Sneak Peek Open House

Happy hump day! I may or may not be counting down the days to Christmas break. Why? I can then sleep in! I feel like I need to catch up on my zees. 😴 Anyone else?

I have a new event to tell you about today.

Join me on Friday, January 12 from 4-5:30 MST for a Sneak Peek seasonal expressions 1 open house. I’ll have my artwork on display using all (actually most) of the new paper collections and embellishments, there will be a make and take station, catalogs to browse through (and to bring home) and the first 5 people through the door will get a prize.

It’ll be held at the Whitecourt library. Don’t miss out!

Here’s the make and take project:

valentines will be a month afterwards, I thought I'd give you something festive to create. If this card looks familiar to you, it's because I based it on the birthday card I shared with you earlier this week. Find it here.

(I liked this card so much, you may find it in my next card buffet, whenever that will be). 😉

I hope to see you there! Spread the word- the more that know about this, the better!


Genuine Call to Action

I’m not one to get in your face and be pushy.  I like to think I’m fairly laid back and happy-go-lucky-and-go-with-the-flow type of girl.
As I lay in bed thinking about things, and saving my business, I decided that to keep what I want, I need to FIGHT for it. It’s time I take action, and ignore the voice of uncertainty nagging at the back of my mind, and be assertive. I can’t- I won’t- wave my white flag before I honestly and legitimately fight and hopefully surpass this obstacle. If it doesn’t work out, even though I gave it my all, I can honestly say I gave it a fair, fighting chance.
There is a solution to prevent my business from going under. It’s a simple solution, too. I started selling Close to my Heart because 1) I’m passionate about scrapbooking. (Shocker, I know). It’s been a natural progression since that day in Camrose that I decided I was going to get serious about this hobby. My boyfriend (now husband) and I had “gone steady”, and I wanted to capture our life and memories and preserve them. I’ve consistently scrapbooked since then. My love for it has grown exponentially since then, too. It’s completely safe to say I live my hobby. It’s become so much a part of me, it’s like the hair on my head or the white on my skin.  2) Since creating handmade items for sale didn’t work out, selling supplies to those that love this hobby (and umbrella concept crafting) as much as me was the next best thing. The only local scrapbook store we had in our area closed their doors a couple years ago. Even having a store here told me there is a market here for crafters and paper crafters. In addition, there is only one other CTMH rep in this area. There should be lots of opportunity! Where is everyone?! 3) The product is beautiful,  good quality and really nice to work with. I love the diversity in products offered, richness and vibrance of the colors and patterns in the inks and papers, and incentives available to all consultants. We are very much treated like family. I feel, much like our founder, Jeanette Lynton, that this hobby and this company- like its name states- has become 4) Close to my Heart.
My solution is to pull people out of the woodwork and encourage them to visit my website and start placing orders. It can be as little or as much as you want. Every little bit counts. I’m forcing myself to be assertive and ask people to help me out and buy! Meeting my monthly requirements is actually relatively low. If four people ordered $25 worth of product every month, I’d remain active! Do you feel you can afford that? There’s also home gathering (aka party) options available, too. You can earn free product in hostess rewards if you host a party. A ‘party’ could also look like a workshop. Get 5 or 6 girlfriends together and commit to 5 or 6 monthly workshops. Each month, there’ll be a new hostess. There’s lots of options available!
What I’m trying to say is help me out by getting your shop on! You can make a $10 order or a $150 order. There are incentives if you spend a certain amount of money, such as the Stamp of the Month when an order of $50 or more is placed. Take a look at your budget, and determine what you can spend per month, if anything. That’s not to say I won’t order at all, or never. I will place orders as I can and as I need and when i can afford to. I’m asking people to share the cost with me. That’s not too much to ask, I hope! Is it fair? I think so!
Visit my website here to start shopping and visit my Facebook page to see what stock I have on hand. Please, please help me out, and please spread the word! We have something for everyone!

Lollydoodle Card Tutorial

I thought I’d share with you- step by step- the card we made at my Open House on Saturday. If you don’t have the products I mention/use, no fear! Use what you have on hand, or if you MUST have what you see in the pictures (because you can’t live without it, naturally), don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can hook you up! Oh- also, if you’re not a paper crafter and have no desire to pick it up, but DO like the card a lot, I have 5 on hand that are available for purchase.

To start, the paper I used is from the Lolly doodle collection. I love the floral look and feel to the patterned paper- and I love that the B & T duos perform double duty. Since the paper is double-sided, I utilized both sides of the paper on this project. (B & T duos is CTMH’s definition of double sided paper).

You will need:
-paper trimmer
-border punch
-patterned paper, 12×12 sheet
-cardstock, 12×12 sheet
-acrylic or wood mounted stamps

First, trim your 12×12 sheet of card stock to a 6×12 sheet. Fold in half to make a 6×6 card. Fold becomes the top of the card.

Secondly, measure and trim 2 inches off the bottom front of the card.


You’ll use the discarded piece to punch a border then re-attach to the front, bottom inside, leaving a quarter-inch scalloped border along the bottom. (Refer to picture below).


Cut your 12×12 patterned paper into a 6×6 square. Adhere on the inside of the card, so the desired pattern faces out.


Trim 0.5, 1 and 1.5 inch wide strips from coordinating patterned paper (or the same patterned paper you chose to adhere inside the card). Adhere 0.5 inch strip to the bottom front of card, just above the scalloped border.

Adhere the 1 inch strip to the center of the larger strip, then adhere 1/4 inch from the top front of the card.


Stamp sentiment/image above bottom border and add rhinestones to embellish.


Don’t forget- if you like this card and want to re-create it using the products I did, please contact me. You can also find this particular pattern- and many others- in the Close To My Heart Originals inspiration book by Jeanette R. Lynton (also the founder of Close to My Heart)!

These cards are also available for sale- $5.50 each or $25 for the set of 5.