CTMH Kitchen Traditions Cut Above Kit

Getting back to you took way longer than I anticipated. Life. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Here’s what I wasn’t able to share with you earlier. Remember this layout?

I created it using a mixture of Whimsy and Basics Fundamentals. The coordinating Whimsy complements and our stamp of the month, Bloom & Grow, made sneak appearances, too.

Since it’s been so long, you may not remember the post where I shared the Gimme Some Sugar layout and the promise I made in that post. View it here.

The coordinating set to Gimme Some Sugar comes from the Kitchen Traditions Cut Above kit! Available as a set or separately, preserve your cherished recipes and their authors in this stunning collection.

The price may seem daunting, but it’s worth every penny. It’s actually a great deal for all you’ll get with it. Aside from the recipe cards (sixty 4×6 cards), page protectors (10), stickers (2 sticker sheets) and Bashful Everyday Life album, you’ll also receive the coordinating stamp set, which on its own is over $20! Great value, if I do say so myself.

Kick off National Paper crafting month with CTMH Love Letters. It comes as a kit and includes flower die cuts, rose gold accents, sturdy chipboard letter bases and letter stickers. Choose any letters you want; purchase 5 and get the 6th free! OR, join my team and it’ll be added to your consultant kit- whichever kits you choose! I think that’s great incentive for joining!

Thanks for your patience and joining me today!


CTMH Beary Christmas Mini Album Workshop

Have I shared anything using the festive Beary Christmas paper? I don’t think I have- and we’re so near Christmas! I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet!

I am planning a kids Christmas workshop that I’m holding in January. Christmas is such a busy time, I thought it would be wise to hold off on CTMH events until things slow down again. Unfortunately, waiting so long didn’t help me- some of the items I wanted to use in our workshop are sold out! Boo. So, I used some extra complements I’ve got kicking around. My plan is to let the kids go to town on what I have here, along with the Beary Christmas paper. Its the festive holly-adorned paper in the background of each of these mini layouts. I paired it with extra sheets of miscellaneous CTMH patterned papers I had kicking around. The kids will be able to use whatever else I didn’t use to complete their pages.

Tomorrow, I’ll share a Christmas card I made using Beary Christmas, and then in the next week, I’ll start sharing projects I made using this month’s sotm (A Little Bit of Pun).

Keep in mind, the sotm the month, Beary Christmas and some of the other suites I used to make these pages (Jack, for example) retire at the end of December. If you want to add them to your stash, make sure you order them before December 31! The sooner you do it, the better. Products are flying off the shelves!

CTMH Fundamentals Sale

Great news! During the month of November, receive 40% off your order when you purchase any of the Fundamentals bundles at Close to My Heart. If you don’t want the bundle, that’s ok because you’ll receive 30% off individual Fundamentals products. Bundles are made up of a Paper Packet, Complements and ribbon. “Individual” means purchasing any of those items on their own. Good deal, right?!

A couple months ago, I put together a mini album to use as a sample for an upcoming workshop I hosted. I used one of the Fundamentals bundles, and I thought sharing it would be a great way to show you how the fundamentals look when it’s in use. 

We used the Adventure Fundamentals Paper Packet, coordinating Happy Moments Complements and Adventure Ribbon pack. 

I included the prices in the pictures, so you could see how much they are while you drool over the colours and patterns. 

Below is what I created using these products. Keep in mind, the pages are 6×8 inches- much smaller than what I normally work with!

I chose the Adventure Fundamentals solely for the name- I thought it would work well to document whatever adventures happened during the summer. I also thought the kids would like the bright colours. I loved the soft watercolored patterns and the vibrant colours to match.

The next bundle I want to get is the Basics bundle! All I can say about it is pretty! It’s full of feminine patterns and just the right touch of pink to make it utterly classy. 

This is a graphic of all the bundles, but you’ll see the Basics in the top left corner. Yummy, right?! How dreamy is the cloud complement in the bottom left? That must be why dream is on it, because that’s what it is! Dreamy!

Anyway, which is your favourite? Which would you buy first? (Or are you like me and feel like you need it all?)

Visit my website to save! http://www.theeverydayscrapbooker.ctmh.ca

I’m organizing an order that I’d like to place tomorrow. Any Canadian residents that want to add to it can comment below with their requests and you’ll save an additional couple dollars on shipping just for adding to my group order! If you miss tomorrow, that’s alright. Gather a couple friends and place your order together. The same deal will apply. Saving on the Fundamentals products lasts until November 30, 2017. Don’t miss out!

CTMH Beary Christmas Album Workshop

Happy Tuesday! I’m working in high gear this week trying to get caught up and this weeks’ chores done before we head to the city again on Thursday (actually tomorrow night) for more appointments. Life is good, but so crazy these days! We have a wind warning for this afternoon, as well- I’m not looking forward to my hair being blown to smithereens. All that work this morning for nothing! Hopefully it doesn’t hit us until we’re done gymnastics tonight- at 7:30. Then it can blow all it wants. Has the wind hit your area yet?

So, my workshop last weekend was a success. All of the girls enjoyed scrapbooking and are looking forward to the next event. The wheels in the attic were turning while the girls were over, and I asked them how they felt about possibly adding to their current albums (if their parents were ok with it, of course). They thought it sounded like a good idea. I ran it past all of the parents involved, and they are game for an add-on, too.

So, introducing my newest workshop, scheduled for January 2018- Beary Christmas (Everyday Life) Album Workshop. Its for kids only, from ages 5 to 11, and its just $26 + the cost of shipping unless you invite a friend that confirms his or her attendance. Then shipping is free! (You’ll get $10 off your order). Great deal and good incentive, right?! I think so! I created this workshop with the girls that attended my last workshop in mind, but that doesn’t mean newcomers can’t participate, either! Newcomers just need to add the cost of their Everyday Life Mini Album to the total ($26). There’s three beautiful albums to choose from! Everything else is supplied. (Think tape, paper trimmer, Beary Christmas dots, coordinating cardstock and patterned paper, etc.) We’ll set aside a couple hours to get our craft on, a snack will be provided (there’s no extra cost for that!!), and I promise your kids will not want to leave. They didn’t want to leave this past weekend- in fact, one of the girls is coming over again this Saturday for an impromptu crop with the twins. Fun, right?! I might even join in the fun this time!

Want to see the materials we’ll be using to create our Christmas pages with? See below:

Next up- the extra supplies I’ll have on hand for the kids to use (no extra cost):

And, if I have newcomers to the workshop, here’s the album choices:

Choose your favourite album- you only need one! I love both the Sea Glass and Bashful albums (mint and baby pink), but the kids all seemed to love the Black and White stripes. Go figure! The Bashful album will only be available for a limited time (as is the Sea Glass, I believe), so I vote for either of them!

Thanks for joining me today! If you’re interested in signing your child up for this event, please comment below. The deadline to register is December 28, 2017. (To register, please send the workshop fee + $10 CAD for shipping to theeverydayscrapbooker@gmail.com via email transfer. The supplies will be ordered on your behalf on December 29, 2017, allowing enough time for it to ship and still get here on time!) Only available to residents of Whitecourt and/or Edmonton, Alberta.

See you again soon!

Customs, Anyone?

Hello everyone! Today is the first day in awhile that my husband actually had work! Which meant that I could finally get back to my regular routine. 

Boy, it feels good 😃

So, y’all know that I’m crazy for paper crafting. I established that fact a long time ago.

And y’all know that I am proficient in card making and layout making. Also a long established fact.

It’s also well known that everything I’ve shared- to date- is meant for my personal use.

But, did you know that I accept custom requests, as well?

Times are tough, and I’m actively looking for ways to creatively supplement our income- hence the reason I am a Close to My Heart consultant and create and sell custom requested cards and albums.

Now, I know this craft isn’t popular and in high demand like other handmade products are. Scrapbooking and papercrafting is a lost art- “snail mail” is a lost art. Needing a card for different occasions in our lives never goes out of style. We’ll always need them.

Not very many people have requested hand made items, and of the ones that did, even fewer have come back for more than one purchase. I’m OK with that. The ones that have returned, I’m incredibly thankful for and sincerely appreciate their kindness. I know there are more of you out there- the trick is finding you!

They haven’t returned not because of the poor job I’ve done, or lousy customer service. It’s solely because there’s very little interest in this type of art these days. It’s a dying breed.

If anyone wants a scrapbook or handmade card, they usually can (and do!) make it themselves. I’m looking for the people that love the way it looks, or would love to create something themselves, but don’t have a the time, know how or patience to paper craft! I know you exist, and I know you can have pretty paper-made things with very little effort. The question is, are you willing to give in?!

In turn, help support a local, home-based business.

All cards and scrapbooks are made from high quality products (mostly Close to My Heart), and are affordably priced. All the work you’ve seen here are indicative of what your finished projects will look like. Scrapbook albums can be purchased through CTMH if you don’t currently own one; if you do, kindly send it along with your printed photos, so each page can be created around the theme of each photo/group of photos.

As I alluded to above, in order for a scrapbook album to be created, I kindly ask for your pictures to be printed and sent to me (I will pick up if you’re in or around Edmonton!) along with your scrapbook album and any other mementos you’d like included in your custom scrapbook album. If you opt to purchase a scrapbook album via Close to My Heart, the price of it will be included in your total. (Albums are $100 + cost of album and shipping from CTMH).

Cards are $2 each, but can be bundled into packs (of any denomination) at a discounted price.

All prices are in Canadian currency. I will ship across Canada; shipping charges will be included. If you live in or near Edmonton, I am willing to meet you to pick up and drop off all orders! 😃

Comment here or email me at theeverydayscrapbooker@gmail.com for more information.

I hope this appeals to someone out there. If it does, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here and more than happy to help you out!

Now Available!

Hello crafty friends!

Did you know that I make greeting cards as well as layouts?

If you didn’t, you may be new to my blog. If you’re a keener and return frequently/occasionally, you may be interested to know that my greeting cards are available to purchase.

Yep, that’s right. They’re just $2 a piece,  or $7.50 CAD if you buy 5. That works out to $1.50 per card.

Sound reasonable?

Would you like to see them?  To keep you in suspense, I’ll share only a couple, but I do have a card for every occasion.




To see all the cards I have on hand, please visit my Facebook page. Some of the cards are stamped inside, as well.

Like any of the cards you see but want to make them yourself? Let’s talk- I’m open to creating kits and organizing workshops too!

Now, the items I have for sale doesn’t end with handmade cards. I also offer scrapbook albums- by commission. If you don’t have a scrapbook album, don’t worry! I can order you one through CTMH (your choice of cover), which will be included in the overall price of your completed album.

I can also order your favorite papers from CTMH, too, so that the theme, colors and embellishments remain consistent throughout.

Most, if not all of the products used to create your special album will be Close to My Heart, though my other favorite products and manufacturers may find a place in it too.

You’ve already seen a lot of my scrapbook layouts, so you’ll have a good basic idea what your scrapbook album will look like once it’s completed. All I need are your pictures.

(My printer does not print high quality photos, so I suggest printing them via your favorite store and I’ll take it from there.)

I’ll hand deliver or mail your cards or album when it’s completed. It’ll be done in a timely and efficient manner. The size of album is negotiable, too!

So, if this interests you, let’s talk! I’d love to help you out!

CTMH Live Your Life

Welcome to another Monday! My kids are under the weather today, so we’re spending the day all cozied up on the couch, watching our favorite TV shows. It’ll make a long day of boredom for mom, but at least we’re working on getting better.

(You know your go-go-go kiddos aren’t feeling well when they crash an hour before supper and sleep until an hour before bedtime. Two days in a row. And, they go to bed without a fight. Both nights.)

Today, I just wanted to remind you that this months’ special promotion ends with the closure of this week.


For only $10.50 CAD AND 56 cards total (20- 4×6′ cards and 36- 3×4′ cards), you can get the beautiful Live Your Day PML cards. Use them with your CTMH 2016 daily planner (planners gotta plan!!), or make your My Crush albums dazzle with these gorgeous journalling cards, OR…the list goes on. Use your imagination! There are many ways to use them, and none of them are wrong!

You’ll also find coordinating products such as our Everyday Life Planner, page protectors and super cute washi tape on my website. Visit http://www.theeverydayscrapbooker.ctmh.com> shop online> special promotions to see more, and to start your shopping!

Want a sneak peek at these wonderful products? Look no further! To start, our 2016 planner pages are on sale!  Regularly $18.95, purchase this product for only $9.48! That’s half price! Don’t miss out.


Our gorgeous planner album retails for $13.25. Notice the stunning gold foil design on the front cover? Not only is it beautiful, it’s strong and durable, made from dense paperboard. It’ll last a long, long time!


Keep your pages in tip top shape with our 4×3′ memory page protectors. They come in packs of 10 and retail for $7.95.


To put that perfect finishing touch on the pages inside your planner- or any project of your choosing!- add this sweet and simple printed washi tape.


Find my website- these products and so much morehere.

I’m so glad you dropped by and spend some time with me! I’ll be back again soon. Say hi, I’d love to hear from you!

CTMH Year>> Noted

I have been hanging on to CTMH’s Year>> Noted mini album and kit for quite a while. When I got it, I wasn’t quite sure what to put in it- and honestly, had nothing I wanted to out inside it. Part of me debated whether I should sell it with the rest of my CTMH stock, or keep it for future use. I wasn’t convinced there’d ever be a future use for it.
That is, until recently. After making a bunch of cards, and getting a little tired of it, the scrapbooking bug bit me hard. I had nothing to scrapbook though! What was I to do?!
Luckily, the junior kindergarten teachers decided to save all the pictures they took throughout the year onto flash drives (that each parent bought and sent to school with their child), as well as extra pictures they’d printed. They sent them home at the end of the school year this past spring. There was a decent sized pile of pictures sitting on my desk that were waiting to be scrapbooked.
Originally, my plan was to scrapbook those pictures when I reached them chronologically, but after I’d ignored the scrappy bug too long and lost the battle with patience, I decided that making another mini album to coincide with our first junior kindergarten mini album (I’ll share it with you tomorrow!) would be a good idea. (My kids were enrolled in the 3 year old jk program as well as the 4 year old jk program).
So, without further adieu, here’s the finished product!













This collection (Year>> Noted) is unfortunately retired. That includes the stamp set (C1618) that came along with the mini album.
In addition to the Year>> Noted stamp set, I also used C1592 World Traveler (also retired).
The inks I used throughout this mini album are Glacier, Chocolate, Bamboo and Hollyhock (all still available to purchase).

Heartstrings Mini Album

Hi everyone! I’m back today after spending the weekend away relaxing and catching up with dear friends. I got to scrapbook for two and a half days from sun up until sun down (and then some!) I got a few layouts done and an entire mini album- which I’ve been planning to create since my trip to Las Vegas back in November. I am going to share it with you today!












I used Heartstrings patterned papers and coordinating card stocks (as well as some white daisy card stock), and a variety of CTMH stamps (the main ones being Amour, This Moment, and Ivy Lane). The inks I used include: Whisper, Outdoor Denim, Blush, Lagoon, Crystal Blue and Hollyhock.  Heartstrings is still available- in a paper packet and coordinating embellishments, and as a card making kit. You can visit me here to order yours. It’s available only until the 31st of March! Get your order in now!
I’ll be back tomorrow with a layout (one of three) I also managed to create before the weekend ran out! Enjoy your afternoon!

Gratitude Days 42 to 53

Welcome to another weekend! Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? We are taking it easy today, but plan to head to our friends’ house tomorrow to help her celebrate her 8th birthday. We’re pretty excited, I think. I made her a birthday card- if you missed it, you can see it right here.
I’ve gotten pretty far behind in scrapbooking what I’m grateful for, so I sat down to catch up. Annnd I ran into a huge (in the heat of the moment) problem. I was recording them daily on my Facebook group page, or so I thought. When I scrolled through my posts, I could only find my last few entries! By then, I was totally freaking out! (Sometimes, Peg Plus Cat quotes are the best way to explain a predicament!) After I took time to count backwards to one from five, I realized that all was not lost- I would just pick up wherever my posts started again (without duplicating entries). I also decided that in the future, I’d scrapbook my entry first! Then- no oopsies!!
I’ve also noticed that my gratitude posts seem to be popular among my readers, so I felt it was important to keep up the momentum!
So, to catch everyone up, including me, here’s the last few pages I created:




What are you grateful for?