CTMH Adventure Cut Above Kit

Hello friends, welcome to Thursday. How is your day treating you so far? I hope its a good one for you! Its survival mode day for me, meaning I headed out for a walk, got home and bawled my eyes out (this year has been so tough…grieving hasn’t terminated yet. Actually, it never will. But, I’ll eventually learn to deal with it.) Then I got up, purged my daughters’ bedrooms (throwing out two garbage bags full of trash. Yeah, I know. The best part? I only cleaned up their dressers and night stands. My children are like their father- they have to keep every.single.thing. I’m a purger. I always have been. I don’t get the need to keep everything! My kids cry when I suggest donating toys they don’t play with and clothes they never wear. My husband gets downright mad at me for trying to  sell things we rarely use and haven’t looked at in the 6 years we’ve lived in this house. The struggle is real, folks! Are you in the same predicament? How do you deal with it?

Now, I’m binging on food and sitting in front of my computer attempting to type out a blog post. I hadn’t intended to start out my blog post that way, but there it is. No point in hiding behind my emotions. Its part of being human. And, part of grieving I suppose, too.  (My children are going to be doing their own version of grieving when they get home from school and see what all I’ve thrown out.) I’m not sure I’m looking forward to it. I hope they don’t notice everything that’s gone.

I thought I’d share a layout I created using the new Adventure Cut Above Layout kit. You’ll find this fun kit in the new Annual Inspirations catalog. If you’ve never used this kit before, and have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re going to like what I have to share with you.

The idea behind this kit (and the card kits that come in the same line- Cut Above)- is ease of creating and simplicity. Images are included in the kit showing you what the traditional layouts and pocket style layouts could look like when you’re done creating. (I tend to follow what the pictures depict. I’ve always been a rule follower. When I bake, I need a recipe. When I scrapbook, I need a template to follow. If I don’t have it, I’m totally lost and draw a blank. I can’t move on until I’ve been given direction.) The card kits and layout kits are super simple to put together. All the materials you need to create either project is included in the kit. They’re also pre-cut so there’s no fussing and guessing what size icons and elements should be. They are also a breeze to assemble- the cards and layouts themselves will literally take you no longer than 10 minutes from start to finish. So, if you’re into speed scrapbooking, for any reason, this is the route to take!

All the kits come in different themes- there’s baby boy and baby girl ones, Adventure (as in travel), like the one I played with, and more. Head over to my website to have a look! Which is your favorite?

The best part about these kits?! They’re affordable AND there’s always odds and ends left over for other projects! How cool is that? Pick one of these bad boys up for just $19.00 CAD. (The card kits are typically $9.00 CAD, not including the cost of shipping).

Above is how the kit looks when it arrives on your doorstep. Below is how it could look after you’ve played with it some!

I like to combine a traditional layout with a pocket style layout when I play with these kits. The only struggle I have with the pocket style pages is that I have to fill the backside of the page protector with pictures of the same orientation as the front side (Side A). Often, the pictures that follow the first ones aren’t the same orientation! I don’t have a picture of it, but in this particular case, I got smart, and just filled the flip side (Side B) with journaling cards, and moved on to whatever I wanted to scrapbook next. It bothers me that I couldn’t utilize that space the way I wanted, but I’m relieved it isn’t wasted space. There’s my silver lining!

Thanks for joining me today! I’ll be back again soon to share a sneak of the Holiday Expressions catalog (which happily arrived on my doorstep yesterday) and a special project I’ve been working on!


…And So Began…

Good morning! I realized yesterday, that I’m drowning in a sea of unposted projects- layouts, cards and special requests, so I’m going to bulk up on the projects until I’m caught up!
So, to start off, I’ll share a card, personal layout- for my own album and a special request double page spread. I hope you enjoy!




In order, starting with my first layout, I used a brown, blue and red color scheme, which are the colors found in the pictures themselves. The paper clip I used, which  grouped together like pictures before they were scrapbooked, found a home on this layout too! Since it was still a “school” themed/grad layout, I thought it worked. The diploma embellishment has been in my stash for eons! I finally made use for it!
I made the card, which is in the next picture, for my husband’s aunt, who’s celebrating her birthday in late August. She lives in SK, so I wanted it finished early so I wouldn’t forget to make one!
Lastly, my personal layout, which is the third picture, began with the song Water, by Brad Paisley. It quickly turned into a group of lyrics to help describe my daughters’ affinity for water. I also just bought my first set of gelatos, and I tried them out on this layout!
Each project here was inspired by a sketch or card layout, and can be found on my Pinterest @TheEverydayScrapbooker
See you again tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by!

School Pictures Layout

Hello! I have another double page spread to share- and I better hurry through the rest of the spreads I made previously (special requesrs), because another special request has come in, and I’ve already started working on it! Eep!


I used one of CTMH’s Cricut bundle stamp sets on this spread, and stuck with a pink, blue and red color scheme. I thought the stamp set worked well to highlight the school pictures my client had sent along!
Join me tomorrow for more layout goodness.  Hope to see you then!

Silver Lining

Good morning!

….and, it starts. We are just two mere days into the new school year, and one of my littles is already sick. So is my husband, for that matter. They both have colds. I got next to no sleep last night, and I feel pretty grouchy this morning. Deep down, I’m less than happy that we had to be up every hour over night. I really like my sleep! But, I’m sad for my girl that the flu season has already knocked her down. I made her chamomile tea this morning, with some honey to sweeten it, because I promised her overnight that it would make her throat feel better. I also just decided to sleep with her, in her bed, since she kept coming to my room so often. Unfortunately, that was finally at 5 this morning. On the bright side, school didn’t start until 10 this morning. I don’t know why, and after a night like last nights, I’m thankful it was an hour later than it should have been. There’s always a silver lining, isn’t there? I sense an afternoon nap in our near future!

I do have a few more layouts to share with you! That’s good news! On a spur, I decided to create some title pages for each grade level (elementary, junior high, high school, and maybe a college or pre-school one, too). There are also pockets on those pages, adding even more storage than there already is within this album. I realized I’d still have a few pages left over, once all the grades are covered, so it made sense to me to add a few ‘title page’ pages to eat those extra pages up.

10695399_10152235345221548_13212789_n 10668628_10152235350466548_610427626_n 10704784_10152235354436548_1063001424_n 10695164_10152235358436548_83606316_n


I received an update on our nephew R. The tumor that’s growing is on his stomach, and his doctor figures it will be easy to remove- and without any serious complications or (heaven forbid) more bad news. A small portion of his stomach will be removed too, but other than that, R will make a full recovery. Instead of chemotherapy, he’ll take chemo via pills. I’m not sure if it affects a persons’ body the same way therapy does. Does anyone know? Maybe I’ll google it…Also, the tumor we thought was growing in his pancreas, was actually incorrect information. There is no other tumor. Thank goodness! So, in 6 weeks, after R has recovered from his knee surgery, he’ll go for a second procedure, to remove the malignant tumor. Hopefully we still have good news then!

Lastly, today is the day. I’ve never forgotten it. Have you? What were you doing? I was in college at the time, and I was getting ready for class. I had the radio on as I was doing my hair, and I heard it there. Later in the day, I watched footage of it while I worked in the dining hall on campus. It was surreal, but I was sickened. Never forget ❤


Ms. Innocent

Hello friends! I have a story to share with you, that will sort of help shed a bit of light for you on the type of person that I am. In a small way, it’ll help you to learn what type of person that I am. You already know I’m a scrapbooker and own a small business making and selling cards, scrapbooks and party decor. I am also the mother of two small girls- twins- that are my absolute pride and joy (even if they know how to push my buttons and annoy me on a daily basis). You also know that I enjoy writing, which is why I keep a blog! But, did you know that I’m a sweet, innocent, sheltered and quiet woman? I mentioned that to a friend once, and she responded, ‘Innocent? Yeah, right.’ Yeah, its true. I’m not totally as innocent as I once was, but there’s still a lot of innocence and naivety left in me. I was reminded of it late yesterday afternoon, when I accompanied my husband to his buddy’s place. We weren’t there long, when his buddies showed up. They are young, and wild, and do a lot of things that I’ve never dreamed of doing. And, I couldn’t help but feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Crowds are hard for me at the best of times, as I feel like I can open up better and have less to worry about when I’m in a smaller, one on one setting. Thank goodness we weren’t there for long! Its been an incredibly long time since I felt that way, though. It brought a lot of childhood memories and feelings flooding back, which when I look at it now, isn’t all that pleasant. I didn’t like feeling so awkward then, and I don’t like it now. Thank goodness I’m past that youthful stage!

I have lots to share with you today- three cards and a layout. If time weren’t pressing, like it is right now, I would share with you the supplies and techniques I used on the cards I created. For now, that will have to wait until tomorrow’s post. In the mean time, enjoy!

10656184_10152226923781548_1201602928_n 10660461_10152228781896548_1041666173_n 10613825_10152228776761548_700534321_n 10668280_10152228768301548_163592160_n


Wedding Card

Wow, Tuesday already! While the kids are absorbed in Chuggington,  I’ll pound this blog post out, then wake hubs up-  who came home from work with an infection in his leg and feeling poorly. He’s seeing his doctor at 1 this afternoon. Wish him luck!
In addition to two more layouts to share with you, I also have a card I made for my sister in laws upcoming wedding.




The supplies I used making the card:

CTMH Exclusive Inks (Hollyhock,  Saddle, Goldrush)
– CTMH My Acrylix stamps (Sweet and Lovely, Give a Lift, chickenwire–in my ignorance when I bought my first stamps, I threw out the packaging,  so I can’t remember what the stamp set is called!)
– CTMH washi tape
– Recollections card stock (goldenrod, chocolate)
– SU card stock (pink)
– flowers
– adhesive
– pop dots
I browsed through our 2013-2014 catalog and idea book for a card to make my sister in law. This is what I came up with!

Mojo Monday #4

Whoo,  welcome to another Monday! Things are going to be crazy around here as I prepare to send us to Saskatchewan for a few days next weekend. That includes tidying and cleaning the house so that I can enjoy it in a tidy state for a few days AFTER our trip,  since the twinlets will be visiting their grandparents before school starts. We’re nearly there (school, that is). Anyone else living by that mantra these days?
Today’s Mojo Monday is inspired by the new scrapbook album (custom ordered) that I’m happily working on. Here’s what I’ve completed so far:



It’s a 12×12 inch scrapbook album that has lots of room for extra storage by way of a large pocket that can be found on every page. There’ll be a few pages left at the back of the album that will be dedicated to extra pictures or special documents (diploma, maybe, for example).
Our challenge this week? See the small border with the grade stamped on it? Make your own border or background using stamps only!
I’ll be back tomorrow with our Toone Tuesday deals and hopefully another layout!

Day of Halves

I’m just dropping in quick this morning to share a few projects I made yesterday. We are having a “half birthday” play date for the girls today. I use that term very loosely- it isn’t a party in the traditional sense, just an excuse to get the girls friends together and have some wet, splashy fun in their pool, since we can’t do it during their real birthday, in February. I feel bad they didn’t have a birthday party last February, so today I’m making up for it. (August 22 is actually their half birthday). Hopefully the weather holds up! They’re for casting thunderstorms today, so we shall see…


Here’s another page in my mini album- I’m just over half way done!  (Oh–apparently we have a theme today- halves!) I have a few more pictures printed out so I can just start sticking things together when I get the chance to sit and play again.


I think I’m in love with this sweet card. It’s tiny, just 3×3, but it’s perfect for sending a quick note or bit of sunshine your friends’ way. Using up scraps on this card makes it even sweeter!


– CTMH Balloon Ride patterned paper
– CTMH Complements
– CTMH Exclusive inks in Sky and Chocolate
– CTMH stamps (Give a Lift and Delicate Wing)
– Recollections card stock (navy and sky)
– pop dots
– adhesive
– rhinestones
Don’t forget,  you can purchase any of the cards I post here or on my business page (I’ve also re-opened my Etsy store!); if they are already spoken for, or you want something specific, I can make something else. Or, purchase the supplies for the card above, and create your own! I am an independent Close to My Heart consultant, so I can help you with any questions or purchases you’re interested in making!
And, for those enquiring minds, here’s my Etsy shop link:
The upcoming week is going to be CUH-RAZY!! There’s an event here in White court on Wednesday- Arts in the Park- and you’ll be able to find me there!  It’s from 5 p.m to 8:30, with a movie to follow at 9:30. If you’re in the area, you should drop by! Thursday I’ll be off for four days, for a conference and scrapbook crop; you most likely won’t hear from me between Thursday and Monday, but I WILL have lots to share with you! Come Thursday (the 28th), we’re outta here again- this time headed to Indian Head, SK for the long weekend. It’s our last week of “vacation” before school starts on the 8th of September. Wish us luck- we’re bringing the twins, and I’m worried that all 800 or 1000 kms is going to be stressful to the max! (But really, it’s going to be a great trip, right?)

Give a Lift- Thank You

After creating another page for my school chipboard mini, I felt inspired to make another card that is made solely (well, mostly) from Close to My Heart product. I made a deal with my girls this afternoon that allowed me to actually scrapbook for a satisfying (genuinely) amount of time. The deal? I promised them my undivided attention for a predetermined block of time before and after (unintentionally) my “me” time. I hadn’t originally planned it that way, but it worked. It worked like a charm- to the point that I think I’ve got to try this again! I challenge you to give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!
I am not sure whether I mentioned this here or not, but I recently found a CTMH idea book from earlier in 2000; I think it’s dated 2006. I don’t remember who gave it to me, or where I found it, but I’m SO glad I held on to it! The inspiration in those pages is phenomenal. I might not have the papers and products from that catalog, but that doesn’t mean the ideas are null and void! The card I created was inspired by a card in it. Here’s today’s card, and all the products I used to create it:



– CTMH Balloon Ride Complements
– CTMH Balloon Ride patterned paper
– CTMH ink (Sky and Chocolate)
– CTMH stamps (Delicate Wings Mini, Give a Lift)
– Recollections kraft and light blue card stock
– pop dots
– adhesive
– border punch
– twine
-Martha Stewart glitter glue, to accent

Lastly, here’s the next page in my mini album:


More Mini Album

I’m so sorry for the long absence! With the kids at home because of the summer break, I’m finding it really hard to get to my haven. I don’t like to craft (meaning personal scrapbooking) while my kids are home, because it always inevitably ends up being a gong show that results in one or all three of us upset and stressed out! Once evenings roll around and I spend a bit of time with my husband, one hour of crafty time just isn’t enough- so I don’t scrap! (There’s actually MUCH more to that, but this isn’t the place or time to share that. The above vague sentence is a loaded one).
Having said that, I do (finally) have two more mini album pages to share today. I could have shared one of them sooner, but I had it in my brain that it was incomplete.  I was wrong!



There is going to be journalling on every other page in this album, to help fill it up. I’ve only got a few pictures from my girls’ first day of pre-kindergarten,  and rather than wasting the album by not filling it up, I thought this would work well. Recording your thoughts, feelings and memories is just as important as the pictures themselves!
An idea came to me this morning, that I think I’ll start adding to my blog on a weekly basis: Win it Wednesday. Mojo Monday is also going to be incorporated into my blog. Starting next week, I’m going to hold my weekly challenges here, rather than on my business page. I will include links on my business page, so that you can easily participate here. And, don’t forget- even though the Mojo Monday challenge is presented as a weekly challenge, there are no time restraints on completing each successive challenge. Complete them at will, and as time permits!
I’m hoping that presenting challenges this way, more traffic will visit my blog, and it’ll save me from (possibly, eventually) stepping on Facebook’s toes. Heaven forbid being shut down for something so innocent and fun!
Remember to share with your scrappy and crafty friends! The more, the merrier!