Becoming a CTMH Consultant

I was asked yesterday if I am a CTMH rep. I am, and the conversation turned to becoming a consultant. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share more about becoming a consultant today.

It’s really easy to sign up. It’s also a lot of fun. If you’re passionate about paper crafting and you’re looking for a way to share it with the community at large, this is the perfect solution. It’s also a great way to earn a little extra cash, either for spending money to support your habit, or to help make ends meet. I get to do what I love daily, and share it with the world at the same time. Do you want the same?

Joining the CTMH family is a good idea any time. When you sign up, you’ll receive all the materials you need to start strong.

In addition to the fabulous items you see in the picture above, your upline is there to guide, encourage and support you, and there is a vast listening library found on your website dashboard to help you along the way. The entire CTMH community is vital to your business- there are a TON of groups on fb to inspire, help you and possibly even buy extra supplies off your hands. Wink, wink. Just saying.

What’s an upline? They are your support system and guidance counsellor. They’ll help you and answer any and all questions you’ve got. Even ones you hadn’t thought of.

Why be a consultant?

– share what you love using quality, beautifully designed products that speak for themselves

– earn 22% commission (and more as you add to your team) and “CTMH” cash to spend on your favourite products

– travel! Earn incentive trips and learn how to transform your business by going to the yearly convention

– earn Straight to the Top incentives and recognition for your hard work by placing qualifying orders in your first three months

– Qualifying orders of $150 or more gives you even more fantastic gifts! Those are called Hostess Rewards

– Get all this and more for only $95.

If you’re in Canada, message me. I’d love to chat more about joining our fantastic team. If you live outside of Canada (in the USA or Australia and New Zealand) find a consultant near you. They’d love to talk with you about this opportunity, as well!


CTMH Cut Above Scrapbook Kits

Long time no see! My world turned upside down a few months back, and I’m just beginning to resurface. I’m still hurting deeply, but I’m taking the good days along with the bad. I know what needs to be done to weather this storm, and so far, it’s been working. #fitnessforlife, amirite? And, of course, using my me-time to create is also in my plan to rebound. 

In April, Close to My Heart is sharing a wonderful way to scrapbook using the Cut Above line. It makes your crafting a breeze because everything is done for you. That means there’s no measuring or cutting, or playing around with placement. It has already been done for you! Find all the stickers and die cuts you need to decorate your layouts, and assemble it easily using the included instructions. 

Set aside 15 minutes in your day to create. That’s doable, isn’t it? The best part of this deal is that it’s just $9.50- half price! Talk about time saving and affordable! Whether you’ve got babies in your life, or a special someone, creating with these kits will be a pleasure. 
I’m collecting orders for these kits right now. Message me to reserve yours. This deal expires on April 30, 2017.

CTMH Happy Times

I want to share the last layouts and cards I made using the beautiful Happy Times Paper packet from Close to My Heart. You’ve got very little time left to claim them for yourself, and they’re way too pretty to pass up! The paper is just $17.75 CAD (there’s 12 sheets of 12×12 patterned paper in the packet). What a great deal! The stamp set could be yours for $21.25 (there’s 18 pieces in the stamp set).


But, hold on. I have one more surprise for you. Did you know you can earn the paper packet for FREE? You absolutely can!

Hop on over to my website, and browse around. While you’re making your order (online or by contacting me), you’ll receive the paper packet free when you spend $70 CAD. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. There’s ombre paper, wood grain paper (think like old barn board), gold foil…the list goes on. Pretty!

Here’s what I made using it, and I’ve still got paper left over!







So, that’s 5- FIVE- layouts, and ten cards using this bright, warm summery paper. How many projects could you make with it?

Which is your favorite? Let me know below in the comments. If you’re Canadian and want this set, please contact me! If you are located elsewhere, all you need to do is head to the CTMH website and search for a consultant near you!

Genuine Call to Action

I’m not one to get in your face and be pushy.  I like to think I’m fairly laid back and happy-go-lucky-and-go-with-the-flow type of girl.
As I lay in bed thinking about things, and saving my business, I decided that to keep what I want, I need to FIGHT for it. It’s time I take action, and ignore the voice of uncertainty nagging at the back of my mind, and be assertive. I can’t- I won’t- wave my white flag before I honestly and legitimately fight and hopefully surpass this obstacle. If it doesn’t work out, even though I gave it my all, I can honestly say I gave it a fair, fighting chance.
There is a solution to prevent my business from going under. It’s a simple solution, too. I started selling Close to my Heart because 1) I’m passionate about scrapbooking. (Shocker, I know). It’s been a natural progression since that day in Camrose that I decided I was going to get serious about this hobby. My boyfriend (now husband) and I had “gone steady”, and I wanted to capture our life and memories and preserve them. I’ve consistently scrapbooked since then. My love for it has grown exponentially since then, too. It’s completely safe to say I live my hobby. It’s become so much a part of me, it’s like the hair on my head or the white on my skin.  2) Since creating handmade items for sale didn’t work out, selling supplies to those that love this hobby (and umbrella concept crafting) as much as me was the next best thing. The only local scrapbook store we had in our area closed their doors a couple years ago. Even having a store here told me there is a market here for crafters and paper crafters. In addition, there is only one other CTMH rep in this area. There should be lots of opportunity! Where is everyone?! 3) The product is beautiful,  good quality and really nice to work with. I love the diversity in products offered, richness and vibrance of the colors and patterns in the inks and papers, and incentives available to all consultants. We are very much treated like family. I feel, much like our founder, Jeanette Lynton, that this hobby and this company- like its name states- has become 4) Close to my Heart.
My solution is to pull people out of the woodwork and encourage them to visit my website and start placing orders. It can be as little or as much as you want. Every little bit counts. I’m forcing myself to be assertive and ask people to help me out and buy! Meeting my monthly requirements is actually relatively low. If four people ordered $25 worth of product every month, I’d remain active! Do you feel you can afford that? There’s also home gathering (aka party) options available, too. You can earn free product in hostess rewards if you host a party. A ‘party’ could also look like a workshop. Get 5 or 6 girlfriends together and commit to 5 or 6 monthly workshops. Each month, there’ll be a new hostess. There’s lots of options available!
What I’m trying to say is help me out by getting your shop on! You can make a $10 order or a $150 order. There are incentives if you spend a certain amount of money, such as the Stamp of the Month when an order of $50 or more is placed. Take a look at your budget, and determine what you can spend per month, if anything. That’s not to say I won’t order at all, or never. I will place orders as I can and as I need and when i can afford to. I’m asking people to share the cost with me. That’s not too much to ask, I hope! Is it fair? I think so!
Visit my website here to start shopping and visit my Facebook page to see what stock I have on hand. Please, please help me out, and please spread the word! We have something for everyone!

Guest Blog Post

Hello! I’m dropping in with some really exciting news!


If you’d like to see more (and perhaps read more about the secret that nearly killed me), you can visit me on Facebook or head over to Canadian Scrapbooker!
I’ll be back tomorrow with a closer look at the projects I shared over on their blog. Right now, I’m at gymnastics! Happy weekend, friends!

Cards Galore!

Hello! Just dropping in quickly to share what I’ve been up to lately! Other than hanging out with my husband and kids- and unexpectedly buying some new living room furniture- I held my first Close to My Heart workshop of the year and made a few cards for some good friends.



I found both of these cards- the designs, at least- on Pinterest. You’ll find the originals here.




These last three cards were made with the Heartstrings card Workshop on the Go. There are 15 of these cards in total- 5 of each design. They are also available for purchase!
If you’d like to purchase these cards, please comment on this post.  They measure 4.25×5.5 inches and retail for $3 CAD each. (5 cards retail for $10).
I’m also planning my next workshop, which is taking place on May 2. Join me to learn more about pocket scrapbooking by playing with the Jackson Picture My Life system!


New in 2015!

Ever use the excuse that you’ve got no time for scrapbooking- or crafting, period- after all your work, chores, kid wrangling, meal cooking, errand running, not-enough-hours-in-the-day whirlwind of a day, week, month, or year typically happens?
I have, too. I think about doing it- quite frequently, honestly. When my kids are home, there’s no ever-loving way I would even THINK about scrapbooking when they’re around. We inevitably end up doing a craft for THEM. Not me. And, scrapbooking has become more than preserving my memories. It’s become a way to preserve ME. I’m a mom, too, and kiddo and mommy responsibilities severely cuts in to my personal time. Often,  when I do get time to play, I don’t feel like it anymore. The reasons why are numerous- it’s too late in the day, I’m too tired, stressed out, the list could go on.
And, you’re thinking, “yeah, right. This is a scrapbook blog. Of course you’ve got time, and can MAKE time to scrapbook”. Granted. But, have you seen any scrapbook layouts or projects that I’ve made recently- as in the last month?
What if we could change that?  What if we scheduled time for ourselves, and time for crafting? The only catch is that you have to WANT to make time for yourself. Make yourself a priority. One evening per month, for most of the calendar year) to sip on wine, munch on good food, chit chat with other ladies- ADULTS!!!- and do what you love, all at the same time, is the first of two requirements. Scratch that. Three requirements.
Secondly, there’ll be a mandatory, minimal related fee.
Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!
Here’s how it would work:

As I mentioned above, a fee is required. Starting in January, I’ll be hosting a SCRAPBOOK CLUB. With a few breaks throughout the year to allow for holidays and summer vacation, this class will run for the remainder of the calendar year. The fee will cover the materials you’ll need to complete an entire scrapbook album. Assuming that the participants have previous experience scrapbooking, you’ll only be required to purchase whichever Close To My Heart kit we settle on (I’ve currently got two possibilities in mind). I’ll purchase any supporting stamps and tools, etc. required to complete our album. We’ll create one double page layout per class (unless we’re feeling ambitious and think we can complete two per class).
If you’re unfamiliar with scrapbooking, but want to learn more, you’re welcome to join us too! I can help you make the necessary purchases you need, or an experienced friend can help, instead!
Of course, you’re more than welcome to order more Close To My Heart product as you’re able to, as well.
I’m unsure, at the moment, if I’ll require additional orders throughout the month. I’d love to offer hostess rewards to my club members (each month there’ll be a new hostess).
At the end of the year (likely November) we’ll have a completed scrapbook album!

So…we have two possibilities before us and a decision needs to be made:  create a Christmas album OR start with a valentines themed half album.

What do I mean half album?

Rather than one entire album that’s dedicated to the Valentines holiday, we’ll create one double page spread for valentines, then make a second order to scrapbook with a more “general” kit until the next holiday (Easter or Thanksgiving). Any subsequent holidays may require additional CTMH orders. 
What are your thoughts? I’m leaning towards doing a Christmas album- or mini album. Since I’m already going to be ordering the Holiday Happenings kit,  you should join me!




What do you need?

1. Yourself!
2. CTMH Holiday Happenings kit {for example}; OR scrapbook album (should we decide against the mini album)
3. CTMH kit
4. Paper trimmer
5. Adhesive
6. Pictures

I’ll supply the rest.

Now it’s your turn. Do you want to join and which direction would you like to take? Sign up here. Or via a comment on this blog post. Our class will start mid January. Don’t miss out!

Black Friday Sale

Are you shopping today- taking advantage of the Black Friday sales?

If you’re doing your shopping online, why not swing by my Facebook page and see what I’ve got up for grabs?!

That’s right- I’ve SLASHED the prices on all my Close To My Heart stock by HALF! That’s GREAT savings!

Where am I on Facebook?  Visit> photos> albums>Close To My Heart to see what’s available. OR, watch my page for frequent product updates.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends to the south 🙂

Flash Sale

As it turns out, I’m not able to attend the craft show I wanted to vend at today. Although I’m slightly disappointed,  I thought I’d brighten my mood with a FLASH SALE!
TODAY ONLY, between now (11 am) and 4 pm purchase the Halloween scrapbook kit for just $20 (regularly $25). Snag yours before the sale ends- there’s only a couple available!


How It’s Made

Curious to know how I created the layouts I shared yesterday- which are up for grabs, if anyone wants them!? I’m quite impressed with the finished product- I love the effect the pearl spray ink adds to some of the elements found on both layouts. Can you guess which elements those are?
To refresh your memory, here they are again:



To start, I was inspired by a sketch I found on Pinterest. It actually only inspired page A (top layout); page B just sort of followed suit.


Clean and simple lines, as you can plainly see. I also liked the use of dots around the sketch as an embellishment. It translated to sequins in my double page layout.  It provided just enough “something” to complete my project, without being too bulky and overwhelming.
When I saw this sketch, I immediately thought of using the spider Web to replace the pennants. I found the page flowed more naturally with the spider web placed off to the side. Underneath the pictures felt awkward.
Once again, I used CTMH’s Scared Cat patterned paper for the background, and prevented adding to the scrap pile by using the portions of the paper that I trimmed off (you’ll find them at the top and bottom of the patterned paper mat, creating a frame. You’ll also notice that I used the B side of this patterned paper. The black strip of card stock that rests just below the top orange strip was sprayed with Ranger Ink Perfect Pearls spray ink in Pewter. I also used a (Recollections)woodgrain mask, which I thought would help support a spooky-spider-in-the-rafters theme. I also gave the spooky spider, the spider webs and the white paper doily (on page A) the same treatment. The doily more to give it some color, since I didn’t want stark white on my layout).
I created all the embellishments using the Artbooking Cricut cartridge (including the Boo title); and as mentioned above, I used some slate colored sequins to further decorate each spread. 
Page A accommodates two 3×5 inch pictures, while page B allows for one 4×6 and one 3×3 picture.
So there you have it!