CTMH Something Fierce

There’s a fierce new collection from Close to my Heart that’s coming your way very, very soon! Its perfect for your dinosaur lovers, your paleontological road trips and vacations, or your sweet, frilly girls that are sweet and pink. There is something for everyone in this collection, and there’s some new surprises coming with it! Watch for it in January!

Lucky for you, I’ve got some fresh new layouts to share with you using this FUN and whimsical collection! I had the perfect pictures to use with it. Don’t you love when that happens? I personally feel that this collection was meant to be paired with these pictures, and the stars aligned at just the right time to bring them together! Way to go CTMH!! The only problem is, most of the paper (I got this paper packet early due to a CTMH launch event I was privileged to go to at the beginning of the month) was used to create a couple layouts from that event. I have to wait until my next order arrives so I can keep creating with it! Argh! That won’t be until early January (my next order goes in on the 31. Do you have anything to add? Comment below, and I’ll be sure to add you!)

Explore Something Fierce layout
Oh Snap dinosaur layout

There are a lot of patterns in this paper packet that are perfect for everyday girl or boy layouts (or cards!!), but there are a few that are saturated in the dinosaur theme. I wish I had more of that paper! I have a lot of pictures to get through, and I’ll need as much of it as possible to get them done! Typically, I’m more into the pinks, but this time around, it was refreshing to work with something totally different and out of my norm. Ever feel that way?

So, I mentioned that there’s some surprises in this paper packet. Actually, the surprises also apply to the entire collection. Are you interested in seeing what they are? I bet you are! They’re fun, I promise! But, first, how cute is this paper packet? Its some of the most adorable paper I’ve seen in a while! I just love that it works for both boys, girls, and vacations!! Woot!

The first change, or surprise, if you will, is in the paper in the paper packet. No longer are the days of journaling cards. The new thing is cut away paper! Personally, I will get more use out of the cut away paper, but I know that some people really liked the journaling cards. The good news is that there’s a pack of journaling cards that coordinates with this collection, and its available to purchase. Great news, right?!

So, the paper in the bottom right corner of the image above showcases the cut away paper. Isn’t it great?! If you’re not crazy about the cut away paper, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The flip side of the cut away paper, which you see behind it in the image above, is that cute scallop paper, which you can use in your crafting instead. You still get two sheets of every pattern in the paper packets, so you can use one of each side, if you prefer! How great are all the patterns and colors here? As you can see, there’s really only two papers that have bold patterns in them, and only one that’s dinosaur saturated, and the rest are soft spoken, and great for everyday layouts of your loved ones if that’s what you prefer.

The next change that CTMH made to their collections comes in the form of their Complements. We’ve gotten used to seeing them in cute 6×6 inch sheets, and once again, I personally preferred them. But now, they are back to 6×12 inch sheets!

What do you think? Super adorable and totally cute, right? Well, I think so, and I hope that you do, too! Seriously, pictures on the computer don’t do these products any justice. Neither do my layouts. You need to see this stuff in person. Its bright, its happy, its whimsical and give me more. You’re going to find with all the collections coming out with the next catalog are going to blow your ever loving mind. Really. Close to my Heart blew it out of the park! Both the collections, and the artwork are phenomenal! You’re going to fall in love with errything. Imma buy it all in bulk (perk of being a consultant. Want to join? Lets talk!)

Speaking of the new catalog, you’ve got something like 11 days to stock up on our current product before 99.9999% of it retires along with the current catalog. There’s only one or two items that are coming to the new catalog, and the rest are new; so, no pressure, but get on it! 11 days only! No more waiting, the time is quickly running out. CTMH posted to their blog today 10 of their most popular items (that are retiring, mind you), and they’re freaking awesome! Check it out here. (I’ve got to get the Cricut cart. Oh. Emm. Gee.) If you’re like me, you’ll be sitting on pins and needles waiting on being able to get your new product ordered…my next order date can’t get here soon enough!

Join me again soon so I can share with you January’s card blitz cards! They’re cute and super simple to make! I’ll also have a list of the dates of other events I’m hosting through January. Hope to see you at one of them!

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