Recipe Sharing

I’ve been tossing this idea over in my brain for a few weeks, and now I’m looking for some input!

As you are aware, I am a fairly creative person. I share scrapbook layouts, handmade cards, the occasional project life layout and off the page project, and more recently planners and snail mail. All different creative methods, but still creative nonetheless. 

Is sharing the occasional recipe (my favorite ones, for that matter), something that would interest you, my friends and readers? If so, please comment below! 

I’m asking, because cooking and baking is another item that falls under art- creative being the umbrella term. I have a ton of recipes saved to my Pinterest; I don’t want them to sit, pinned but untouched, so plan to try a new recipe every so often  (once monthly, maybe), and if it’s a hit with my family, re-home it on my fave tried and true recipes board. If we like it- even if we don’t- I’ll share our thoughts and the outcome of our baking and cooking endeavors.

These recipes will all be kid and family friendly. Simple is also key! (I have a smoothie recipe I’m dying to share that’s just 3 measly ingredients- and super delicious!) 

So please, let me know your thoughts!