February + CTMH I Heart Us

Have I really only posted twice this month? Oh, that’s no good. Luckily, I have a lot to share with you! I Heart Us has become an intense favourite of mine, and I wanted to share with you everything I’ve made with it. The best part is that I’ve only used half the paper packet. Yes, only half of it! I’m become quite the master of stretching my paper. You’ll see what I mean below.

Twelve projects, most of which are layouts. And, I’m not done yet! The month is not over- there’s still another week to go before I change gears and focus on CTMH So Much Happy. How much more can I create using it? I guess we’ll find out!

The two chipboard monograms that you saw in the photo above- those are for my daughters, who are celebrating their 9th birthday tomorrow! They’re going to love them- I hope! I’ll share another post about them in the near future. I enjoyed making them so much, that I’m looking for another excuse to order more! I want to make something for my craft haven, but I don’t know what yet. My name? My business name? A crafty phrase? (Create is out. I’ve got a beautiful sign that my BFF gave me for my birthday with that phrase on it.) Its got to be something else. FYI- they come in every letter of the alphabet, as well as all the numbers and some symbols. There’s a lot of options!

Each of the layouts above showcase different crafting techniques, such as Texture Paste, spritzing spray ink into the background, watercoloring using water color paints and ink (yes, its possible!!), colouring with shimmer pens and Shin Han markers, regular old stamping, and creating die cuts with the cricut. My projects have run the gamut this month! And, I keep returning to how much I love the vibrance and bright colors of I Heart Us. Its literally the best thing about this paper packet (especially the bold striped rainbow paper. I can’t get enough of it!)

Thanks for dropping in! See you again soon!


CTMH Ink Storage Options

Hello friends!

I wanted to drop in and share some CTMH ink storage options with you.

There’s a lot of ink pad storage options out there- from custom made cubbies, to ink pad towers, to up-cycled cheese and cracker boxes. There’s no right or wrong way to store them, and there’s a wide range in prices, too. Find what works for you, and run with it!

Recently, CTMH inks went through a transformation. They had a facelift, if you will, and are now more user friendly; they have a magnetic closure making them easier to open and handle. They’re larger than their predecessor, too. But, with giving them an update, changes to storage needed to occur, as well! If you don’t know what they looked like before, or what they look like now, have a look below.



In the picture immediately above, you’ll see all the colors our inks come in. The color scheme has been updated, as well. At one time, our inks were divided into groupings and collections, like Whimsy and Adventure, etc. Not anymore! Now they all stand alone- they are not related to a certain collection or color group. How fun is that? It makes picking your colors easier and less stressful.

So, what did the ink storage look like for the old stamps? And, what does the storage look like now? Let’s find out!

As you can see, ink storage came in tower form in its previous life. There is a handle at the top of the unit that twists and lifts up for portability. (You can’t see it due to the stuff that’s piled on top of it. The handle also lies flat, otherwise). A super handy bag came with it for easy transport and mobility. I still use it, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! There were problems with the handles on the towers breaking, so it was discontinued. Boo.

You’ll also note that I still have a number of the old style CTMH inks in my stash. These are some of my favourite colors, and I don’t feel the need to replace them just because they’re outdated. They stamp the same as the new ones; the only difference is that the new ones have a larger stamping area due to their larger size. This makes inking bigger stamps easier! Yay!

The ink storage tower rotated and held our Shin Han markers, as well. It really was quite versatile! Packing up your stamps was simple and quick with this storage system! A lot of us were sad to see it go!

Our new storage towers are sleek and modern, and easily stores 5 ink pads. Each tray is stackable and comes as part of an entire system covering inks, paper, markers, tools, and more! Close to My Heart has thought of everything! Yay!! Talk about streamlining and keeping everything clean and organized!

Trying to envision it all put together? Feast your eyes on this:

Wowzers, right?! Doesn’t that look fantastic?! Love it.

For portability, our storage containers are perfect for transporting or even storing your inks, as well. They come in a variety of sizes, too, but for the purpose of this blog post, I’m only showing you the large one.

But wait, there’s more! CTMH also has the ultimate travel storage system to put all your tools, inks, paper and more into. There is no shortage of options!

Inside, you’ll have an accordion file to store paper, cases for storing your ink, tools and more! Everything is compact and contained, and rolls for easy movement! Look how elegant it is! And, it’s black. It’s timeless and beautiful.

Prices range, depending on what you’re looking for, but each of these items are well worth the investment. I want it all (who doesn’t?!) but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’m hoping Santa will give me the travel case set. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll leave it under my Christmas tree this year 😆

What do I currently use for ink storage? Well, its nothing pretty. I’ll tell you right now it’s nowhere near as pretty as what I just shared with you from CTMH, but I will say that what I use to store my inks is pretty well an up-cycled match made in heaven.

I’m a mom, and as such, I tend to go through a lot of boxes. Mostly Costco boxes (lots of school lunchy things come from there), and I got smart one day when I was taking the recycling out. I made a bet with myself that those bulk Ritz Handi-snacks boxes would be great for storing my ink.

Guess what? They are! I can get three rows of 8 stamps inside one box. (I’m currently working on emptying another box of the Handi- snacks so that all the new inks I eventually purchase will have a home to reside in. Portability is nice with this stylish ink storage option, too. Turn the box upright, and your stamps are ready to go! Look at that! Handiness at your finger tips!

Just a note- did you know that our stamps are manufactured so that they are stored upside down- as a built- in way to keep ink at the top of the ink pad? (The top of the ink pad is actually the bottom). This way, we don’t need to think about making sure we’re storing them properly so they don’t dry out. It’s already done for us! Be careful, though. The pigment inks were not manufactured that way. Just something to be aware of.

But seriously, the only reason I don’t own the fabulous items shown above is because there are so many things I want from CTMH, these dream worthy items always fall to the bottom of my priority list. I order first for my workshops, and lastly for myself. Once that’s done, my monthly budget is pretty well depleted. Any CTMH cash and Hostess Rewards I accumulate from my orders goes to more product for my workshops. (Or to you!!) You guys are my priority, so I save all the good stuff for you! You’re so lucky!

One day, I would love to own every one of the items I showed you above. And, one day I will. For now, I’m taking the budget- friendly approach. But, I strongly urge you to look into the storage and travel options CTMH offers. You will not be disappointed!

View my website to see all the options available. Go on. Geek out. I do all the time.

CTMH B1582 Super Girl

Hi everyone!

I’m dropping in with a little layout I created yesterday. It’s a tongue in cheek, smart layout, if I do say so myself 😃

I originally planned to take this layout in the “mom” direction, but after I came across B1582 Super Girl in my stamp collection, a new idea was born. I’d been looking for an excuse to use this stamp set, and this was it!

I love the words that come in the stamp set, and Super Girl is pretty cute too, of course. The stars that were left over after punching the border found a home in various places around my layout. The punch worked well for the super hero theme, too.

Would you like to see some close ups?

So, I’d like to know- what’s your super power? 😉

This stamp set is available to purchase for all your super hero and girl wonder needs. Isn’t it adorable?! Buy it now! Head to theeverydayscrapbooker.closetomyheart.ca to start your order.

CTMH Feel So Blessed

Hello friends! Happy hump day! It was a rainy day here in my neck of the woods, which made the day perfect for more scrapbooking! As promised, I would share projects featuring this months stamp of the month, Feel So Blessed, and I’m happy to report that I have a couple to share with you! I have three to share with you, as a matter of fact!

This last layout features an eclectic mixture of products from CTMH- I used the stamp of the month, journaling cards that I had left over from the Charlotte collection, and some of the paper accents came from the Adventure Cut Above layout kit. I absolutely love how this layout came together!

The middle layout features left over complements from Some Kinda Wonderful and the stamp of the month. I also layered my White Daisy card stock in front of the Smoothie card stock for a pretty (and simple) border statement.

Lastly, I used Recollections patterned paper (of which were scraps) along with CTMH card stock and Urban patterned paper to create this layout about my doofus Freddie. I coloured the feather image in using my Shin Han Touch Twin markers.

Which is your  favourite? I think there’s something special about all three layouts, but my favourite two needs to be the last two I shared. Its all the white space…it just speaks to me. This months’ stamp of the month speaks to me, too. Its wonderful to use for all those Thanksgiving layouts that will soon be gracing craft galleries and Facebook pages all over the internet. I’m also seeing it being used to decorate fall themed layouts and projects. I took a less festive approach to my use of this stamp set, but it just goes to show how versatile it really is!

Have you thought of any other ways you’d use it? Let me know in the comments below!

CTMH City Sidewalks Layout

Good morning! We had another 6 am wake up call in my house…isn’t summer for sleeping in? My word…

Hows this for layout blog content this morning? Much better than the deer meat layout?

This layout is all kinds of fun. I coloured in the paper doll (yes, she’s actually a paper doll!) using my Shin Han markers, and used a chipboard word From the City Sidewalks Complements pack in part of my title. When I fussy cut the paper doll out, I also cut off the tabs that would have held her clothes on. I glued the snowsuit to her body, and adhered her using some 3d foam tape.

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? I know my girls do. The more glitter used, the better in their minds! Its hard to see, but I also stamped a pattern into the word fun, just for some extra depth. What do you think?!

My girls were having fun playing in the snow (in Oyen!! That’s almost unheard of for that area!!), and the layout itself is a lot of fun, if I do say so myself. The City Sidewalks paper is perfect for this festive time of year (nearly…it was November).

Products Used:

-CTMH City Sidewalks Paper Packet (retired)

-CTMH Cranberry Card stock 1272

-CTMH Glacier Card stock X5770

-CTMH City Sidewalks Complements X7213C (retired)

-CTMH Shreddin’ The Slopes My Acrylix Stamp Set D1603 (retired)

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Black Marker Z2446

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Peacock Green Marker Z2461

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Turquoise Blue Marker Z2465

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Carmine Marker Z2448

-CTMH Art Philosophy (Cricut) (retired)

CTMH Lovely Birthday Occasions + Shin Han Markers

Do you like colouring? Have you jumped on the mandala/coloring/adult colouring craze? I have. Sort of. I have colouring books and pencil crayons, and I have my Shin Han markers for my scrapbooking, but I rarely do it. I color more in my crafting than I do in my colouring books. Everyone I’ve heard that does this all say that its calming. Honestly, I don’t see it. My peace and calming is scrapbooking. Mind you, I bought them specifically for something to do when we’re out camping and I’m bored. Bored as in its raining buckets and there’s nowhere to go but inside the trailer with two young kids that just want to watch movies anyways. Who has time for tv? Give me some music and something crafty, and I’ll keep myself entertained for hours. What activities do you bring when you’re camping and need something to do other than read?

I broke out my Shin Han markers for this layout and went to town on it, colouring in all the cupcakes. And the cake and candle, which is layered next to the title. It took a long time, but I like the effect. I wanted to give it a messy, rustic feel, so I didn’t worry about filling in all the white space. I love the finished look.

Before I matted the White Daisy card stock to the Smoky Plum card stock, I couldn’t help but feel there was way too much white space at the top of the page. I didn’t know how to fill it; nothing felt right. So, I left it for the day and came back to it another day. Inspiration hit, and I decided to trim off an inch from two sides of the White Daisy card stock, and then placed it inside the Smoky Plum. I’m glad I decided to give myself a break and return to it after my brain had time to relax. It feels much better, now! It feels finished. I doodled around the cupcakes to give it the illusion that another piece of White Daisy is matted inside the bottom corner of the larger sheet of White Daisy, then stamped a border near the top of the page with a variety of different coloured inks.

I chose colors for my layout based on the colors in the birthday cakes my husband bought for my birthday. (Back in 2013.) As a result of that, I’m in love with the purple, yellow (its actually a light green but appears yellow IRL) and light blue color combination. So yummy! I need to figure out a way to use those colors more often! I can now admit that I scrapbook based on the colors found in my pictures. I’m not sure I color coordinated my layouts in the past- I’m sure I did, but wasn’t aware of it. Now…no excuses. I do it and I openly admit it.

Products Used:

-CTMH White Daisy card stock 1385

-CTMH Smoky Plum (retired)

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Lavender Marker Z2453

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Turquoise Blue Marker Z2465

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Pastel Green Marker Z2459

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Tender Pink Marker Z2464

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Light Orange Marker Z2455

-CTMH Shin Han Touch Twin Golden Yellow Marker Z2452

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Scrapbooking Stamp Set D1716

-CTMH Lovely Birthday Occasions B1462 (retired)

-CTMH Celebrate With Cake S1605 (retired)

-CTMH Cutie Pie S1412 (retired)

-CTMH Exclusive Inks Flaxen Stamp Pad Z2842

-CTMH Exclusive Inks Crystal Blue Stamp Pad Z2817

-CTMH Exclusive Inks Smoky Plum Stamp Pad (retired)

-CTMH Adventure Fundamentals Z3253

-CTMH Workshops Your Way Little Dreamer Scrapbooking Kit (scraps) G1126



Today’s layout was inspired by a lovely sketch found at Sketch Support. I used this lovely patterned paper for my background, and layered cardstock ontop. I cut the banner using my cricut and stamped the leaves then colored them in using my Shin Han markers. The title was also cut with my cricut.

Grandchildren Layout


I’m finding I’m turning more and more to Pinterest for title and journaling inspiration. After I have my sketch inspiration decided upon (this was today’s inspiration), I start mulling over title and theme ideas as I start getting the bones of my layout together.

Sometimes, that process stalls for a day, until something inspires me or I decide that the ideas I had aren’t good enough.

By not good enough, I mean they don’t really tell the story I want this spread to tell.

When that happens, I turn to Pinterest. In this case, I wanted to highlight what my moms- the twins Oma’s- feelings are towards my children. I’m fairly certain this would be a universal feeling between all grandma’s, worldwide.

I kept my design very simple and clean, so the pictures would do the talking, rather than the embellishing. All products in this spread consist of CTMH products. I colored the title in with my Shin Han markers- I love how it pops against the craft background!

Join me again tomorrow for another SMS (Snail Mail Saturday) post. I’ll be sharing a few more snail mail letters I wrote this week, and how I packaged them up to be mailed. I hope to see you then!

Best Day

Happy hump day, friends! I’m just dropping by with a quick post.

I’m sharing another layout I created using sketches over at Scrapbook Generation.  This one was posted on January 15 for Free Sketch Friday.


And here’s what I created using it:


As you can see, I flipped the sketch around and made it my own.

I used a mixture of 6×6 papers as well as CTMH stamps (Woodland Romance and Ballet Safari). How cute is the giraffe in the top left?! I stamped it using Staz-On ink, then colored it in with my Shin Han markers once it was dry.

She needed a purple tutu in homage of my youngest twin- it’s her favorite color.

Thanks for stopping by!

CTMH Fast & Furious

I came across a really cool quote recently:


“I love you to the moon and back” is something we say to each other in our family.


We’ve personalized it even further to include “and everywhere inbetween” to make sure we leave no place left out. It all started when my daughter asked me if there were places inbetween earth and the moon.

I suppose there would be- buildings, mountains, birds, clouds…air… You can never be too literal when kids are involved.

So, to leave no stone unturned, we’ve broadened our definition of this phrase.

It’s pretty deep when you really stop and think about the implications of the quote above. That’s why I love it so.

It’s the absolute truth.

My children don’t understand what it means yet, but they will. And yes, I’ve read it to them. I’ve watched for their reactions and the confusion is plain on their sweet faces.

It inspired me to create a layout using it.


Disclaimer: Please, pretty please, try to look past the poor, blurry quality of this picture. I’ve tried a few times to take a clearer picture- to no avail. I don’t know if this pic is as blurry as I think, or if it’s because my vision is weakening.

Maybe my phone is due for the trash can.

Anyway, this is the best I can do, for now. My apologies.

I typed the quote using my computer, then printed it out and adhered it to CTMH Daisy White cardstock. I created the title using CTMH Handwritten (alpha stamps) and Blush, Saffron and Thistle inks.

Next, I trimmed my photos to 3×3 inches and adhered them in a random, haphazard manner on the page. I cut the moon using my Cricut, then stamped stars around it in CTMH Whisper ink. I also stamped the truck in CTMH Thistle and Saddle inks. I fussy cut the purple truck (CTMH Fast & Furious) and the (Saddle) wood box for the bed of the truck and adhered them together. Next, I stamped the hexa “tread” with CTMH Basic Black ink. I covered the wheels with black buttons out of my stash.

Lastly, I stamped planet earth with Staz-On ink and fussy cut it out. While it dried, I stamped it again and fussy cut the banner out, flipped it and traced it onto scrap CTMH Sweet Leaf cardstock. (I wanted the banner blank). Once planet earth was dry, I used my ShinHan markers to color in the oceans and pennant portions of the banner.

Most of the products used in this project are available to purchase on my website. Find my website here. (Fast & Furious is retired, I believe). If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for visiting with me today! TGIF- enjoy your weekend!