Snail Mail Saturday

Hi guys! It’s Saturday again, which means it’s snail mail day!

Here’s what I got this week:

Loving all the yummy goodies!


Snail Mail Saturday

Hello friends, it’s Saturday again! Do you have any special plans for the weekend? Mine include hoping my children sleep through the night without waking up before 7 am. We seem to have lost this skill…

Here’s a peek at my incoming mail from this week, starting with the most recent to the oldest, not so recent smail. 

My dear pal from Australia sent an awesome  (meaning informative) postcard about Queensland and adorable stickers!

And, I’m not entirely sure, but I think the stationery, in the middle picture, from my dear pal in Germany, is perfumed. It smells lovely, although it’s faint. Is that a thing? 

I’ve been slow the last bit getting caught up on my letters and mailing them out, as I have been with everything else pleasurable to me as of late. I’m hoping to have them mailed by Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!

Snail Mail Saturday

Hello friends! I have more smail goodness for you today. 

I am desperate to get back into a routine where more quiet time allows me some freedom, but until that happens, some of my pictures will be taken when the light is poor. 

These gals are quickly becoming good friends and I look forward to every letter I receive from them. They’re full of sweet words, stickers and washi tape! (Which, you all know, is my fave!) I’m also loving the cute stationery too!

Snail Mail Saturday 

Hello dear friends!

It was a slow week in terms of snail mail, but I do have a little bit of smail goodness to share with you!

This letter came in on Thursday from L, my pal in Sweden. (The little bit I’ve seen of this stunning, charming country, has me dying to learn and see more of it!)

I loved the plastic embroidery holders so much, she sent me a couple. That’s how she sent her washi in her first letter. Genius! (And, for those wondering where to get them, like I did, check out eBay!)

Well, that’s all I’ve got to share for snail mail this week. Enjoy!

DIY Envelope Tutorial

Hello, friends! 

As promised, I will share a quick and simple tutorial today for making your own envelopes!

To start, you’ll need one sheet of 12×12 cardstock or patterned paper and glue. I like using CTMH Liquid Glass for a strong bond, but you can use whichever glue you have on hand or like to use.

Decide which side of the patterned paper you would like to face outwards (in this case it’s the floral pattern), then make two folds approximately 1- 1.5inches from each side (fold inwards, towards the centre of the paper). 
A trick I like to use is placing my letter in the bottom centre of the patterned paper, and fold each side around it. I use this trick to also roughly guesstimate the bottom fold (next step).

Apply glue to the bottom portions of each 1-inch fold, then fold paper upwards (pictured below). The bottom fold should be approximately 2 inches from the bottom of the paper. This will become the bottom of your envelope. (Place your letter inside, for reference). 

This is how your envelope should look now. Next, you’ll want to fold the top edge of the patterned paper envelope approximately 0.5- 1 inch inwards, and again nearer the top of your letter (approximately 2-3 inches from the top edge fold).
*Note: I say approximately, because I haven’t measured exactly each of my folds. I’ve created my envelopes strictly by feel and by my naked eye.

Measurements will be different, dependent on what size paper your letter is written on. I currently use standard loose-leaf paper, which I assume measures 8.5×11 inches. My envelopes were created around this standard size, folded in three). 

*Another Note: before gluing any corners, mock up your envelope to avoid making any mistakes. I always make all my folds first, and then go back and glue where appropriate.  

(Top edge folded down, 0.5-1 inch from top edge); glue the thicker, corner portions. Here’s how it should look completed (below):

(I flipped the envelope over, so the front is facing outwards.) The backside of your envelope will have a clean edge where you’ll adhere it closed with glue. This is unlike a standard card envelope that has the V-shaped flap. 

Lastly, decorate to your hearts desire! I’ll sometimes add washi tape to the back fold after I’ve glued it closed for a little more pizzazz. That’s not necessary.  Do whatever feels right!

I hope today’s tutorial made sense and was clearer than a load of mud to you! If not, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to clarify it!

Snail Mail Saturday

Welcome to snail mail Saturday!

I have some incoming smail to share with you- I love how bright and colorful each envelope is. It makes my heart so happy!

The bright and cheery incoming smail inspired me to send mine with the same lighthearted nature, so here’s my most recent outgoing smail:

I was asked how to create these envies (which were created using a 12×12 sheet of patterned paper), so I’ll share a simple tutorial the next time I make one! (I have two letters waiting to be responded to yet!)

Ready for the goodies that were sent along?

Such a fun questionnaire! I guess I need to order a picture of yours truly before I send this little gem back!

I was sent a lovely postcard by another penpal but unfortunately didn’t snap a picture of it. 

Oh- one last thing. How insanely cute are these Beatrix Potter stamps?!

I’m smitten ♡

Snail Mail Saturday

Welcome to snail mail Saturday!

Here’s some glimpses of my incoming mail this week:

All the letters I received were lovely! Here’s peeks of what was sent along with my letters:

How smart is the washi samples?! I need to find embroidery thread holders so I can send some. They’re plastic! 

One of my pen pals is from Germany, and she’s quickly becoming a very dear friend. We chat at least once a day on Facebook, even if it’s just to say good morning. She sent me the lovely cards and crab stick it notes above. 

Germans have a special tradition their kids LOVE called zuckertüte. The Saturday nearest their first day of school they are spoiled with candy, goodies, school supplies and sometimes clothes- among other things. My pen pal extended the same tradition to my kids, as you’ll see below. I’m thinking we need to start our own family tradition!

K’s goodies made the twins’ day. They’re slightly jealous their mama gets more happy mail than they do. This mama feels kind of bad about that…I hope this slightly made up for it!

And lastly, here’s a snippet of my outgoing mail to these lovelies:

I threw my first letter in the mail before snapping a picture of this one…Oops! I still have K’s to finish, but I’ll be away all week next week, so she’ll have to wait!

(How do you like the flyer covering the bottom portion of my outgoing mail? Bahaha)

Although I’ll be away, I will still have my phone with me, and plan to keep posting, even though I’ll be relaxing beside a lake 😉

Thanks for joining me today, friends!

Snail Mail Saturday

Hello friends, it’s once again snail mail Saturday! It was a slow mail week here- I didn’t get any happy mail at all! Boo! 😣😭 Hopefully next week. I can count on a letter from a pal in Germany to arrive late next week; hopefully I’ll have more than just hers.

So, since I don’t have any new incoming or outgoing mail, I’ll share some of my favorite snail mail pins- I may or may not also want to try some of these, too!

 DIY MARBLING using shaving cream and food coloring. This looks so fun! 

This glassine bag (envelope?) has inspired me to create my own envelope using wax paper or parchment paper. I’m not sure it’ll work (or withstand being mailed), but I’d still like to try! Maybe I can hand deliver it instead…

Acrylic painting is another fab idea for decorating your envies- and it’s another one I’d love to try my hand at. I think making your own envelope using thicker weight cardstock is probably best for this idea…

I hope that’s inspired you like it has me! 

I also feel the need to apologize: I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d share a tutorial to create your own envelopes and I’ve neglected doing that. I know I’ve got some tutorials posted but I can’t find them all at the moment. (There’s one in particular I am thinking of, but I can’t find it on any of my Pinterest boards). I will- in the near future- share it. Promise!

Each of these pins can be found on my Pinterest. Search for Pocket Mail/Snail Mail Inspiration. Enjoy!

Snail Mail Saturday 

I wanted to share my latest outgoing smail letters with you. I wrapped the envelopes with pretty, brightly colored washi tape, and in the bottom photo, I threw in some sequins for a loose, sparkly surprise when the recipient opens her letter. I think I’ll do this again. I really like this idea!

Next, I also wanted to show you my most current of intro letters. I’ve slightly changed creating sections throughout, by using cute printed post it notes and handmade pennants as tabs.

I found these post it notes at my local Walmart, but I’ve also heard they are available to purchase at Amazon. Spoiler alert: I want more!!!

Lastly, here’s snippets of my recent incoming mail.

How cute is the washi tape that borders the bottom of the envelope in the foreground?! The lollipop and dinosaur stencil are there purely to protect identities 😁

I won a happy mail giveaway! A member in one of the Facebook smail groups I’m in held a giveaway to name her new pet bird. I suggested the name Bindi (among others), and my name suggestion was chosen! My prize was 4 handmade bookmarks and 4 handmade magnets made from photos I had chosen. You’ll see both my daughters, myself and my sister, and our little pooch in each of the magnets. (I am the dark haired girl with glasses…hi!!) Now you can put the face behind the name! 😁

(I also have a Peacock and rooster fetish, which is why you see those in the bookmarks in the background.)

Did anything about your day inspire you today? I hope so! 

Snail Mail Saturday

Good morning! Welcome to snail mail Saturday!

I wanted to share some of the goodies I got in my most recent incoming mail haul. Maybe it’ll inspire you (it’s inspired me!)

The card I’m holding open- I think those are post it notes. Aren’t they adorable??!

There’s stickers, journaling cards, ribbon and washi samples, a bookmark and more!

I felt spoiled and I loved it! 

How do you spoil your penpals?