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Using Cricut Print & Cut

Hi guys!

Ever tried the print and cut feature on your cricut? Until today, all I ever did with my cricut was very, very basic. I selected an image, sized it to what I wanted and hit make. Or, if I wanted a phrase that wasn’t in my image library, I selected the text function, typed and cut it out, then glued it letter by painful letter to my layout. There’s got to be simpler ways to do this!

There is. It just took me eons to sit down and try it out. I almost bailed, and made some cards instead, but I stuck it out. Even though it didn’t go quite like it should have, I’m happy to report it’s easier than I believed. I know some of you have been asking for Cricut tutorials, and I aim to please! I found a simple tutorial on Google that got me started. (Knowing the right phrase to type in took some practice, too). I eventually found what I was looking for in the people have also searched area of Google. The step by step tutorial I followed to create the tag with journaling in it (below) can be found here. (Please note that I use the Cricut Explore with Design Space.)

I’m not sharing a tutorial. Yet. (Click the blue here word above to go to Cricut for an easy to follow step by step tutorial.) I want to try this technique a few more times before I share it with you in tutorial format. If you’re braver than I am, hit up YouTube or Google- there’s plenty of resources there that’ll walk you through it. No need to wait for me. Or, sit back and relax, and I’ll get back to you in the near future.

So, I mentioned it didn’t go quite like it should have. The print function worked like it should, but when I got to the cut function, it wouldn’t cooperate. That’s because (I think) I put my paper back into my cricut the wrong way. I want to try this feature again in the future (meaning soon!), to test my theory out, but I’ve just finished off my pile of pictures and need to get more printed! Aah!!

I am so excited to have found a new way to add journaling to my scrapbook layouts that doesn’t include hand cramps or crossing out typos!! (Raise your hand if you’ve done that a time or two, or ten thousand). Don’t get me wrong- I think hand writing my journaling is the way to go, but I like that I’ve now got options. If I don’t feel like hand writing my journaling? No sweat. Type it out!! Don’t like your hand writing? Even better- typing it is the way to go!

Tip: When you’ve got your image and font selected, make sure you select the font size you want before you start typing.

I didn’t do that, so getting my typed text back to a normal, everyday font size was slow, tedious and avoidably painful. (The internet may have been off, too. Cricut was acting super sluggish today, for some reason). Learn from my mistake and don’t do it yourself!!

Tip: make sure you centre your typed text inside your image, if you use one, as well.

I realized after printing and cutting the tag and my journaling, that the alignment should have been set to centered, just because it looks better 😊

The next feature I want to tackle is welding (I think) letters and phrases together, so they print as their own single graphic, not a bunch of individual letters that need to be strung together again after they’re cut. Stay tuned for updates!! When I figure out if this is the feature that matches up to what I’m thinking in my brain, I’ll let you know!

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you come back again soon!

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