CTMH Little Dreamer (Baby) Girl Layout

I had intended to sit down and get this posted before my kids had swimming lessons this morning, but time wasn’t on my side! Its now after noon, and I’m sitting down just now. I’ve got my second load of laundry in the wash, which means its me time! Whoop!

Yesterday I mentioned that I’d share more housekeeping with you, and I intend to keep that promise. The online crop I hosted yesterday went quite well- I was pleased with the attendance and everyone that participated enjoyed themselves. This may become a regular thing- I’m thinking when I host another one, it’ll be to kick the summer off, not end it. I’m also thinking it may work best to create a group for the crop goers to join just for the event itself…posting on the event page got a little confusing for some people. Lesson learned! Other than that little hiccup, it went off without a hitch!

What are your  favourite colours? Better yet, what are your favourite colours to pair together? I love a lot of colours, and can’t pick just one or two. My daughter, however, loves teal and purple together. So, when I put this layout together, I used blue and purple together because I figured she’d like it.

The white strip on the far right side of the page- its there because I made a boo boo and needed a way to cover it up. I was hoping it wouldn’t show up too much after I took a picture, but its screaming at me that its there. Oh, well, that’s life. This is another layout I created while I was away in Edmonton, and I used a sticker from CTMH Baby Girl Complements to create the title. Yes, here’s another way to create a title without using your Cricut or sticker alphas. Read more on that subject here. I used a mixture of CTMH Little Dreamer (hurry and order yours before its retired!!) and some older Blossom patterned paper. It looks so sweet together. I had to celebrate- my daughter received her first award at school and she was super duper proud of herself for finally getting one! Her sister had gotten one earlier in the year, and she was jealous. It was finally her time to shine!

Products Used:

-CTMH Little Dreamer Paper Packet X7219B

-CTMH Blossom Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy 1385

-CTMH Baby Girl Complements (retired)

-CTMH My Acrylix For Always Stamp set C1547 (retired)

-CTMH Pansy Exclusives Ink Z2804

-CTMH Whisper Exclusives Ink Z2872

By the way, I’ll have a booth at the Arts in the Park event on Wednesday evening at Rotary Park. I’ll be there from 5 PM to 9, with sign up sheets for the remaining events I have organized (I’m also working on organizing a Christmas card buffet), and gently used stamps and other items that I’d love to sell. Check out the entertainment and other vendors that will be there. There’s also a movie playing around 9 pm. I don’t know which one yet, but who doesn’t love a surprise? I’m sure it’ll be a good one! (It’ll be family friendly, because this is a family friendly event!)



Creating a Layout Title Using CTMH Complements

Planning for a crop is serious business, especially when it takes you away from home. Knowing just what to bring, and what to leave behind is tricky. Often, you’ll come across something you should have brought, and there’ll always be things you brought that you definitely shouldn’t have. How do you know, though? (That’s the beauty of virtual crops- the worry of forgetting something is avoided because you’re scrapbooking in your own home, using your computer as the tool to communicate with other crop- goers).

The same happens if you plan a trip away from home, and scrap supplies are brought along. Much like my trip to Edmonton last week. A friend and I have joked in the past that we’d plan a camping trip together- we would chill in the trailer scrapbooking, while our husbands took the kids and did things. We haven’t acted on that (yet), but I do like the general idea!

Scrapbooking without my cricut is hard for me. I rely entirely too much on it for cutting titles and images to decorate my layouts with. The odd crop I do attend, and trip away from home along with my scrapbooking supplies gets me outside of my comfort zone and forces me to use some brain power to create titles. What do you use to create titles?

One way, and probably the most obvious option, is using alpha stickers for making a title. Here’s an example:

Sometimes, you’ll find ready made titles on a sticker sheet, along with sticker accents and embellishments. The sticker alphas I used here came from CTMH Complements Good Life.

Other times, you’ll find sticker sheets filled with the entire alphabet and some punctuation marks. You’ll find them in a wide variety of patterns, sizes, colors and fonts. Typically I am not a fan of them, but I do like how they come from CTMH. (I waste too many letters when there’s left overs. I don’t often like to mix and match fonts when it comes to alpha stickers. I like everything to coordinate, and I don’t want to put the energy into making sure the alphas I use coordinate with other alphas. I also like a uniform title, so it needs to be the same size and general shape.

There are other ways to create unique titles, such as watercoloring, stamping, and masking, but I’ll share those another day. The one I wanted to highlight this time was using CTMH Complements.

Products Used:

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Fundamentals Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Ivy Lane Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Good Life Complements (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy Cardstock 1385

-CTMH Canary Cardstock X5982

-CTMH Calypso Complements (retired)

-CTMH Regatta Complements (retired)

Using CTMH Cardstock to Create a Silhouette Border

How often do you create sports themed layouts? I haven’t up until this point- because any sports my children were involved in (mostly swimming), required me to be with them, and I wasn’t able to snap pictures. That’s only because they were so young. Now that they’re school age, a whole new world will open up to them- and I’m so excited to explore their interests with them!

Skating and soccer werethe first sports we began with. I’ll have to look for pictures of skating…I know one lives on my Facebook. I’ll have to print it the next time I need more pictures. None of us enjoyed soccer. It was more than likely that they were young, but I think my children thrive more in sports that challenge them selves individually, not in a team. They love their gymnastics and swimming. Miss A keeps asking if she can try Tae Kwon Do. I’ve sort of been putting it off, but I think we should explore it. They have a keen interest in music, too. This year (grade 2) enables them to join choir, if they want (Miss M does!), and we’re contemplating piano lessons in the fall for both twins. There is lots going on!

Back when my kids started playing sports, an idea dawned on me that I’ve been sitting on for quite some time. It was to create a mini album of all the sports they are involved in. Or at least, every year of sports they’re involved in. I did begin it, but only have like 1 picture in it. I do believe I’ve run out of the paper I’d originally started to use in it, so when I get back to it, I’ll have to complete it using something else! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the mini album at the moment. Sorry!

At some point during their sports (usually their first lesson, if I remember), I take pictures of them. Swimming is the easiest to get pictures of. Gymnastics is the hardest. (Parents generally aren’t allowed in the gym while the kids have class. They have a showcase at the end of their session where they show off everything they’ve learned. I love it, but it makes picture taking interesting!) There’s also more changes coming to our gymnastics program for this upcoming season…I can’t wait to see what we all decide to offer! (I’m on the board, so I’m privy to the deets, LOL). There’s more to look forward to.

I picked up the purple hues in the twins’ soccer jersey’s and pulled it into the rest of my layout. I didn’t have a shade of purple that deep, so instead settled for CTMH Thistle. The Fundamentals in the background matches it perfectly. And, if you notice, for a pop of additional color, I used a strip of sponged card stock I had hanging around on my desk. I also matted the soccer ball onto a piece of it and adhered it to the layout with a pop dot.

*Tip: instead of using paper to create a flat border with a punch, why not create a border using words or shapes? In Cricut Design Space, I added the word ‘soccer’ twice- one in a large font, and the other in a smaller font. I hid the larger soccer word from cutting so that I would only cut the smaller one first. Once I got to the cutting stage, I changed the amount of times I cut the smaller word (in this case two times) and then adhered it evenly on the background. To give the border a ‘there, but not quite’ look, keep it the same color tone as the background. I love the white on white effect! After deleting the smaller soccer word, I cut the larger one from Navy Blue Recollections cardstock, which picks up the color of the soccer net in the background of the pictures.

Products Used:

*-CTMH Whimsy Fundamentals paper packet (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy Cardstock 1385

*-CTMH Thistle Cardstock X5976

-CTMH My Acrylix C1547 For Always Stamp set (retired)

-CTMH Black Exclusive Ink Z2805

*Have I told you about the new card stock at CTMH? Its now double-sided! One side is a shade slightly lighter than the original color! Here’s a peek:

This is the new Whimsy Cardstock Paper Packet. Look at all that deliciousness! This is available to purchase on my website right now! Visit my website here. The new Whimsy Fundamentals Paper packet coordinates with it, as well!

There’s more where that came from. Head on over to my website and check it all out. There’s sure to be something you’ll love.

CTMH Make it Merry Double Page Layout

Its Christmas in July again! Or, still, because I am not sure I finished sharing Christmas themed layouts before we went on holidays. Think cool thoughts with me today- its going to be another scorcher! The kids and I are going to hibernate in the basement until we need to leave the house.

I’ve been hoarding my City Sidewalks patterned paper for a long time, so I was relieved that I got the opportunity to use it up with all the Christmas layouts I’ve been sharing with you. Just in time to prepare for this years’ Christmas season! I’ll be hoarding that paper until the next time I come around to scrapbooking Christmas pictures. I love being prepared!

This particular spread is of Christmas in…April. Whether my in-laws are able to visit at Christmas depends on the weather and the road conditions between our town and theirs. There is at least 600 kilometres, maybe more, separating us. Winter can be a nasty time of year. What might be nice for us sometimes isn’t as nice for them. Vice versa, too. So, we celebrated Christmas, Easter and my husbands’ birthday all in one here.

Do you find it interesting that most, if not all, the layouts you see created by CTMH consultants are double pages? What is your preferred style? Single layouts, double pages or a mixture of both? While I’m finding I really enjoy creating double page layouts, I mostly prefer single page ones. There’s only certain occasions throughout the year that will have a plethora of pictures to choose from. Since I like scrapbooking everyday activities as well as the special ones, I save the double page layouts for the occasions that have a ton of pictures. Those tend to be few and far between.

And, I’ve also started to wonder why double page layouts at CTMH are a thing. Why don’t they do more single page layouts? Its encouraging me to stick with my single page layouts- to help set me apart from the rest- and stay true to my personal style. I am toying with the idea of selling kits based on single page layouts. In addition, I’m also thinking of creating and selling card kits, as well. The entire kit, along with a cutting guide, will be available to purchase locally; the cutting guide will be available to everyone. Any orders outside the country and overseas would require that individual to make their own product purchase. Would there be any interest in this? Please let me know your thoughts! Because, not everyone enjoys creating double page layouts. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough pictures to create them; other times, there’s too many, and its impossible to decide which ones to scrapbook! (Luckily, there’s flip flaps…I’ll get into those another day). But, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have single page layouts mixed in with those double page layouts? I’m still learning and feeling my way around this idea, so nothing is set in stone yet. Please share your thoughts and feelings with me. I’d love to know people’s feelings on this!

Products Used:

-CTMH City Sidewalks bulk paper (retired)

*-CTMH Fundamentals paper packet (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy card stock 1385

-CTMH My Acrylix Make it Merry Stamp set D1617 (retired)

-CTMH My Acrylix Shreddin’ The Slopes Stamp set D1603 (retired)

-CTMH Glacier Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2841

-CTMH Sweet Leaf Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2853

-CTMH Sea Glass Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2813

-CTMH Desert Sand Exclusive Inks ink pad Z2818

*There are new Whimsy, Adventure and Enchantment Fundamentals collections over at CTMH. Have a look at them- they look amazing! I need to stock up on the new ones, for sure! Visit my website to view them.

I created the title and the mat that its layered over with my Cricut. The mat underneath was cut sometime in the past, I don’t know when. I pulled it out of my scrap box to play with. And, to create some depth, I stamped it with one of the snowflakes from the Shreddin’ The Slopes stamp set in Glacier ink. (If you look back through my blog posts, you’ll notice that Glacier is one of my go-to ink colors. I absolutely love it! Desert Sand is also another staple in my crafting).

CTMH My Life Layout

I like finding different ways to use up my paper stash. I had this leftover sheet of Balloon Ride patterned paper that was cut in half diagonally, and when I found a sketch online that was similar, I ran with it.

I don’t think the sketch originally showed the page parted this way, but its how I interpreted it. I worked with what I had, and I quite like the outcome.

The filter I used to edit the picture (I don’t know what it is anymore) matched the creamy hues in the Balloon Ride paper, which is why I paired them together. There’s also hints of blue throughout the picture- both my daughters had on blue fleece coats and the merry go round they are riding on is blue.

I don’t know where ‘This’ took place or when, but I had to scrapbook it. A lot of the time, I choose pictures based on how they make me feel. In this particular picture, I absolutely love the goofy grin on my mom’s face. There was no question, it had to be scrapped. I’m fairly certain my sister was the photographer here, and they must have been out doing something with the twins while I was off having some alone time. Choosing my pictures this way helps me be more selective when I’m browsing through them and preparing them for printing. (I sift through all my photos and save the ones I want to print to a flash drive. I then bring them to Walmart and have them an hour later. I love it! I used to order through Apple, but I hated having to wait 10+ days for them to arrive on my doorstep. This works much better for me!)

How do you choose the pictures you scrapbook?

Products Used:

-CTMH Balloon Ride paper packet (retired)

-CTMH Gold Shimmer Trim Z1985

-CTMH White Daisy 1385

-CTMH Glacier Exclusive Inks Z2841

-CTMH My Life My Acrylix Stamp Set D1572 (retired)

-CTMH From the Notebook My Acrylix Stamp Set S1607 (retired)


As it turns out, the layout I shared yesterday is a huge hit! Even though I’ve experienced a negative in my life by losing pictures due to a technical malfunction, its still a positive. Sometimes, its just all in the way you look at things. (Which, more often than not, is a major personal struggle for me). Its a good lesson to learn!

And, as it turns out, there will be more layouts heading your way in the future that don’t have pictures in them. I remembered that I kept a bunch of paraphernalia from our last trip to Las Vegas (which I happen to be scrapbooking right now), and I wanted to make some layouts using that. Since I don’t have pictures to coordinate with the paraphernalia I kept, I’m creating them without! (The first one is my boarding pass; the second one- and more importantly- is Burgr. That is all I’ll say right now).

Do you create very often with journaling cards? Are you a project lifer, or do you use the PL cards in different ways? I’m a mixture of both. I like doing the occasional Picture My Life layout (CTMH’s version of PL), but more often, I like using them in my traditional scrapbooking. The layout I’m sharing today is just that type of layout.

I used some journaling cards that I had left over out of the CTMH Charlotte paper packet. I trim the ones I don’t use down, and store them in a little container along with all my other PML and Project Life inspired cards. (I don’t own any official PL cards). I thought the Charlotte ones worked well for this layout of my daughters’ lovey. Both daughters have had their own lovey’s since they were babies. The ones they have currently they’ve had since they were probably about 3 years old. They’ve lasted the longest! (Meaning we haven’t lost them yet!)

I inked the edges of the white card stock to try and eat up some of the blatant white space, and then inked a piece of scrap Forever & Always patterned paper for some depth. I’m loving this color palette- so fresh and bright! A pop of black doesn’t hurt, either!

Products Used:

-CTMH Charlotte paper packet (retired)

-CTMH Forever & Always (retired)

-CTMH For Always C1547 (retired)

-CTMH Desert Sand Exclusive Inks Z2818

-CTMH Sorbet Exclusive Inks Z2864

-CTMH Black Exclusive Inks Z2805

CTMH Scaredy Cat Layout

Good morning! The week is almost over. What do you have planned for the weekend? Nothing for me, but if the weather is nice enough (which I think it will be), I’ll take the kids down to the local recreation park and let them loose in the splash pad. They’re getting bored and deserve a picnic lunch or supper down there.

In some ways, when the kids were younger, keeping them entertained was easier, because they had their imaginations to keep them busy. While they still have imaginations, I’m finding they’re looking for more complex ways to stay busy- such as crafting, reading (mostly Addison), watching youtube videos, trying out diy’s, going places and doing things…I guess that comes with the getting older territory. Maren is just happy to suffocate the kitty (with love and affection!!) I thought I should clarify that.

Here’s a prime example of how my toddlers would keep themselves busy at one time in their lives:

Remember these days? Either when you were young, or when your babies were young? I’m so glad I caught this moment. It was so sweet! Playing together was all they knew at one time, but now that they’re in their own classes and have made their own friends, its harder to coordinate play times for both kids. They would prefer playing with other people rather than themselves. Total #momproblem. Its all good! I just need to get creative with our time this summer.

I keep this layout fairly simple. I used a sheet of Scaredy Cat patterned paper and layered some Eggplant card stock along the top of it before layering everything on a sheet of (soon to be retiring) Colonial White card stock. Yes, you read that right. Sadly, Colonial White is retiring. I suggest ordering yours now, since everything in our current catalog expires (and subsequently retires) at the end of July. Yep. Just a few weeks left to enjoy this current CTMH catalog. Need one? Send me a message or email me! I can send you one- anywhere in Canada.

You’ll notice I snuck in another zip strip- its the black strip along the border punched portion of the eggplant paper strip. It comes from Always and Forever (a retired paper collection. I’ve been calling it Frosted forever…I don’t know why…Frosted just seemed to fit this paper packet better than Always and Forever. Anywho, my bad). There’s also scrap Urban finishing up the train and scrap Charlotte framing one of the pictures of the twins, as well.

There’s nothing too special about this layout, other than the sweet pictures of the twins. And, by special, I just mean I didn’t use any fascinating techniques or fancy paper placements. I just stuck to what’s natural to me: linear, and minimalistic.

Products Used:

-CTMH Scaredy Cat paper packet (retired)

-CTMH Eggplant Card stock X5774

-CTMH Colonial White Card stock 1388

-CTMH Charlotte paper packet (retired)

-CTMH Urban paper packet (retired)

-CTMH Whisper Card stock (this must be retired, too. There’s no product number for it anymore)

-CTMH Bamboo Exclusive Inks Z2803

-CTMH My Life My Acrylix Stamp Set D1572 (retired)

I was thinking as I rifled through my stamps just now, (to find the stamp set I just listed), that I should go through my stamps and clear them out so I can make room for new ones.  Watch for garage sale items coming up in the near future…they will all be gently used, so prices will be marked down drastically. If you’d like any, all you need to do is comment on the post or send me a message via Facebook and Instagram…they’ll be posted there, too! Keep your eyes peeled for this…It’ll be posted in the very near future! All the stamps I’ll add to my garage sale items will be ones you’ve seen in my layouts in the past!

CTMH Yuletide Joy Layout

Good morning! I was gone yesterday to the city to enjoy a lovely little girls’ birthday party, along with my own children. I got to spend the day with one of my dearest friends at this birthday party. The twins enjoyed the day, especially the pony rides (yes, there were pony rides- and goats to love on and pet!) After we got home, a nasty storm blew in, threatening us with a tornado (thankfully that didn’t happen), but it brought along with it the smoke from all the horrible forest fires happening currently in British Columbia. My thoughts are with all those that are fleeing for their lives and displaced at the moment. Its Fort McMurray all over again- just on a much larger scale! I’m so sorry for you all! I have extra room in my house if anyone needs it- if things come to that! I know it would be a long ways to travel, but its here if its needed.

Even though my thoughts are with the people in British Columbia today, it seems fitting (maybe even ironic) that I have a Christmasy and wintery layout to share today. Maybe if we think rainy/snowy and cool thoughts, the weather in BC will change, and the fires will be snuffed out so people can return to their homes.

These pictures are from the twins’ first ever Christmas concert at school. I love the bottom two pictures- Maren was so excited to be there and find us in the crowd. The last picture on the bottom especially holds my heart. Her emotions are just plain as day and speak volumes to me. I love it! I also just love this time of year. Of all the holidays throughout the year, Christmas is most special. Which is your most favourite holiday?

By the way, the picture looks crooked here, doesn’t it? I’m still playing with trying to get my shots perfectly straight, and I struggle big time with it! I don’t understand why I can’t get it straight! One day…I’ll keep striving for perfection in the mean time, though! Anyone have some pointers?

Products Used:

-CTMH Poster Tidings S1309 (retired)

-CTMH Happy Holidays (retired)

-CTMH Yuletide Joy S1610 (retired)

-CTMH City Sidewalks Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Willow Card stock X5784

-CTMH White Daisy 1385

-CTMH Willow Exclusive Inks Stamp pad Z2807

-CTMH Pomegranate Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2854

-CTMH Glacier Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2841


CTMH City Sidewalks Layout

Good morning! We had another 6 am wake up call in my house…isn’t summer for sleeping in? My word…

Hows this for layout blog content this morning? Much better than the deer meat layout?

This layout is all kinds of fun. I coloured in the paper doll (yes, she’s actually a paper doll!) using my Shin Han markers, and used a chipboard word From the City Sidewalks Complements pack in part of my title. When I fussy cut the paper doll out, I also cut off the tabs that would have held her clothes on. I glued the snowsuit to her body, and adhered her using some 3d foam tape.

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? I know my girls do. The more glitter used, the better in their minds! Its hard to see, but I also stamped a pattern into the word fun, just for some extra depth. What do you think?!

My girls were having fun playing in the snow (in Oyen!! That’s almost unheard of for that area!!), and the layout itself is a lot of fun, if I do say so myself. The City Sidewalks paper is perfect for this festive time of year (nearly…it was November).

Products Used:

-CTMH City Sidewalks Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Cranberry Card stock 1272

-CTMH Glacier Card stock X5770

-CTMH City Sidewalks Complements X7213C (retired)

-CTMH Shreddin’ The Slopes My Acrylix Stamp Set D1603 (retired)

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Black Marker Z2446

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Peacock Green Marker Z2461

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Turquoise Blue Marker Z2465

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Carmine Marker Z2448

-CTMH Art Philosophy (Cricut) (retired)

CTMH Scrap Paper Layout

I hope all my American friends- expats and natives- are enjoying their 4th of July celebrations today! I can’t wait to see all my friends’ and family’s pictures.

I’ll be doing celebrating of my own- in my own special way today- I’m sharing more of my artwork with you today! I’m also doing it while the kiddos still sleep, so that in itself is worth celebrating!

I made quite a few layouts in between this post and my last post from last week, and I’m not quite sure where to start! Should I share them all, or start with my most current one? My heart is telling me to start with the oldest one, which means I’ll have lots of catching up to do! Is everyone in agreeance? If so, lets get started!

One of the fun things about going to visit Grandma M is all the fun things she has planned for the kids to do while we visit. This time, in particular, we were visiting so that my husband could get his hunting fix in; once that’s done, we sit down and make deer sausage from it. It sustains us throughout the year, when we come back again for more! All four of us loves our wild meat. Having children this time around, threw a new kink into our tradition. Somehow we had to keep them entertained while we worked, and this was grandma’s solution. Grandma M to the rescue!

I used up a mixture of scraps to create this fun grid style layout. Finding layout sketches like these online and on Pinterest are a wonderful way to use up a variety of sizes of scraps, not just large ones. I store all my scraps in three drawer Sterilite containers, and keep them underneath my scrap table for easy and quick access. If you’re wondering, I also store them by color, making finding what I’m looking for a breeze. I have one smaller container and one larger one, and I find the larger one is perfect for storing 12×12 size papers, if I need to. (Sometimes I pull a sheet of card stock out that I think I want to use, then come to find I don’t want to use it. I am lazy, so usually just throw it in one of my paper containers. If its too large, I store it ontop of my garbage can, which is right next to my craft table, or on my desk, which is next to that. Yes, I am lazy.)

The scraps I used came from three different CTMH collections and Fundamentals papers. See how flawlessly collections can work with each other? And, the sizes of papers are just large enough to direct your eye to them without overwhelming the layout. I just love it! Its just enough drama to be noticeable, but not over the top. Something like my twins’ personalities.

And, as you can see, I doodled some more on this layout, as well. Doodling makes my heart so happy.

Products Used:

-CTMH Workshop Your Way Charlotte (retired)

-CTMH Workshop Your Way Some Kinda Wonderful (retired) *The paper packet is still available X7217B

-CTMH Adventure Fundamentals Z3253

-CTMH White Daisy Card stock 1385

-CTMH Whisper Card stock X5929

-CTMH Slate Card stock X5930

-CTMH Puffy Stickers (retired)

-CTMH Skylark Complements (retired)

-CTMH Seaside paper packet (retired)

-CTMH Choose Happy SOTM S1503 (retired)

-CTMH My Acrylix Stamp Set My Life D1572 (retired)

-CTMH Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2805

-CTMH Slate Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2873

-CTMH Bitty Sparkles Z1263

Just as a side note, I used my Cricut to cut the title and crown, and the washi tape may (it may also not) be CTMH. I don’t remember anymore! Part of the title was cut using Cricut CTMH Art Philosophy (the word ‘queen’); the rest is Sophisticated and A Child’s Year, neither of which are CTMH products.