CTMH Beary Christmas Album Workshop

Happy Tuesday! I’m working in high gear this week trying to get caught up and this weeks’ chores done before we head to the city again on Thursday (actually tomorrow night) for more appointments. Life is good, but so crazy these days! We have a wind warning for this afternoon, as well- I’m not looking forward to my hair being blown to smithereens. All that work this morning for nothing! Hopefully it doesn’t hit us until we’re done gymnastics tonight- at 7:30. Then it can blow all it wants. Has the wind hit your area yet?

So, my workshop last weekend was a success. All of the girls enjoyed scrapbooking and are looking forward to the next event. The wheels in the attic were turning while the girls were over, and I asked them how they felt about possibly adding to their current albums (if their parents were ok with it, of course). They thought it sounded like a good idea. I ran it past all of the parents involved, and they are game for an add-on, too.

So, introducing my newest workshop, scheduled for January 2018- Beary Christmas (Everyday Life) Album Workshop. Its for kids only, from ages 5 to 11, and its just $26 + the cost of shipping unless you invite a friend that confirms his or her attendance. Then shipping is free! (You’ll get $10 off your order). Great deal and good incentive, right?! I think so! I created this workshop with the girls that attended my last workshop in mind, but that doesn’t mean newcomers can’t participate, either! Newcomers just need to add the cost of their Everyday Life Mini Album to the total ($26). There’s three beautiful albums to choose from! Everything else is supplied. (Think tape, paper trimmer, Beary Christmas dots, coordinating cardstock and patterned paper, etc.) We’ll set aside a couple hours to get our craft on, a snack will be provided (there’s no extra cost for that!!), and I promise your kids will not want to leave. They didn’t want to leave this past weekend- in fact, one of the girls is coming over again this Saturday for an impromptu crop with the twins. Fun, right?! I might even join in the fun this time!

Want to see the materials we’ll be using to create our Christmas pages with? See below:

Next up- the extra supplies I’ll have on hand for the kids to use (no extra cost):

And, if I have newcomers to the workshop, here’s the album choices:

Choose your favourite album- you only need one! I love both the Sea Glass and Bashful albums (mint and baby pink), but the kids all seemed to love the Black and White stripes. Go figure! The Bashful album will only be available for a limited time (as is the Sea Glass, I believe), so I vote for either of them!

Thanks for joining me today! If you’re interested in signing your child up for this event, please comment below. The deadline to register is December 28, 2017. (To register, please send the workshop fee + $10 CAD for shipping to theeverydayscrapbooker@gmail.com via email transfer. The supplies will be ordered on your behalf on December 29, 2017, allowing enough time for it to ship and still get here on time!) Only available to residents of Whitecourt and/or Edmonton, Alberta.

See you again soon!


Summer Adventure Fundamentals Kids Workshop

Hello friends! Just dropping in briefly to share some highlights from yesterday’s Adventure Fundamentals Everyday Life Album workshop. Enjoy!

Hmm they uploaded in the wrong order. But, that’s ok. You get the jist. 

Three of yesterday’s participants want to have a Christmas themed workshop- they want to keep adding to their albums! So, stay tuned for another KID friendly Everyday Life workshop!

(For those that are returning, this event will be a continuation of what we started- but we’ll be playing with Christmas products, instead. If you’re new, it’ll be a new event to you). 

Stay tuned for more details- coming soon!

Silver & Gold Workshop

Hello friends. Forgive my absence yesterday, we had a last minute appointment in Edmonton. Today, I enjoyed the peace and quiet of being home alone. The weather is miserable, so it was a great day for introverting and scrapbooking.

I prepped for my Fall Card workshop, which is Friday, and then I created card samples for my upcoming Christmas workshop. Once that was done, I dove into starting my Christmas cards! 

No, I’m not starting too early. I don’t have enough supplies to create them, so I’ll add more with Octobers order. Since it’ll take time, I won’t rush through making them 😊

Here, I’d love to show you what we’re making. I absolutely love them!

I followed the CTMH Creative Insider cutting guide to create the middle card and the card to the right. But, instead of strictly using the Pewter ink, I swapped it out for Bashful. I also based the card on the left on a card found within the Silver & Gold Workshop Your Way kit. It’s a bonus project, but loved it! That card was also tweaked just a teensy bit from the original. 

I just ADORE Bashful paired with the gold shimmer trim and all new Pewter ink. It adds a touch of femininity and softness. And, I love the non-traditional Christmas colour scheme. Those patterns? Divine!

This workshop is taking place November 18, 2017. If you’re interested in attending, please rsvp by November 3, 2017. 

If you love these cards but live too far away to attend my workshop, I have good news! As an alternative, I’ll create a cutting guide so you have the freedom to create at your own speed, in your own home. It’s yours FREE if you place an order with me (only for residents within the borders of Canada 🇨🇦).

If that’s you, please contact me. I’d love to help you get creative!

*Just a note, my cutting guide will be based on the cutting guides I used to create my samples, but it’ll reflect the changes I made to them for my own workshop. 

CTMH Holiday Expressions Fall 2017

It’s a new month! Woot! September is a big month at CTMH. (But, really. Nearly every month is big at CTMH!)

The new Holiday Expressions catalog went live today, and honestly, I’m so in love with all the new products, especially the Christmas lines. My fave, by far, is Silver and Gold. Go check it out. (It’s exactly how it sounds- all silver and gold hues. It’s regal, and beautiful). 

I may or may not be waiting on pins and needles for this beautiful kit to arrive on my doorstep. (That’s right. I’ve already placed Septembers’ order. Obsessed much? Yes. Yes, I am.) I might also be planning another workshop and dearly need Christmas goodies! 

Here’s a peek at the cover of the Holiday Expressions. Cute, right?!

Also, September is national stamping month. It’s devoted to all us stampers, just like national scrapbooking month is reserved for papercrafters of every shape and size. CTMH will have events and surprises happening all month long, and I’m aiming to keep you beautiful peeps in the loop!

In the meantime, I’ll be back tomorrow sharing the new stamp of the month (just a friendly warning- it’s festive!), and I’ve got another layout to share, as well. 

Till next time!

Five Ways to Use Your CTMH Scrap Papers

Since I got my new cell phone, I thought it would be a good idea to upload the pictures I’d taken to the computer. In less than a month, there was over 1400 pictures on my phone! I might be just a little camera crazy. I may have also been on vacation, and had a lot of things going on! LOL

And, since I uploaded the pictures from my phone to my computer, that also means whatever projects I had saved to my phone were also transferred to my computer. They were transferred out of order, unfortunately, and as a result, I accidentally shared a layout a bit sooner than I had planned. Minor little accident. I recovered the layouts that had been sent to my trash can on my phone, and will continue adding layouts here from there for the time being. There’ll be less confusion that way. Now I’ll be back to my regular order. I had better get some crafting done…I’m getting low on content to share with you!

So, back to Christmas in July. I have this layout and one other about Christmas in April, and then I’ll move on to something else.

Do you have a scrap pile that seems to keep growing instead of shrinking? Looking for ways to cull some of that scrap paper stash? Here are 5 ideas that I consistently use in my own crafting that you may find helpful!

Make your own journalling spots. I most often use my White Daisy card stock for things such as this, but I find that a lot of scraps end up in my box that are a good size for journaling on. (That’s usually about 3×4 or slightly larger). There’s still some room to stamp on the journaling box in addition to your notes. But, don’t limit yourself to White Daisy! Any solid card stock would work!

Make your own embellishments. All those scraps are perfect for stamping on, and then fussy cut to your hearts’ content! Use them to create embellishments to scatter around your project, use them to create punched borders, or pennants…the list goes on. In the layout above, you’ll see a star, bracket, flower, presents, and a pennant with a message stamped inside it. Those were all created from my scrap White Daisy papers.

Create the illusion your photos are matted. Rather than physically matting your photos on a large piece of patterned paper or card stock, trim it down and adhere it next to your photos. Your favourite papers’ life will be drastically lengthened this way! While it may add more to your scrap box (if the piece of paper you’re using is on the larger side), you’ll still have enough of that beloved paper to use on future projects instead of using it all up (or the majority of it) on one! I used this technique on the layout above. The City Sidewalks paper is adhered on either side of my photos on both pages. Think of them as the ‘book ends’ or brackets surrounding the photos.

Use your Cricut! Some of those scraps will be large enough to cut icons or titles from. If that’s how your paper originally became a scrap, use the space that’s still left for photo mats, journaling mats, borders, stamping and/or punching smaller items. You’ll likely have to trim off the pieces of paper that were cut, but you’ll be surprised to see how much paper is still left if you trim them down. Think outside the box. What can you do with the paper you have left after using your Cricut?

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to throw your smaller scraps through your Cricut, too. It is possible to use them, you’ll just have to make the items you’re cutting smaller. Sometimes, that takes a bit of trial and error, so maybe use a scrap of paper that you don’t care much about to get the sizing correct. Then, use your favourite paper to cut the final item! I cut my title using my Cricut. I used both White Daisy and Willow card stock to create the title.

Mat your photos with your scraps. Both patterned papers and card stock works to mat your photos. If you got really creative, you could also use scrap washi tape, shimmer tape, zip strips, stamps, or twine will work, as well!

All of the suggestions I listed above are ways that I use up my scrap paper stash. Most often, I stamp on my scraps and use them as photo mats and journaling spots on my layouts, but its not limited to just that. There’s no right or wrong, and the sky’s the limit. Get yourself outside the box, and do something different. Also, the suggestions I listed are probably just the tip of the iceberg. What are some ways you use up your scraps? I’d love to hear how you use them up!

What did you think of this blog post? I’d love to hear! Share what you thought in the comments below.



CTMH Make it Merry Double Page Layout

Its Christmas in July again! Or, still, because I am not sure I finished sharing Christmas themed layouts before we went on holidays. Think cool thoughts with me today- its going to be another scorcher! The kids and I are going to hibernate in the basement until we need to leave the house.

I’ve been hoarding my City Sidewalks patterned paper for a long time, so I was relieved that I got the opportunity to use it up with all the Christmas layouts I’ve been sharing with you. Just in time to prepare for this years’ Christmas season! I’ll be hoarding that paper until the next time I come around to scrapbooking Christmas pictures. I love being prepared!

This particular spread is of Christmas in…April. Whether my in-laws are able to visit at Christmas depends on the weather and the road conditions between our town and theirs. There is at least 600 kilometres, maybe more, separating us. Winter can be a nasty time of year. What might be nice for us sometimes isn’t as nice for them. Vice versa, too. So, we celebrated Christmas, Easter and my husbands’ birthday all in one here.

Do you find it interesting that most, if not all, the layouts you see created by CTMH consultants are double pages? What is your preferred style? Single layouts, double pages or a mixture of both? While I’m finding I really enjoy creating double page layouts, I mostly prefer single page ones. There’s only certain occasions throughout the year that will have a plethora of pictures to choose from. Since I like scrapbooking everyday activities as well as the special ones, I save the double page layouts for the occasions that have a ton of pictures. Those tend to be few and far between.

And, I’ve also started to wonder why double page layouts at CTMH are a thing. Why don’t they do more single page layouts? Its encouraging me to stick with my single page layouts- to help set me apart from the rest- and stay true to my personal style. I am toying with the idea of selling kits based on single page layouts. In addition, I’m also thinking of creating and selling card kits, as well. The entire kit, along with a cutting guide, will be available to purchase locally; the cutting guide will be available to everyone. Any orders outside the country and overseas would require that individual to make their own product purchase. Would there be any interest in this? Please let me know your thoughts! Because, not everyone enjoys creating double page layouts. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough pictures to create them; other times, there’s too many, and its impossible to decide which ones to scrapbook! (Luckily, there’s flip flaps…I’ll get into those another day). But, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have single page layouts mixed in with those double page layouts? I’m still learning and feeling my way around this idea, so nothing is set in stone yet. Please share your thoughts and feelings with me. I’d love to know people’s feelings on this!

Products Used:

-CTMH City Sidewalks bulk paper (retired)

*-CTMH Fundamentals paper packet (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy card stock 1385

-CTMH My Acrylix Make it Merry Stamp set D1617 (retired)

-CTMH My Acrylix Shreddin’ The Slopes Stamp set D1603 (retired)

-CTMH Glacier Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2841

-CTMH Sweet Leaf Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2853

-CTMH Sea Glass Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2813

-CTMH Desert Sand Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2818

*There are new Whimsy, Adventure and Enchantment Fundamentals collections over at CTMH. Have a look at them- they look amazing! I need to stock up on the new ones, for sure! Visit my website to view them.

I created the title and the mat that its layered over with my Cricut. The mat underneath was cut sometime in the past, I don’t know when. I pulled it out of my scrap box to play with. And, to create some depth, I stamped it with one of the snowflakes from the Shreddin’ The Slopes stamp set in Glacier ink. (If you look back through my blog posts, you’ll notice that Glacier is one of my go-to ink colors. I absolutely love it! Desert Sand is also another staple in my crafting).

CTMH Yuletide Joy Layout

Good morning! I was gone yesterday to the city to enjoy a lovely little girls’ birthday party, along with my own children. I got to spend the day with one of my dearest friends at this birthday party. The twins enjoyed the day, especially the pony rides (yes, there were pony rides- and goats to love on and pet!) After we got home, a nasty storm blew in, threatening us with a tornado (thankfully that didn’t happen), but it brought along with it the smoke from all the horrible forest fires happening currently in British Columbia. My thoughts are with all those that are fleeing for their lives and displaced at the moment. Its Fort McMurray all over again- just on a much larger scale! I’m so sorry for you all! I have extra room in my house if anyone needs it- if things come to that! I know it would be a long ways to travel, but its here if its needed.

Even though my thoughts are with the people in British Columbia today, it seems fitting (maybe even ironic) that I have a Christmasy and wintery layout to share today. Maybe if we think rainy/snowy and cool thoughts, the weather in BC will change, and the fires will be snuffed out so people can return to their homes.

These pictures are from the twins’ first ever Christmas concert at school. I love the bottom two pictures- Maren was so excited to be there and find us in the crowd. The last picture on the bottom especially holds my heart. Her emotions are just plain as day and speak volumes to me. I love it! I also just love this time of year. Of all the holidays throughout the year, Christmas is most special. Which is your most favourite holiday?

By the way, the picture looks crooked here, doesn’t it? I’m still playing with trying to get my shots perfectly straight, and I struggle big time with it! I don’t understand why I can’t get it straight! One day…I’ll keep striving for perfection in the mean time, though! Anyone have some pointers?

Products Used:

-CTMH Poster Tidings S1309 (retired)

-CTMH Happy Holidays (retired)

-CTMH Yuletide Joy S1610 (retired)

-CTMH City Sidewalks Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Willow Card stock X5784

-CTMH White Daisy 1385

-CTMH Willow Exclusive Inks Stamp pad Z2807

-CTMH Pomegranate Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2854

-CTMH Glacier Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2841


CTMH Sympathy Cards

Hello, friends! These past few weeks have been incredibly busy between school activities and prepping for Christmas. This season reminds me that although there is much beauty in the season and festivities, there can also be sadness. Yesterday (December 10th) marked the one year anniversary of our very dear friends’ sudden passing. There have also been a few other unexpected deaths in our circle of family and friends this past week, so I took some time to create cards for our friends rather than scrapbook. I’d like to share them with you today.


In the card above, I used:
– CTMH Glacier cardstock
– CTMH Snowhaven patterned paper
– CTMH Paper Garden SOTM
– CTMH Slate and Glacier inks
– CTMH White Daisy cardstock

I also used my cuttlebug to emboss the background cardstock.


In this card, I used:
– CTMH Framed SOTM
– CTMH Snowhaven patterned paper (including portion of the zip strip)
– CTMH Seaside patterned paper
– CTMH Lagoon and Basic Black inks
– CTMH Slate striped ribbon
– CTMH Glacier cardstock
– CTMH White Daisy cardstock


This last card was made for sweet little #safyre. Have you heard her story? If not, Google her. She is a beautiful and inspiring little girl! My daughters even made cards for her- they’re sad she got hurt, but happy she’s alive. My thoughts exactly!
In this card, I used:
– CTMH Peacock cardstock and ink
– CTMH Poster Tidings SOTM (retired)
– CTMH Glacier cardstock
– CTMH Seaside patterned paper
– CTMH Slate striped ribbon
– CTMH White Daisy cardstock

You can find most of these items on my website. Visit me here to find them yourself!

CTMH Twinkle Poinsettia Card


I thought this was ingenious: creating a poinsettia using the same ornament stamp I used on the cards I shared yesterday (scroll down to the next post to see them). The idea came about after seeing a card on Pinterest employ the same technique. What do you think? Once again, I used the October 2015 SOTM, Twinkle. I also used Flaxen and Cranberry inks. Lastly, for a little more texture, I embossed the cranberry cardstock with an Anna Griffin Cuttlebug embossing folder.
Join me again soon for some mini album inspiration using CTMH’s Year>> Noted (retired) collection!

CTMH Twinkle Christmas Cards




Aren’t these cards adorable!? I used our new SOTM Twinkle, as well as White Daisy cardstock, Thistle, Sweet Leaf , Whisper and Peacock inks and some Thistle ribbon.
Simple, but so cute I think these might just become my Christmas cards this year!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more Twinkle goodness!