December Daily Day 11

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Welcome to Day 11 of my December Daily photo challenge!
We all have favorites. Be it favorite coffee mugs, songs, ways to do our hair or knick knacks, there is something- or multiple things- that are classified as favorites. Right now, I’m listening to Automatic by Miranda Lambert. It’s one of my favorite songs. I spent the early part of the day with two of my most favorite people- my daughters. I spent a bit of time in my most favorite room in the house this morning- my craft haven. (It wasn’t long enough. It never usually is). Another one of my favorite people has inspired and challenged me (unbeknownst to her) to use up the stuff in my hoard stash. So, I’m using all my favorite product to make room for more favorite product. Why keep it hidden away in color coded file folders when I can show it off in a beautifully and thoughtfully created scrapbook album?!
While I pondered today’s photo prompt, my bell wreath once again came to mind. It was a good idea, but I wanted a different subject. Then I thought of my favorite coffee mugs (there’s currently two. I added a new favorite after bringing home a High Roller souvenir coffee mug from Las Vegas). Hmm. It didn’t quite make the cut. Instead, my angel did:


It’s prim perfection. I’m all about primitive decor and am about to embark on making my home {modern} primitive. It’s my favorite “style”, if you can call home decor that.
So there you have it- this girl that scrapbooks and sells Close to My Heart scrapbooking and card making supplies, and that’s anal about her home decor coordinating with her walls also loves primitive home decor. Who knew?!
What would you classify your favorites?


December Daily Day 10

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What are your favorite wintertime activities? Here’s a small hint as to what ours is:


Our last lesson for the season is tonight. We can’t wait to start all over again in January!

December Daily Day 9

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Music! In our family, it makes our world turn. When I was pregnant with the twins, Big Green Tractor was a popular song. It played on the radio a lot- It’s a good thing I loved it! I didn’t feel much movement out of the twins when I was pregnant, until I got one solid kick to my liver. Big Green tractor was on the radio and I’m convinced A started grooving in her little cocoon when it came on. Her kick told me so. To this day, miss A still loves it. If it comes on the radio, she’ll ask that the volume be turned up. If we listen to it on our cell phone, it’s got to be played on repeat. Much like Let it Go. (Mama is the same way.) Wonder who she inherited her love of music from?!
Today’s photo prompt is music. We heard our kids sing songs and make discordant music of their own. At this age, watching them and listening to them is a treat. Miss A, for example, informed me that her fingers are actually spies. So, when they’re doing something they shouldn’t be, it’s because they’re spying on that decorative candle or the dirty dishes in the sink. Sound like your pre-schooler?


How do you make music?

December Daily Day 8

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It’s been a busy and excitable couple days around here! We drove a few hours away for a family Christmas dinner, which would also fit nicely into Day number 6 (tradition). You can read all about it here. While there, Santa left us a very special letter.


He told us that he had heard we wanted to adopt an Elf on the Shelf, and he obliged. The girls were over the moon. At least, until Glitter (aka Snowflake) joined us. She arrived this morning while the girls were at school and mommy ran errands.


After doing some brainstorming, we threw the names we thought of into a hat and drew one out. Snowflake became our new Elfs’ name!
Today’s photo prompt is tree. The only tree anywhere near us, really, is our Christmas tree. Every other tree in town and our immediate vicinity is pretty boring. There’s no fog or anything else to make the look interesting. Imaginative, right?
I hope you have better luck than me today!


December Daily Day 7

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Let it Go is a favourite song in our household- as is the movie Frozen. It is often played on repeat, over and over again, and the girls dance along to it with their ‘princes’ (a monkey lovey named George and a sock monkey that’s unnamed).
How did today’s photo prompt inspire you?

December Daily Day 6

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Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Every year, we like leaving our Christmas tree up until Ukrainian Christmas- but the actual date is up for debate in our household. We don’t really know for sure when it is, so we generally aim for take down to happen anytime after January 7.


We are starting some new traditions this year: gingerbread houses and Elf on the Shelf. Our elf hasn’t joined us just yet, but she is on her way…you’ll see pictures of her arrival early next week. (A little birdie tells me her name is Glitter). So fitting for the typical K- family princesses.
How long have your traditions been a part of your family? Do you plan to add a new one (or more) this year?

December Daily Day 5

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Do you stick to a specific color scheme in your home decor and decorating? The colors in my home- upstairs, at least! – are neutral (they also coordinate!) and when I purchase home decor items, the colors of the rooms those items will go in are (almost) always in the back of my mind.
The same is true of my Christmas decorations. Years ago, I found an adorable silver, blue and white bell wreath. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with those colors- you’ll find hints of that color scheme in my bedroom, it influenced the color scheme for my wedding, and warmly brightens up my Christmas tree. (Remember how I mentioned that the wall colors *almost* always are in the back of my mind when choosing home decor? My Christmas decorations happen to be the only element that didn’t factor in to my “home make-over” planning. I wasn’t thinking about these colors when I chose the wall color for my living room.  It kind of grates on me that they don’t coordinate! I’ve begun thinking I might need to adjust my Christmas decor accordingly!) Now you have some insight into how anal I am!
(I do have plans to one day set up another tree in my basement, with a completely different color scheme…or I’ll switch the color schemes when that day comes.  I’m planning to paint my basement a soft shade of grey, so my silver, blue and white theme will coordinate perfectly.  Another color scheme is emerging among my Christmas decorations- green, gold and cranberry. It fits MUCH better in my upstairs living room! I think it may become my go-to scheme next year! )


This isn’t the original bell wreath I bought, it’s actually another one I found a couple years ago. The only thing missing is some white bells. Instead of letting the elements tarnish it’s pretty, vivid colors, it’s hanging inside my home, rather than outside it.
What colors are your favourites, and how have you incorporated them into your own home and decor choices?

December Daily Day 4

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There’s not a whole lot that I’ve wanted to keep of my kids’ school crafts that they’ve brought home from school. I’m definitely not one of those parents that keeps everything their kids drew, wrote or licked because they’re wonderful mementos. Does that make me a bad parent? I’ve been very selective about what I keep. Some of those items needed to be thrown out over time (sadly nowhere near as long as I’d hoped). Today, they brought home a project I’m excited and proud to announce will get SCRAPBOOKED- and probably soon. THIS is something I don’t want to lose- I want to show them off!


Foam picture frames! There’s no magnets glued to the backs, so the only way they’ll work as frames is in an album! (I won’t stick them directly to my fridge either- I think they’re the sticker type foam). Didn’t they do a great job of their frames? They made their mama proud!!
Today’s December Daily photo prompt is BOUGH. I’m loving the submissions but I’d love to see more! Where you ask? Post your submissions here in the comments, or directly to my Facebook page. Here’s mine for today:


And, just to prepare you (or forewarn you, however you like looking at it), I’ve got tomorrow’s prompt too: COLORS.

Get your thinking caps on and put your eagle eyes in and look for opportunities in your day for COLORS! The wheels in my old brain are already turning, actually. Each day, I’ve been thinking and planning ahead. You too?

December Daily Day Two!

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I have to admit, I was a bit stumped over today’s photo prompt. Christmas movies aren’t really going to start airing on TV just yet, so using one of them for today’s photo prompt was out of the question. And then I thought of Frozen. My plan was to snap a picture of the DVD case after finishing up my grocery shopping this morning. My plan didn’t quite work out- how I’d planned. It worked out way better than I could have imagined!


(Number one- it fulfills today’s photo prompt; number two- my girls’ birthday is coming up; number three- I’m totally ordering this for their birthday!)
Serendipity? I think so.
I’ve realized that today’s photo prompt is a bit vague and ambiguous, so use your creativity and imagination! I had intended the main theme to be Christmasy in nature. But then I thought, ‘why does it have to be?’ On your days off (think Christmas day, Boxing Day or any other days you take off around Christmas) what movies would you pop in and veg out in front of? Frozen would definitely be on that list in our family, probably at the very top. Next would be Cars or Airplanes. The girls ask often to hear Let it Go (saved in a music file on my cell phone). At first, I thought we’d escaped the Frozen frenzy, but apparently we’re a little slow to catch on.
How does today’s photo prompt inspire you? Share with us what you come up with. You never know who you’ll inspire!

December Daily Day One!

Welcome to our first day of December Daily fun! Here’s my first picture-


Are you going to play along? For more information, scroll on down to the next post. You’ll find everything you need to get started there!
I thought I’d share the photo prompts here for the entire month, so you can bounce back and forth as you please.


As you complete each daily photo prompt, I’d LOVE for you to drop in and share the pictures you took. Ice had some responses on my Facebook page already, and each submission has made me smile. Keep them coming! I’d also love to see your finished layouts or completed mini albums when you’re done!