etransfer works. (See the email below).

If you’re not in the area, but would still like this kit, please send your payment via etransfer to Cash or cheque is also acceptable. Expect to do a bit of fussy cutting when your kit arrives; everything else will be stamped, measured and cut for you. You’ll receive enough materials to create one each of 12 different cards. Envelopes are also included!

If you’re ordering a kit, instructions will be provided upon your registration. (The easiest way to get it is by joining this group on Facebook. I’m the admin there, too, by the way. Just so you don’t think I’m sending you to some random Facebook group!) If you’re not on Facebook, I can send the instructions to you via email in PDF format. (Includes pictures and directions to assemble!)

The registration fee ($30) covers the materials we’re using to create all 12 cards; no other purchase is necessary. The fee is the same whether you’re coming on the 20th or you require a kit instead. When you register, just let me know what works best for you!


October Card Blitz Sneak Peek

Hello friends! I know it’s been awhile since I posted, but I’m excited to tel you that I’ve got some new cards to share with you!

I have to admit that since my craft room was torn apart to deal with a leaky pipe, I’ve been struggling in the inspiration and motivation department. I miss being in the space that’s devoted to my craft, even though I’m loving sitting in my bright and sunshiny dining room. If I could transplant it into my craft room, I’d be so happy!

But, it isn’t, so I’ll continue enjoying sitting at my sunshiny (only when it’s sunshiny, though) kitchen table, and hate putting it all in one corner of the dining room until the next play date.

So, I have a new card blitz coming up on October 20 in Whitecourt. As always, if you’re too far away, or already have plans for the 20th, kits are available as well. The cost is $30 + shipping (if it’s required). This blitz is still in the works, but see below what’s already done.

If you like them, come out and make them! Or order a kit to go! Registration/kit fee is $30 and it includes all the materials you’ll need to create these sweet and simple cards. If you come to the blitz, some stamping and fussy cutting needs to be done in addition to assembling them. If you order the kit, just a bit of fussy cut needs to be done.

If you’d like to come, please rsvp by October 1, 2018, so I have time to prep!

CTMH Holiday Sparkle

People have begun telling me they’re looking for Christmas cards. Apparently Christmas is on everyone’s minds!

Well, I’ve got good news! Why not get an early start on your Christmas cards?! And, not just ordinary Christmas cards- make interactive shaker cards to boot!

They are super cute, and my customers are going wild over them! I must admit- so am I. I’ve got to have them. You’ll think so, too.

Keep in mind, these cards are available in October, only. I will put together a bulk order for these beauts, but in October. Mark your calendars- October 1-31, 2018- order Holiday Sparkle card kit. Do it!!

More details to follow closer to the date! Stay tuned!

A Closer Look at CTMH Stamps

Its Friday! We survived the first week of school! How did you make out? I spent the majority of the week feeling hung-over from a wild night of partying, except its day time, I went to bed at a respectable time each night, and there was no partying. LOL. In addition to getting back into the swing of things, I’ve resumed walking again (took like a one year hiatus, because…kids. Also because I couldn’t afford the gym membership to our leisure centre.) And, I am not disciplined enough to work out at home. Tried it. So, while I missed walking terribly, my body is having a difficult time adjusting to the busy days (how is it that life is busier without kids around?) and occasional busy evening, too. I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and making my kids get out with me for a walk. Famous last words. I’ll let you know later how that works out.

I shared a blog post a couple days ago about our inks and the transformation they’ve gone through, as well as the new storage options we have for CTMH inks. I thought today I’d share with you what the stamps look like. Over the years, they’ve transformed, too, from wood mounts to acrylic. I realized some of you may not know what the difference is between the stamps (there’s different varieties out there), and what you’re supposed to do with them. I still have a lot to learn about stamps and stamping in general, but I’ll share with you what I know about the basics and CTMH’s specific brand of stamps.

First and foremost, you’ll notice when you look at a stamp set, that it lives in a 6×6 inch pocket. The pocket has a Charcoal coloured insert inside it with the CTMH logo and what product it is (My Acrylix Premium Quality Decorative Stamps). 

*Note: on the reverse side of the paper insert are care instructions for your stamps! Caring for cling stamps is so simple. When you notice that the clinginess is gone, and your stamps tend to want to fall off the protector sheet, rinse them under your kitchen tap. It’ll restore the stickiness, and you’ll be ready to continue stamping! Its as easy as that! Also, its important to clean your stamp after each use, using the stamp cleaner and scrubber (available on my website, as well). You’ll prolong the life of your stamps, and keep them looking new longer! Some inks (especially dark ones, such as Basic Black or Peacock) will stain. Don’t worry about that. As long as you’re cleaning them within a reasonable amount of time, your stamps will not be damaged. Cleaning also helps prevent transferring and mixing of inks).

That was a big bunny trail. Sorry about that! Back to the insert, now. There’s contact information on the insert, as well (Pinterest, Twitter, etc). You’ll notice that there’s one of two types of enclosures on the pocket. The type of enclosure you see is going to determine how old the stamp set is. Previous to the current year (I think the change may have occurred in the early part of this year, or late, late last year), enclosures were button style. The current stamp sets are envelope style. View below.

Now, the rounded part of the envelope flap fits inside the slit to keep it closed. This switch was music to a lot of CTMH stamp users’ ears. The button style added too much bulk when it came to storing the stamps. With the flatter, envelope style, more stamps fit inside the storage containers, because they take up less room. Bonus! A lot of consultants (and probably customers alike) removed the buttons after the package was changed in an effort to make more room without spending more money. Now you don’t have to!

When you flip the package around, you’ll notice the stamps face outwards so you can view exactly whats in the envelope. You’ll also see in the top right corner the order number and stamp set name. The stamp sets vary in size, so the amount of stamps you see from one package to the next is going to be different. They all are put into a 6×6 inch package, unless you purchase the M sized stamp. They are 3×3 inches, and therefore don’t need such a large package to live in. There’s typically only one stamp in each M size set anyways. All the others- A to E- have multiple icons and images and are housed in this size envelope.

I didn’t know, when I first started ordering CTMH stamps, that keeping the envelope the stamps come in is important. It helps keep them together, it keeps them clean, and it keeps them from going missing. (For the most part. If you don’t rinse your stamps regularly, they will mysteriously go missing. Especially the little ones. Just saying. ;)). It also helps you remember which stamp set it is that you’ve used on a project, so when a friend comes along and tells you they absolutely need it in their lives, you can tell them all the information they need to purchase it themselves! I threw my very first stamp set envelope out. It wasn’t long afterwards that I learned that’s a no-no. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Storing them is much easier when they’re in a neat little package like these are! (They stick together if they’re not in their envelope!)

Can you see CTMH’s name on the front of the package, too? (Just in case you missed it the first time!)

When you open the stamp set, you’re going to notice a couple things right away. First of all, there’s a 6×6 sheet of foam that’s included inside the envelope. Keep that, too. Yes, it does have a function, and no, don’t throw it out along with the rest of the envelope! I did that, and regretted it as soon as I realized it was probably necessary to keep. The good news is, extra sleeves are available to purchase on my website should you need them. I’m not sure about the foam insert.

So, why do you want to keep that piece of seemingly unnecessary sheet of foam? It isn’t just an extra piece of packaging that should be thrown out along with the bubble wrap when your parcel arrives. That little piece of foam has a very important function, believe it or not!

Can you see the foam sticking out from underneath the card? (Spoiler alert- here’s a sneak, sneak peek at an upcoming card for October’s Card Blitz!!) On your work surface, that little piece of foam acts as a cushion for your stamps, so every time you stamp an image on your paper or card, you’re left with a crisp, clear image. This is especially important if you don’t have the Versamat, pictured below. (It serves the same purpose, but is 12×12 inches in size, is self-healing and is marked with measurements at every 0.25 inches for keeping things straight on your projects! I do all my crafting on top of this mat, and use its measurement lines frequently. Its a very handy tool in crafting). The little foam insert is so handy, too! You’ll want to use it any time you stamp!

It also prevents the stamp from being squished and damaged during shipping. The spongy texture acts as a cushion while it travels, so when you’re ready to craft, the image is clear and precise. If its flattened, it will not stamp as nicely, or look as good as it could. So, do not throw it out!

Secondly, you’ll notice the stamps! Duh! They come on a protective sheet that’s got the same image or icon printed on it, making it easier to see, and making the detail in the image easier to note, as well. Sometimes, the protective sheet will tell you that the image has a coordinating die cut from one of our Cricut cartridges; other times, it’ll coordinate with one of our Thin Cuts. If it coordinates with a Cricut cartridge, the name of the cartridge will be listed in the top right corner. There will also be measurements beside the image that has a sister icon on the Cricut cartridge. When you cut it, the stamped image should fit inside the die cut image.

Knowing that my stamping could look neat and professional just by using that little piece of foam (or the Versamat) while I worked was a big confidence booster for me. Now, I like stamping, and I’m not making any more mistakes! Looking like a pro is easy to achieve with one simple step. Who knew?!

What else should you know about our stamps? I mentioned at the start of this blog post that they are cling mounted, meaning they are sticky and will stay firmly secured to your acrylic block while you’re stamping. When placing the stamps on your acrylic block, make sure to attach it flat side down, so that the rough side is able to do its job. See below.

The acrylic blocks are necessary to complete your stamping. They will not stick to wood mounts, plastic or any other type of block except these. As you can see, my hand is visible from behind the stamp. See how easy stamping is using acrylic products?! Knowing where the image will be once its stamped is so self satisfying, and its never been easier. No more guessing where its going to land, or even if its going to be straight. You can see it all as you’re working. That’s the beauty of this type of stamp. Stamping with wood mounted stamps is less precise. It is harder (ok, impossible) to see where you’re stamping an image, and its nearly impossible to tell if your image is straight. Wood mounted stamps are the other popular style of stamps on the market. (Stampin’ Up predominantly carries them, I believe). Remember at the start of this post, I mentioned there were multiple varieties of stamps to choose from? Wood Mount and Acrylic is what I was referring to. When you start researching this art form yourself, try them both and decide which you like better. I can almost guarantee that you’ll choose cling stamps every time. Close to My Heart only carries acrylic cling style stamps today, but they did carry wood mounted stamps once upon a time. To stay competitive, they’ve evolved over the years and kept up with all the popular trends, which is why they’re still around today!)

In the near future, I’d like to share a process video, showing you step by step how stamping is done. Stay tuned for that! I’ll share it here on the blog, and on each of my Facebook groups (most importantly the Techniques group). If you know anyone that is interested in learning more about stamping, scrapbooking and card making, and all the tips and techniques associated with it, send them my way! I’d love to share more with them! (And you, of course!)


Just Treats CTMH SOTM

New month equals new stamp of the month!

I’ve been seeing a lot of artwork popping up on Facebook lately with images from the current SOTM and it’s got me chomping at the bit. I can hardly wait to get mine! Also, I can’t wait to put my haven back together. Crafting without it bites. Cue sad face 😩

What is the stamp of the month, and what makes it so special? Well, as the name implies, it’s a new stamp set that’s featured every month at Close to My Heart, and it’s only available during that particular month. Once the month comes to a close, the stamp set is retired, and a new one takes its place at the start of the next month. Every month, it’s something different. One month, it could be pretty, frilly and floral, and the next it could be Christmas or Halloween themed. Much like September’s Just Treats SOTM. See it below.

That’s part of what makes the SOTM special! It constantly changes, it’s available only for a limited time, and it’s an incredible deal.

When a customer places an order on their consultants’ website- either online or by the consultant herself- when that order reaches $50 CAD, the shopper automatically becomes eligible to purchase the SOTM at a huge discount. Yes, that’s right. You’ll receive a steep discount when your order reaches $50 or more. This stamp set retails for $24, but you can get it for $6.

Isn’t that amazing?! CTMH is all about giving back, so in addition to such a fantastic incentive for placing an order, they take it a step further, and give each shopper a break on shipping charges. Shipping is always $10 or 10% of the order total, whichever is greater. CTMH is honestly so generous!

I’ve sent parcels myself, and shipping starts at $15 and goes up from there. To date, the most for shipping I’ve charged was nearly $30. We are getting a great deal on shipping from CTMH. There’s so much to love about this company; the two points I shared with you barely scrapes the surface of the iceberg.

September’s SOTM is available for the remainder of the month. You can purchase it now from my website. Click here to visit my website and get your hands on this festive stamp set! Don’t forget, it’s just $6 when your order total reaches $50 or more!

Happy shopping, friends!

CTMH Ink Storage Options

Hello friends!

I wanted to drop in and share some CTMH ink storage options with you.

There’s a lot of ink pad storage options out there- from custom made cubbies, to ink pad towers, to up-cycled cheese and cracker boxes. There’s no right or wrong way to store them, and there’s a wide range in prices, too. Find what works for you, and run with it!

Recently, CTMH inks went through a transformation. They had a facelift, if you will, and are now more user friendly; they have a magnetic closure making them easier to open and handle. They’re larger than their predecessor, too. But, with giving them an update, changes to storage needed to occur, as well! If you don’t know what they looked like before, or what they look like now, have a look below.



In the picture immediately above, you’ll see all the colors our inks come in. The color scheme has been updated, as well. At one time, our inks were divided into groupings and collections, like Whimsy and Adventure, etc. Not anymore! Now they all stand alone- they are not related to a certain collection or color group. How fun is that? It makes picking your colors easier and less stressful.

So, what did the ink storage look like for the old stamps? And, what does the storage look like now? Let’s find out!

As you can see, ink storage came in tower form in its previous life. There is a handle at the top of the unit that twists and lifts up for portability. (You can’t see it due to the stuff that’s piled on top of it. The handle also lies flat, otherwise). A super handy bag came with it for easy transport and mobility. I still use it, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! There were problems with the handles on the towers breaking, so it was discontinued. Boo.

You’ll also note that I still have a number of the old style CTMH inks in my stash. These are some of my favourite colors, and I don’t feel the need to replace them just because they’re outdated. They stamp the same as the new ones; the only difference is that the new ones have a larger stamping area due to their larger size. This makes inking bigger stamps easier! Yay!

The ink storage tower rotated and held our Shin Han markers, as well. It really was quite versatile! Packing up your stamps was simple and quick with this storage system! A lot of us were sad to see it go!

Our new storage towers are sleek and modern, and easily stores 5 ink pads. Each tray is stackable and comes as part of an entire system covering inks, paper, markers, tools, and more! Close to My Heart has thought of everything! Yay!! Talk about streamlining and keeping everything clean and organized!

Trying to envision it all put together? Feast your eyes on this:

Wowzers, right?! Doesn’t that look fantastic?! Love it.

For portability, our storage containers are perfect for transporting or even storing your inks, as well. They come in a variety of sizes, too, but for the purpose of this blog post, I’m only showing you the large one.

But wait, there’s more! CTMH also has the ultimate travel storage system to put all your tools, inks, paper and more into. There is no shortage of options!

Inside, you’ll have an accordion file to store paper, cases for storing your ink, tools and more! Everything is compact and contained, and rolls for easy movement! Look how elegant it is! And, it’s black. It’s timeless and beautiful.

Prices range, depending on what you’re looking for, but each of these items are well worth the investment. I want it all (who doesn’t?!) but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’m hoping Santa will give me the travel case set. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll leave it under my Christmas tree this year 😆

What do I currently use for ink storage? Well, its nothing pretty. I’ll tell you right now it’s nowhere near as pretty as what I just shared with you from CTMH, but I will say that what I use to store my inks is pretty well an up-cycled match made in heaven.

I’m a mom, and as such, I tend to go through a lot of boxes. Mostly Costco boxes (lots of school lunchy things come from there), and I got smart one day when I was taking the recycling out. I made a bet with myself that those bulk Ritz Handi-snacks boxes would be great for storing my ink.

Guess what? They are! I can get three rows of 8 stamps inside one box. (I’m currently working on emptying another box of the Handi- snacks so that all the new inks I eventually purchase will have a home to reside in. Portability is nice with this stylish ink storage option, too. Turn the box upright, and your stamps are ready to go! Look at that! Handiness at your finger tips!

Just a note- did you know that our stamps are manufactured so that they are stored upside down- as a built- in way to keep ink at the top of the ink pad? (The top of the ink pad is actually the bottom). This way, we don’t need to think about making sure we’re storing them properly so they don’t dry out. It’s already done for us! Be careful, though. The pigment inks were not manufactured that way. Just something to be aware of.

But seriously, the only reason I don’t own the fabulous items shown above is because there are so many things I want from CTMH, these dream worthy items always fall to the bottom of my priority list. I order first for my workshops, and lastly for myself. Once that’s done, my monthly budget is pretty well depleted. Any CTMH cash and Hostess Rewards I accumulate from my orders goes to more product for my workshops. (Or to you!!) You guys are my priority, so I save all the good stuff for you! You’re so lucky!

One day, I would love to own every one of the items I showed you above. And, one day I will. For now, I’m taking the budget- friendly approach. But, I strongly urge you to look into the storage and travel options CTMH offers. You will not be disappointed!

View my website to see all the options available. Go on. Geek out. I do all the time.

September with TEDS + CTMH

Hi guys!

September is going to be a big month! My word, I’m going to need all your help!

Ok peeps! I’ve got a challenge for you! You like sneak peeks, right? I know I do! My AMAZING customers helped me reach a CTMH sales goal back in June, and this time I’m asking you to help me, too!

Help me reach $500 in sales THIS MONTH, and I’ll be able to show you January’s CTMH campaign early- like OCTOBER early!!

Everyone that places orders through me THIS MONTH ONLY will receive a special gift as a thank you 🙏 Are you in?! We’ve got 28 days left to make this happen! Let’s do this!

Order anything you’d like, as many times as you’d like. There’s nothing specific you need to purchase, and there’s no hidden surprises for helping me out. Instead, I’ll give back to you. Every person that makes an order this month only, will receive a $5 credit on their next order. Just one $5 credit per person, though.

You’ll also get a sneak peek of January’s National Paper crafting month special. Any guesses as to what it might be? I couldn’t even venture a guess!

I’ll have more to share with you later this month (sales campaigns, favourite products, organization tips (ink, more specifically), and more. Stay tuned- it’s going to be a wild ride!