Becoming a CTMH Consultant

I was asked yesterday if I am a CTMH rep. I am, and the conversation turned to becoming a consultant. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share more about becoming a consultant today.

It’s really easy to sign up. It’s also a lot of fun. If you’re passionate about paper crafting and you’re looking for a way to share it with the community at large, this is the perfect solution. It’s also a great way to earn a little extra cash, either for spending money to support your habit, or to help make ends meet. I get to do what I love daily, and share it with the world at the same time. Do you want the same?

Joining the CTMH family is a good idea any time. When you sign up, you’ll receive all the materials you need to start strong.

In addition to the fabulous items you see in the picture above, your upline is there to guide, encourage and support you, and there is a vast listening library found on your website dashboard to help you along the way. The entire CTMH community is vital to your business- there are a TON of groups on fb to inspire, help you and possibly even buy extra supplies off your hands. Wink, wink. Just saying.

What’s an upline? They are your support system and guidance counsellor. They’ll help you and answer any and all questions you’ve got. Even ones you hadn’t thought of.

Why be a consultant?

– share what you love using quality, beautifully designed products that speak for themselves

– earn 22% commission (and more as you add to your team) and “CTMH” cash to spend on your favourite products

– travel! Earn incentive trips and learn how to transform your business by going to the yearly convention

– earn Straight to the Top incentives and recognition for your hard work by placing qualifying orders in your first three months

– Qualifying orders of $150 or more gives you even more fantastic gifts! Those are called Hostess Rewards

– Get all this and more for only $95.

If you’re in Canada, message me. I’d love to chat more about joining our fantastic team. If you live outside of Canada (in the USA or Australia and New Zealand) find a consultant near you. They’d love to talk with you about this opportunity, as well!


CTMH Stronger Together

I took time to scrapbook today, so this post is coming at you later than usual. 

I have some exciting news to share with you! 

CTMH has just released a special stamp- of which all proceeds from sales goes to the Red Cross. This stamp was created with all the victims of the recent natural disasters both here in Canada 🇨🇦 and in the United States 🇺🇸, though it will apply to any disaster that occurs, no matter where they occur. 

We are STRONGER TOGETHER when we STAND TOGETHER. Purchase this stamp set for $17.25 CAD and support a worthwhile cause. 

Message me to reserve yours- I’m currently organizing a CTMH order- or head straight to my website to shop or find a consultant nearest you.

The Real Reason For Make it Monday

We’ve finally made it. 

While other kids started yesterday, others last week, and still others at various intervals throughout the rest of August, my kids are going back to school today.  

*Cue a sigh of relief.  

I’m not sure what my day holds yet- my husband is home but is gearing up to leave town again for the next 3 days (so he says…I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be longer), and the rains are coming. We had severe thunderstorms roll through Tuesday overnight and more is forecasted for today. 

We will return to walking- as long as the weather holds until later in the morning. Freddie and I (my white, four legged fur baby) need to get back to our morning walks. He’s going through withdrawals similar to my scrappy withdrawals. 

This year, our walk will be longer than last year (and I thought the walk was long then, lol). The twins’ entrance is on the furthest side of the school from our house. It’ll be great exercise- for all four of us! I think after I drop them off, I’ll take the “long” way home again, instead of going the easiest, most efficient way. At least, until the weather becomes unbearably cold. Then, I’m heading to the gym.

(I had intended to share a layout today, but it appears the universe had other plans!)

Why do I mention all this talk about walking and exercise? Well, for the same reason I started sharing Make it Monday- for inspiration. I had wild success sharing what I’m about to share with you to my Instagram- people found it profoundly inspiring and encouraging, so maybe the same would happen here? It’s worth a try.

If anything, it’ll be a good reminder for me, and source of encouragement. It all began with the strain of our economy and finding ways to save money. But, at that point, what I had to do was just in my head, and hadn’t been put into action, yet. Mostly because I was lazy and comfortable- I’ve always struggled with motivation and self-restraint. I have very little will-power. Can anyone relate?

In the midst of trying to sort out some health problems my husband was (and still is) battling, my husband was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. As a result, his doctor wanted him to take some health classes at our local hospital. He asked that I go along with him. I obliged. 

I never thought what the dietician would say would have such a profound impact on me. I took her words- and advice- to heart. I made two small changes, and the result has been incredible. 

The changes? I cut pop from my diet, though I do indulge in the occasional one every so often. The difference is I don’t drink them like my life depends on it anymore. In addition to cutting that sugar out of my diet, I began walking. 

I began walking to 1) save money by burning less gas through driving and 2) to help my body turn the fatty and sugary foods I was still eating into energy instead if letting it be stored as fat instead. 

By March of this year (I began making these changes late last year), people began asking me if I was losing weight. By April, my clothes- especially my jeans and a skort I own- started becoming looser. 

*Note: undies included! I used to tease my babies about having “droopy drawers”- now I do! Lol

I also started recording my weight. By the beginning of this August, my father in law told me I was “wasting away”. (My jeans are absolutely annoying to wear, now. I really want to go shopping for new clothes, but I’m scared to. I don’t want to jinx myself.)

When I began, my goal wasn’t to lose weight. I only wanted to become a little more healthy, in an effort to cut the chances of developing serious health problems- and worse. We’ve experienced losing enough close friends to unexpected deaths for various reasons, I didn’t want to be another statistic. Losing weight was (and is) an added bonus. I am trying to teach my girls to be healthy- what we weigh shouldn’t matter, as long as our bodies are healthy. That means keeping everything in balance. Eat your sweets, but get your feet moving to facilitate your body’s job of absorbing and breaking down the food you eat. I hope that I can live by example for them, and I hope that’s enough to foster a positive body image for them. I hope the same for my husband, too.

Even though I am making a big deal about losing weight here on my blog, we don’t make a big deal about our weight or what each of us looks like in real life. Our main thing is eating fresh and moving our bodies. We all come in different sizes and shapes; it’s what makes us unique and beautiful. I will never have a flat tummy or a space between my thighs. That’s ok. As long as I’m healthy. My daughters may not either, but they’re still beautiful. They should never feel ashamed of how they are built or look.

I was overweight when I began this journey. I don’t know what I weighed at the beginning- I avoided the scale like the plague. We also did not own a scale, so ignoring the obvious was easy. I think I weighed around the 200 pound mark. When I began recording my weight, I honestly thought I’d lost 15 pounds. Maybe. When we were at the hospital for healrh class, or to meet the dietician, i woukd use hwr scale to record my weight. I was elated to find I had begun losing weight. 

Until recently, I  didn’t think I’d lost as much as I have. When I finally took a before/during picture, I was astonished to see I’d lost closer to 30 pounds. My husband was astonished to see the change, too. I like how he looks at me now. It’s flattering and insanely encouraging. 

Since the picture on the right was taken, I’ve lost one more pound. I’ve added eating more fresh fruit and veggies into my diet since my journey began, as well. Which is why I began sharing recipes with you. I am still the girl with no will power and a sweet tooth that’s larger than she is, so youll sometimes see comfort food, unhealthy recipes. But, I’ll also share better for you recipes, so when I find ones that are quick and simple to make and are super tasty, I have to share!

So, where am I going with this? I’m not really sure anymore. Lol. If you’ve had a little thought in the back of your brain that’s urging you to make a change, do it. Your future self will thank you for it, and your body will thank you for it. Not to mention your family. The last thing they need is a life without you. (And who wouldn’t like being oogled by their husbands?!)

One important thing to remember is to start small- choose just one thing to change. Keep on it until you master it. Then add something else. Once that’s habit, add something else. Don’t overwhelm yourself by cutting everything “cold turkey” and set yourself up for failure. I think that was the key to my own personal success. I set myself up for success for once. It’s easier than you think!

Need more proof?

(My first skinny girl outfit). And, for the record, I’ve wanted a form fitting denim jacket for eons. I scored one yesterday at Reitmans. Head to your local Reitmans to get your own.

I’m not done yet. I will keep making changes, and I want to lose more weight. For instance, with my newfound love for smoothies, I’ve unintentionally cut my bread intake in half, probably more. It’s another change that I unintentionally made by deciding to eat more of something else. My goal is to lose 29 more pounds by next August. (It was 30, but I’ve lost another pound since setting my goal and making a plan to achieve it). If I don’t lose as much as I want? I’ve already surpassed my expectations with where I’m at now. I’ll be satisfied with wherever I end up. The point is making my body healthy, not looking like a model. 

Anyone want to join me on my journey? Do you have a weightloss/get healthy story you’d like to share?

At Peace

Hello friends!

Well, the phone call I’d been waiting for finally came late Monday afternoon. My Oma passed away peacefully at 4 pm.

I still haven’t heard from my mom, but I imagine I’ll get the details I’m waiting on soon enough.

I’m certain my Oma visited briefly this afternoon. I heard a grandfather clock chime and I wasn’t at home. (Grandfather clocks and my Oma were synonymous, in my mind. Also iced tea and lemon cake. Mmm.)

I’m not sad, really. Oh, I should say grieving. Of course I’m sad she’s no longer here. I’m at peace with the entire situation. I’m glad she’s no longer in pain and no longer anxious. I could see it still in her last days. Her movements and certain mannerisms seemed to indicate she was struggling with something.

I’m just so relieved she’s in a better place. That struggle is finally over. She’s now reunited with her sisters- along with Opa, uncle Rudy and the aunt/uncle I never met (that died in infancy). Her quick wit and feisty spirit will be sorely missed here, but celebrated over in heaven.

Rest easy, Oma. Our loss is heavens gain.

Till we meet again.



The future is now. I finally understand.


Family Shenanigans

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Easter- what did you do? We spent the weekend with my family in Edmonton. Here’s a peek at some of our shenanigans!










I’ve also been working on a secret, and keeping the details hidden is a true test of endurance for me! I’m bursting to tell you, but since I can’t, here’s a teaser:


Gratitude Days 42 to 53

Welcome to another weekend! Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? We are taking it easy today, but plan to head to our friends’ house tomorrow to help her celebrate her 8th birthday. We’re pretty excited, I think. I made her a birthday card- if you missed it, you can see it right here.
I’ve gotten pretty far behind in scrapbooking what I’m grateful for, so I sat down to catch up. Annnd I ran into a huge (in the heat of the moment) problem. I was recording them daily on my Facebook group page, or so I thought. When I scrolled through my posts, I could only find my last few entries! By then, I was totally freaking out! (Sometimes, Peg Plus Cat quotes are the best way to explain a predicament!) After I took time to count backwards to one from five, I realized that all was not lost- I would just pick up wherever my posts started again (without duplicating entries). I also decided that in the future, I’d scrapbook my entry first! Then- no oopsies!!
I’ve also noticed that my gratitude posts seem to be popular among my readers, so I felt it was important to keep up the momentum!
So, to catch everyone up, including me, here’s the last few pages I created:




What are you grateful for?

Gratitude Days 37 to 41

Valentines is nearly here! Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing ideas for the love in your life. I’m planning to keep our plans fairly tame- I bought my husband salted peanuts (his favourite nuts), a gift card to his fave manly man store and I’ll cook his fave supper! What are your plans?
I have week 7 or days 37 to 41 of my gratitude journal completed and I want to share it with you today!


I’ve cut down on how many items I fit on the page, just so it isn’t overwhelming- like this:


Ahh! Where do you look?! It’s assaulting your senses, isn’t it? It does mine every time I look at it…I actually kind of avoid looking at it. For realz. I love making art, but that’s a bit much. For me. What I’m doing now feels better. Like, I’m still able to breathe while looking at the picture above. It might still be a lot to process and take in, but at least it’s manageable!
Having said that, my gratitude “weeks” are only four to 5 items long. So, they shall now be known as “days” rather than weeks, because at this rate, I’ll wind up with more than 52 weeks this year! And, that’ll just confuse me, and you in turn. Work in progress, right? That’s what I keep telling myself, anyways.
Did you know…your elf on the shelf (if you partake in that tradition) likes celebrating birthdays! Join me later this week (or weekend) to learn more!!

An Exercise in Positivity

It was a great day for exercising my one little word, positivity, yesterday. We had growing concerns that our kitty was diabetic- or, at the very least, something was amiss. He peed a number of times around the house; I caught him in the act once, and he filled his litter unreasonably fast on a regular basis. I shouldn’t have to completely empty and refill it after two mere days.
My husband brought kitty to the vet on Monday, and the vet quickly ruled out diabetes. Fewf. But then what could it be? Drinking more water, because we’re cutting back on how much he eats, and so there’s a higher volume of output?
It turns out, in kitty’s old age, his renal function has become unsatisfactory. It’s slowly failing. Luckily, we caught it early, and can give him medication to help improve his quality of life. It’ll mean a total diet change, as well. Not only have we cut back on his consumption, he also needs to eat food thats low in protein. The good news is that he could have a few more years for us to pester and annoy love and enjoy him. Here’s hoping!

As promised on Monday, here’s a small tutorial using the water droplet technique- it’s really easy and fun! First, gather the materials you’ll need: card stock, acrylic stamping block, ink(s), stamp spritzer or spray bottle, scrubbing pad (for cleaning stamping block), stamps.


In the first step, fill your acrylic stamping block with ink. If you’re using multiple colors, like I’ve done, start with the lightest first, then move to the darkest.


Once the surface is covered in ink, give it a quick spray with your stamp cleaner (spritzer) or spray bottle. Ensure your spray bottle nozzle is set to a fine mist. (In the picture below, my stamp block has just been sprayed with my stamp cleaner.)


Stamp onto your card stock like a regular stamp! Stamp in any pattern you like, using as many or as little colors as you please; repeat steps 1 to 3 for every successive color (with cleaning in between).


Set aside to dry. Once your ink and card stock is dry, you’re ready to stamp on top, if you so desire. Choose a complimentary ink, or stick with an ink you just used. Fill stamp as usual and stamp away, in any pattern you choose. I chose something that reflects my one little word and theme for 2015: positive. The adjective that particularly caught my eye was grateful. This will be going into my gratitude journal next week!



(For a little extra oomph, ink your stamp in multiple colors for an ombre look, like I did here!)
And, to sign off, I’ll leave you with last weeks’ gratitude journal entries:


Creating Meaning and Purpose- on Purpose!



The events that occurred in the past recent months has affected me in a deep and fundamental way. Realizing how detrimental and destructive my personal thought life was, and futile, I was brought to my knees. It was incredibly negative and wasn’t helping anyone, least of all me.
At the time, a lot of people were talking about their one little word– the word they focus on through the year, in an attempt to shape it and mold it around personal improvement and self betterment, creating meaning in their lives, giving them purpose. It came up in my blog feeds and across various Facebook posts. The idea of it spoke to me. It all began with one simple post by Canadian Scrapbooker. I’m fairly certain even they didn’t know what a profound influence it would have on their fans- this one in particular. 
I was reminded again today, of my own journey to self betterment and making my life meaningful and purposeful- beginning with positivity. A blog I’ve started to follow within the last day, has chosen positivity as her one little word, too. In one little blog post, I was reaffirmed in my decision to do this and encouraged to keep going. Because,


I haven’t been posting the last few weeks of my gratitude journal here, and I have no reasonable explanation why. I am sharing it to my Facebook page, as well as my account, but not here.  I’m missing out on a chance to encourage you and the rest of the world wide Web at large. How dare I?! Fail.
But, not really. I’m succeeding because I’m learning in between all the bumps and hiccups, and they’re bound to happen. It’s like a law of nature, right? So, to catch you up to speed, here’s the last few weeks of what I’m grateful for:

Week 1:


Week 2:


Week 3:


Week 4:


I included the page for week 5 as well, because looking forward is positive, too. I have a lot to look forward to this year!
In addition to creating my Gratitude Journal, I created a new board on my Pinterest to inspire me and keep me encouraged if I’m feeling discouraged and down. Right now, it’s just got positive quotes in it, but it may eventually include anything that’s positive- images, quotes, links and otherwise! Find it Here.
What’s encouraging to you?