Summer is Here!

Convention is coming up in less than two weeks, and preparing for it has been taking all of my free time. Why? I’ve been invited to be a creative presenter there. It’s a huge honour for little old me.

I have been working behind the scenes on special things for close to my heart in the last few weeks. Not being able to share is killing me, but I promise you it’ll be worth the wait!

In the mean time, enjoy these pictures of our lives in the last little while 😊

Ok, so most of these pictures were from today. I uploaded my phone to the computer yesterday, but trust me when I say there’s more pictures like these ones there- just in different locations. The twins finished school for the summer yesterday, so we hung out at our local Rotary Park for a bit this afternoon. The sun felt amazing after all the rain we’ve been getting.

Hold tight- I’ll be back as soon as I can. Happy summer!


TEDS Latest Projects

What I’ve been up to, in pictures. Enjoy!

What Can Be Inked?

Are your kids into sports?

Mine are. Gymnastics, specifically. In fact, the twins’ mom (me) really digs it, too. I fill the secretary position on the club board. It keeps us busy during the cold winter months!

I finally got around to making a page in honour of our favourite sport. I also implemented the inking technique (in a small way) on this layout, too. Let me show you:

The stamps I used are old. Ancient, even. One of them, I bought off a lady on Kijiji, and I’m honestly not sure where I bought the other one. They were both second hand and gently used. (If you ever need one to document your babies’ gymnastics careers, let me know. By then I may be ready to pass them on to you!)

See the small black heart 🖤 on the tag? It didn’t start out black! Nope, it began its life as a brown chipboard piece from the Documented complements pack. To make it black, I used my sponge dauber to apply black ink to it. Now, it just pops off that chipboard tag!

Inking isn’t just for paper. Using the right type of ink, you could apply ink to the edges of wood veneer, chipboard (like above), paper flowers (like you’d find at Michaels or your LSS), and even your photos! (I’d recommend using Staz-On ink for that option). To ink chipboard, veneer and paper flowers, dye- based or water- based inks work well.

Would you like to try inking on your photos? Let’s do that at our next virtual class- it’s on August 21! It’s at 11 am MST. You’ll need access to my exclusive fb group, though! If you’d like to join, comment on this post to let me know, then head over to Facebook and join my group! Follow this link!

You will need Staz-On ink for inking your pictures. Brown or black will be fine. You choose. Both inks are available on my website. Visit it here. And, of course, inking only happens with sponge daubers. Those are available on my website, too. (The three pack is about $8).

Any other questions? Just ask!

Friends Make the Best Accessory

I’ve got a couple personal layouts to share with you today. I’ve also started working (like a mad woman!!) on cards for my upcoming card buffet (September), and a special class I’m teaching on August 9 at the Chateau Lac St. Anne lodge. (Sorry, it’s for the residents there, only).

It’s been so hot, the best place to be the last couple days is in my haven! Can’t complain about that! My poor albums have a hard time keeping up with me!

Both these layouts were created using the same collection. Yes, you guessed it- Documented! I love it’s versatility- any theme goes with it. The top layout is about my daughter and the bottom layout is about our pup. And, they both work incredibly well with the photos (which I’m leaving out for privacy reasons. And because I have photo mats and I may as well use them 😉)

What do you love most about this collection? For me, it’s the colors. They bring comfort and warmth, intensity and richness. I love it! Honestly, some of them I wouldn’t think to pair together, either- like Saffron and Bashful. Yet, they coordinate beautifully! Others are just no brainers, like Saffron and Eggplant. Yummy.

There’s still time to purchase this collection, and the gorgeous complements and wood veneer that coordinates with it. August 31, 2018 is the deadline!


This layout makes my heart go pitter- patter.

Bright colors make me so happy. When it jives it makes me even happier. I paired Raspberry card stock with some retired Whimsy patterned papers for this sweet layout about a homework assignment the twins brought home. It included Flat Stanley. I have space for journaling, but I’m leaving it blank right now because I need a few important details from the twins. (Mainly, what the homework assignment was, lol). It’s so important to record the details- big or little- and this is why! My memory sucks!

I used two different stamp sets in this layout too, but you’ll have to look hard to see the second one. Central Park is easy to spot- it’s the houses and title; July’s stamp of the month is harder to spot because it’s in one small area of the layout. The arrow in the upper left of page 1, with home stamped in it is from the SOTM. Check out this layout:

The SOTM is all over the place in this one. It’s perfect for a ton of different layout themes- from work to birthdays to concerts to even your pets. What’s not to love about this stamp set?!

The SOTM is only available until the end of July, so it’s for a limited time. It’s yours for $23 CAD when you order from my website. If that order reaches $50 total (or more), our gift to you is dropping the SOTM price to just $6 CAD. This is such a great deal. A lot of people love getting it at a discounted price; I know you will too. (I think I’ll be hanging onto this stamp set for awhile. It’s so versatile, I can see it being useful for lots of things). If you agree (even if you don’t), you’ll find it very useful. You should buy it. Don’t miss out!

CTMH Playtime

My kids are at a day camp this week, which means I get some glorious downtime to myself! I played, of course. Here’s what I made:

Have you noticed? No stamping! I realized it only after I started my third layout of the day. That one will have stamping in it, but this one, and the next one I’ll show you, is strictly paper and stickers. How refreshing! By the way, how delicious is the burlap paper? It almost looks real. I love the texture it adds!

There’s two journaling cards in this layout, but one is all cut up. I wanted to use the balloon, but didn’t want the 3×4 it was printed on. Solution? Fussy cut it out!

The next layout is two pages. There are kids in it (and the one above, actually), so I’m leaving them out and just sharing the sneak peeks. There’s no stamping here, either, but there is lots of cricut die cuts, Fresh Air complements and some stickers. The rose gold really pops off the page. I also found Chelsea Gardens pairs really nicely with Documented. This colour scheme is to die for!

CTMH Gimme Some Sugar

I have some more artwork to share with you today. I’m excited to share it with you!

The featured paper packet at CTMH this month is Gimme Some Sugar. Have you seen it yet?

Pictured above is the entire scrapbook kit.

And here’s the coordinating scrapbook stamp set.

Until now, I’ve played only with the bulk paper from the packet. I’ve decided that I should show you the whole kit and caboodle. So, here’s what I’ve got, so far!

I have another layout in the works, but I’m not quite finished it yet. Stay tuned!

This picture of my daughter worked well with one of the journaling cards from the cut apart paper in the kit. She lost her tooth at school- while eating her lunch- and consequently swallowed it. She was terrified the tooth fairy wouldn’t visit, so she wrote a letter to her, with the help of her teacher.

I’m excited to share more with you from this kit! Hope to see you again soon!

Get Better

The weekend is drawing nearer, and my anticipation/excitement for the weekend is mounting. I’m in the home stretch now!!

It’s crop weekend at camp He Ho Ha. I’ve looked forward to this weekend for a long time. Of course, the weather is going to stink, but I half expected it. I’m hitting the road. Isn’t stuff like this supposed to happen when you’ve made plans?

I’m hoping to have lots more projects to share with you. More projects like this:

My kids! (Not necessarily projects of them being ill). It’s life, but it’s no fun. *Pouty face*

My poor girl woke up with pink eye in the photos above. I kept her home from school and booked an appointment with the doctor for her. It wasn’t a fun experience for her. Neither was her allergic reactions and bout of eczema. This poor girl hasn’t had a lot of luck where her health is concerned. She’s tough, though, and always bounces back.

I used up my very last sheet of Cats & Bats patterned paper, as well as a portion of the coordinating zip strip. The title was cut using my cricut, but the circle and band aid at the bottom were all stamped. As you can see. The subtitle is also stamped.

Embellishments were kept to a minimum so that the pictures could tell the story. I honestly feel as though this layout is whole without it. Do you ever feel that way about your layouts?

Way to Go! Layout

It’s been a looong time since I scrapbooked using Picture My Life cards. The sketch that inspired this layout also inspired the usage of journaling cards.

I’m loving that the tones in the one card pairs so perfectly with the Stargazer paper. There’s some Sorbet and Blossom (maybe also Pixie) in there. The Lagoon in the smaller journaling card also coordinates really nicely. I chose to trim it down and layer it on top of the larger one. They both come from (now) retired PML packs.

I snapped photos of the twins’ first ever report cards. I’m glad I did, because in years since, report cards no longer come home from their school- we have the privilege of viewing them online and printing them ourselves. It’s not quite the same. I prefer the good old days. They might not be the prettiest pictures to look at, but they’re still a memory worth documenting.

Do you still scrapbook your ‘ugly’ pictures?

Field Trip

Hello everyone! I’ve got a couple other layouts to share with you, using the super cute Stargazer. I feel bad that I haven’t used the A side of the paper more. I plan to, but not many of my pictures work with it 😞

So, to make the best of the situation, I’m sticking with the B side for the time being. In this case, it worked well to highlight our field trip to the RCMP (police) station.

I picked up the colours in the RCMP logo, and carried it through the rest of my design. I used goldrush for the title and embellishing. I also used some of the Stargazer Complements to embellish my page. You’ll notice them along the left hand side of the page.

(Is it just me, or does the background remind you of vintage Pepsi commercials or the Pepsi logo?)