CTMH Ink Storage Options

Hello friends!

I wanted to drop in and share some CTMH ink storage options with you.

There’s a lot of ink pad storage options out there- from custom made cubbies, to ink pad towers, to up-cycled cheese and cracker boxes. There’s no right or wrong way to store them, and there’s a wide range in prices, too. Find what works for you, and run with it!

Recently, CTMH inks went through a transformation. They had a facelift, if you will, and are now more user friendly; they have a magnetic closure making them easier to open and handle. They’re larger than their predecessor, too. But, with giving them an update, changes to storage needed to occur, as well! If you don’t know what they looked like before, or what they look like now, have a look below.



In the picture immediately above, you’ll see all the colors our inks come in. The color scheme has been updated, as well. At one time, our inks were divided into groupings and collections, like Whimsy and Adventure, etc. Not anymore! Now they all stand alone- they are not related to a certain collection or color group. How fun is that? It makes picking your colors easier and less stressful.

So, what did the ink storage look like for the old stamps? And, what does the storage look like now? Let’s find out!

As you can see, ink storage came in tower form in its previous life. There is a handle at the top of the unit that twists and lifts up for portability. (You can’t see it due to the stuff that’s piled on top of it. The handle also lies flat, otherwise). A super handy bag came with it for easy transport and mobility. I still use it, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! There were problems with the handles on the towers breaking, so it was discontinued. Boo.

You’ll also note that I still have a number of the old style CTMH inks in my stash. These are some of my favourite colors, and I don’t feel the need to replace them just because they’re outdated. They stamp the same as the new ones; the only difference is that the new ones have a larger stamping area due to their larger size. This makes inking bigger stamps easier! Yay!

The ink storage tower rotated and held our Shin Han markers, as well. It really was quite versatile! Packing up your stamps was simple and quick with this storage system! A lot of us were sad to see it go!

Our new storage towers are sleek and modern, and easily stores 5 ink pads. Each tray is stackable and comes as part of an entire system covering inks, paper, markers, tools, and more! Close to My Heart has thought of everything! Yay!! Talk about streamlining and keeping everything clean and organized!

Trying to envision it all put together? Feast your eyes on this:

Wowzers, right?! Doesn’t that look fantastic?! Love it.

For portability, our storage containers are perfect for transporting or even storing your inks, as well. They come in a variety of sizes, too, but for the purpose of this blog post, I’m only showing you the large one.

But wait, there’s more! CTMH also has the ultimate travel storage system to put all your tools, inks, paper and more into. There is no shortage of options!

Inside, you’ll have an accordion file to store paper, cases for storing your ink, tools and more! Everything is compact and contained, and rolls for easy movement! Look how elegant it is! And, it’s black. It’s timeless and beautiful.

Prices range, depending on what you’re looking for, but each of these items are well worth the investment. I want it all (who doesn’t?!) but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’m hoping Santa will give me the travel case set. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll leave it under my Christmas tree this year 😆

What do I currently use for ink storage? Well, its nothing pretty. I’ll tell you right now it’s nowhere near as pretty as what I just shared with you from CTMH, but I will say that what I use to store my inks is pretty well an up-cycled match made in heaven.

I’m a mom, and as such, I tend to go through a lot of boxes. Mostly Costco boxes (lots of school lunchy things come from there), and I got smart one day when I was taking the recycling out. I made a bet with myself that those bulk Ritz Handi-snacks boxes would be great for storing my ink.

Guess what? They are! I can get three rows of 8 stamps inside one box. (I’m currently working on emptying another box of the Handi- snacks so that all the new inks I eventually purchase will have a home to reside in. Portability is nice with this stylish ink storage option, too. Turn the box upright, and your stamps are ready to go! Look at that! Handiness at your finger tips!

Just a note- did you know that our stamps are manufactured so that they are stored upside down- as a built- in way to keep ink at the top of the ink pad? (The top of the ink pad is actually the bottom). This way, we don’t need to think about making sure we’re storing them properly so they don’t dry out. It’s already done for us! Be careful, though. The pigment inks were not manufactured that way. Just something to be aware of.

But seriously, the only reason I don’t own the fabulous items shown above is because there are so many things I want from CTMH, these dream worthy items always fall to the bottom of my priority list. I order first for my workshops, and lastly for myself. Once that’s done, my monthly budget is pretty well depleted. Any CTMH cash and Hostess Rewards I accumulate from my orders goes to more product for my workshops. (Or to you!!) You guys are my priority, so I save all the good stuff for you! You’re so lucky!

One day, I would love to own every one of the items I showed you above. And, one day I will. For now, I’m taking the budget- friendly approach. But, I strongly urge you to look into the storage and travel options CTMH offers. You will not be disappointed!

View my website to see all the options available. Go on. Geek out. I do all the time.


Budget Friendly Paper Storage Options

Ah, I have just enough time left in the morning to wish you a good morning! Five minutes to spare. Phew! The morning just flew by- and now I’m here spending time with you!

If you’re anything like me, finding ways to store your craft supplies is hard. Especially if you’re looking for budget friendly (meaning cheap or FREE!!) storage solutions. As more supplies are added to my arsenal, finding inventive ways to store it all in one place becomes challenging. As a result, what I store items in changes and evolves over time to make more room for things and free up space elsewhere. Other times, its finding something else that just makes sense.

Storing my paper has been one of those challenges. There are so many options to consider when storing your paper! Do you store horizontally, vertically, by color, by theme, by collection, all together, separately, do you divide them…the list goes on. Those are some of the things that run through my mind when brainstorming ideas. The monkey wrench: not having shelving in my craft room! I have a very eclectic collection of hand- me- down pieces of furniture from my parents, my mother in law, and even a teensy little table that a previous homeowner (that we bought a house from) left behind. If you’re lucky enough to own your own shelving system from Ikea, Canadian Tire, or another office type store, consider yourself very lucky! If you’re like me, and have a small space (or a bedroom, like I’m lucky enough to have), but don’t own the furniture you’re dreaming of having to make your life easier, then read on! This may help you! (I hope, at least!)

Obviously, the option we’re left with is making the best of the situation we’ve been dealt. Right? That’s all we can really do; make lemonade from the lemons in your life. I’ve concluded that the bottom line is deciding what works best for me. Your job is to do the same for you. Even if you have all of the furniture and storage options, you’ve got to find something that jives with how you operate and do things, otherwise you’ll be left searching, looking for another epic way to store your craft items. Often times, that becomes a work in progress, because our tastes change, we realize something isn’t working, we’ve added more to our stash, maybe you’ve moved…the list can go on and on.

Happily, though, I think I’ve stumbled upon a system of storing paper that works perfectly for me. Because I’m a home business owner, finding a way to keep my current papers separated from the retired ones became a new challenge. Even if you’re not a business owner, this might be an option to consider, too. Especially if you’re a nerd for organization, like me. Side note: until recently, I was a believer in keeping everything I purchased from CTMH. While the deepest part of me would seriously love to keep everything, my craft room would love to beg otherwise. So, I sell some stuff, and organize the rest better.

I don’t remember where I dreamed up the storage idea I implemented for my card stock (see below), but it was a sheer stroke of genius. Truthfully, I think I saw something similar on Pinterest, and wondered why a person couldn’t just build them, rather than buying them. I’m uber lucky to have a dad that’s handy with wood!

He built me these storage boxes from left over wood he had lying around his shop. The dividers the paper lies on pulls out, and as you can see, it makes for a lot of room to add paper! Until you decide that some of the paper you own needs to go (for whatever reason- mine was to de-stash and make more room), I hadn’t thought of labelling the sides of the boxes until this latest batch of CTMH card stock retired. Then- Uh oh. I had a problem. I didn’t know what some of the colours were!

Enter my label maker. Everything is now organized, labelled clearly (certain colors are still a mystery to me- there’s one that I just can’t figure out what color it is), and just the way I like it. No more getting confused, or sitting staring blankly at my computer screen when I’m trying to blog about the latest papers and colors I used!

Did you notice that some of the stickers aren’t staying put very well? It kind of annoys me (truth be told), but I’m relieved to say that they are not permanently attached! If I need to replace that color with something else, they’ll be easy to change. Phew! (And, look at that- more room to grow! There’s some empty slots there! Seeing some empty space makes my heart happy!)

For a long time, now, I’ve used a legal-size hanging file folder system to store my patterned papers from CTMH. Recently, I decided to separate the current patterned papers from the retired ones. The retired papers I just can’t bear to part with, so I had to find a solution to store them and make room for them. I thought about this option for some time. I looked for ideas on Pinterest, I looked at storage boxes and filing cabinets, and eventually found a great idea that was posted to one of the CTMH group pages I belong to on Facebook. I don’t have what this person used. I had even pondered using 31- style boxes for storing my paper, but ultimately settled on the best deal of all: things I already had at home. It isn’t pretty, or glamorous, but it works. That’s all a girl can ask for, right?

As I mentioned, I don’t own what this person used to store her papers (It looked like a filing cabinet drawer on casters. And, it was full. #paperstoragegoals LOL) My tall upright filing cabinet has two empty drawers at the bottom. I tried that first. I couldn’t close the drawer because the paper is too tall. (12×12). My little filing cabinet is broken- neither drawer has the rails in it to hang file folders from. And, I’d run into the same problem with the little filing cabinet- the paper is too tall. Hmm. I shopped at Walmart and pondered the storage options they had there. I wasn’t interested in spending money if I didn’t have to. I finally settled on trying my Bankers Boxes, (they usually come in a set of three, which is what I have), and which has been collecting dust since we moved into this house. (October will be 7 years, in case you were wondering). Surprise! It works!

If you’re a part of any of my groups on Facebook, you’ll have heard me refer to my scrap paper Sterilite drawers that I use for scrap paper storage. I probably have mentioned it here once or twice, as well. There was enough room under my little work table to store my Bankers Boxes next to my Sterilite storage boxes, and still work comfortably. (No pictures yet of my work table. Its currently a mess because I’m mid- workshop planning!) The hanging file folders fit neatly over the edges of the box, and the paper fits comfortably inside. The lid doesn’t fit on the top of the box (of course, paper is sticking out of it!), but it doesn’t need to. I put the lid on the bottom of the box, should I ever need it. (Also, as you can see, not all the paper in there is CTMH. There’s one giant paper pack that I can’t part with from Michaels, and a paper pad gift I got from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.) My plan is to utilize a different file folder for a different collection. When I need to purchase more file folders (note that they are legal size, not letter size), I can pick up another pack from Walmart for a decent price. You can, too! Or, don’t use the hanging file folders. Nothing is set in stone. I like using it because it keeps the paper together, in one place, and neat looking. Someone else may just opt to throw their paper in a box willy- nilly, and carry on with their day. More power to them if thats how they roll!

This is how the file folder storage system should look (when you purchase the entire system, not just the file folders):

The black case and file folders all came together for one nifty price. (Check your local Walmart for them). I’ve had this filing system for a number of years. It began as my card stock storage (see, evolution at its finest!!), which is why you see a half circle (homemade) tab that’s coloured orange. I abandoned that idea a long time ago, but kept using the storage system for paper- now patterned paper, not card stock. (I also use this idea elsewhere in my house- one for storing the current years’ pay stubs, bills, receipts, and medical expenses to include with our taxes because of my husbands’ health issues; and a second for storing gymnastics board stuff. It works well. When the year is out, I empty the one that stores pay stubs and bills and start over! (They go into the large filing cabinet in my office).

In the picture above, you can see that I left the paper in the plastic bag it comes in from CTMH. My plan is to leave them that way so when they are moved over to the retired filing box, the sticker on the front of the package will tell me what’s inside that bag! Genius! This idea dawned on me after the fact, so that’s why they are not in a plastic bag in the Bankers Box picture above.

So, there you have it, my paper storage ideas in one neat blog post. Did you find this information helpful and useful? Not everyone is going to find this method of storing paper beneficial for their needs, but that’s ok. The beauty of sharing this information is providing people with options and ideas, because you just never know when the ideas presented here will work for someone else. I’d love to see how you store your paper, and what you love about it!

I just have to make a disclaimer- CTMH does carry paper storage items, and they are phenomenal storage ideas, as well. I couldn’t draft this post without sharing what they offer, as well. While I would like to add what they carry one day, right now I’m more focussed on using what’s on hand. If I had a million dollars at my disposal, I’d be all over all the storage options, LOL! I’m making lemonade from lemons. Remember that ❤

Don’t you love how sleek and classy this paper tray looks from CTMH?! It fits a 12×12.5×2 inch stack of patterned papers or card stock, its stackable, and perfect for storing your papers within arms reach. The best part is, there’s an entire system of storage options that coordinate with it, too! Think pen storage, ink storage, washi tape storage (oh, yes!!), and more! There’s boxes, too, for your ink pads and stamps! (Watch the new catalog for new storage boxes from CTMH).

If this looks like something you’d like to give a whirl, let me know! I can get it ordered for you, or you can do it yourself by visiting my CTMH website. While this item is available to customers across all our markets, I can only offer this to Canadian residents. Sorry. If you are located outside of Canada, you can search for the consultant nearest you via my website. (In America, New Zealand and Australia).

Thanks for joining me today!

Card Storage Ideas

Happy Saturday!

I’m switching gears today and want to show you how I organize and store my greeting cards. 


This box was once home to store- bought Christmas cards I’d bought from Wally before I began making my own greeting cards. I’m not quite sure why I hung on to the box, other than liking how sturdy the box is.

Over the years, it’s housed a number of various scrappy goodies, including chipboard and ribbon. After I took on the challenge of purging and reorganizing my haven, it once again sat empty.

Then I went on my regular scrapbooking retreat (back in March).

I decided that I would make an all- new batch of cards that weekend- I was tired of having a mishmash of cards I wasn’t sure I’d ever use. Up until that point, I was finding that for every occasion that came up, I’d make a new card.

Do you do that?

I was annoyed, so I fixed it!

I’m sure you noticed the dividers separating each card theme.

I didn’t have my cricut with me at my retreat, so after coming home and unpacking, I sat down and cut a bunch of tabbed dividers from heavy duty cardstock. After they were cut, I raided my stamp stash and stamped what occasion each divider was for.

I would eventually like to find a slightly larger card box, or I may upgrade to CTMH’s My Acrylix storage boxes (sturdy plastic boxes with a lid and snap lock to secure it) to store my cards.

Something like this:


These are available for purchase on my website. Just click the link to go there! Once on my website, click Shop then Organization to find all the organizational storage boxes CTMH carries! Purchase these directly from my website or contact me to purchase your order for you. It’ll be shipped directly to you!

Thanks for stopping by today! I’ll drop in again with more crafting inspiration real soon!

Monthly Promo Mondays

Happy August 1st, everyone!
There’s lots of fabulous CTMH goodies to share with you today- I can’t wait to share it all with you!
To start, as you all know, a new month begins today. Why not celebrate with a new stamp set?! CTMH’s SOTM is perfect for adding tags to cards or gifts AND adding journaling spots to your layouts! Layer them up, color them in or leave them one dimensional- there’s lots of options with this set!  It’s just $5 when you place a qualifying order during the month of August. My website is a great place to start your order!


In addition to our SOTM, there’s also a really great promotion happening this month- Get Organized! CTMH carries wonderful and durable storage devices- from containers to corral your stamps to devices to organize your sponge daubers and stamping blocks, to folders for storing your miscellaneous papers- there’s lots to choose from!
This month, you get to choose between an accessory roll up case (when you pay full retail price- $22.75 CAD)…


And receive two Base & Bling style sheets FREE! The best part of this deal- it’s available to you one month early!
OR purchase (at full retail price, $21.25), the marker roll up case. When you do, you’ll receive Balloon Wishes FREE with your purchase! The marker roll up case holds up to 25 Shin Han alcohol markers, and how much fun would the Balloon Wishes stamp set be to color in?!


So, what are you waiting for? There’s a lot of fabulous goodies to choose from this month, not to mention all the rest of the great products CTMH carries. While you’re picking up your August goodies, have a look through our retiring products list- this month is your last chance to snap up these goodies for good. I’d hate for you to miss out!
Want to know a little secret? A new WOTG has also been released this month, along with the coordinating paper packet and accessories. It’s called ZOE and your first sneak peek is here!


Again, you can visit my website (link above) to start your order, or add to my monthly group order. You’ll save on shipping to order with your friends!
Stay tuned, in the next few weeks for a few minor changes to my blogging dynamics. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the changes! You’ve already witnessed the first change- sharing more news and tidbits related to CTMH. It’ll become a weekly installment, where I share a bit more about our promotions this month and the beautiful artwork that’s created with it. Just a note- the artwork I share may not necessarily be mine. It will be solely CTMH and CTMH products. I’m calling this installment Monthly Promotions Monday. (Yes, today isn’t Monday, but I had to start somewhere). A new month doesn’t always fall on Mondays! 😉
And, now that I’ve written a thorough novel, thanks for kindly hanging in there until the end! I’ll refresh your memories on Monday, so stay tuned!

Jump on it July



I’m FINALLY caught up! The first image is the last layout in my first special request album. I’ve actually got two additional pages to add to this album- I need to complete them by next Friday, so they can be added to this album (they’re wedding pictures, if you’re wondering. The recipient wasn’t married at the time this album was completed).
The next image is a scraplift of a layout I’d seen on Paper Issues Facebook feed- in the comments on a particular post a few weeks ago.
Stay tuned for images from my second special request album in the very near future!
There’s only one day left in July, and that means this is your last chance to take advantage of CTMH’s Jump on it Promo. Purchase $25 worth of any current stamp set and receive the July SOTM for FREE! You can also purchase the Hostess Rewards stamp sets for just $5 each- when you purchase $25 worth of any of our current stamp sets.
Maybe August’s promo will interest you. If you’re looking for paper crafting storage options, stay tuned! I’ll reveal more details tomorrow!

Genuine Call to Action

I’m not one to get in your face and be pushy.  I like to think I’m fairly laid back and happy-go-lucky-and-go-with-the-flow type of girl.
As I lay in bed thinking about things, and saving my business, I decided that to keep what I want, I need to FIGHT for it. It’s time I take action, and ignore the voice of uncertainty nagging at the back of my mind, and be assertive. I can’t- I won’t- wave my white flag before I honestly and legitimately fight and hopefully surpass this obstacle. If it doesn’t work out, even though I gave it my all, I can honestly say I gave it a fair, fighting chance.
There is a solution to prevent my business from going under. It’s a simple solution, too. I started selling Close to my Heart because 1) I’m passionate about scrapbooking. (Shocker, I know). It’s been a natural progression since that day in Camrose that I decided I was going to get serious about this hobby. My boyfriend (now husband) and I had “gone steady”, and I wanted to capture our life and memories and preserve them. I’ve consistently scrapbooked since then. My love for it has grown exponentially since then, too. It’s completely safe to say I live my hobby. It’s become so much a part of me, it’s like the hair on my head or the white on my skin.  2) Since creating handmade items for sale didn’t work out, selling supplies to those that love this hobby (and umbrella concept crafting) as much as me was the next best thing. The only local scrapbook store we had in our area closed their doors a couple years ago. Even having a store here told me there is a market here for crafters and paper crafters. In addition, there is only one other CTMH rep in this area. There should be lots of opportunity! Where is everyone?! 3) The product is beautiful,  good quality and really nice to work with. I love the diversity in products offered, richness and vibrance of the colors and patterns in the inks and papers, and incentives available to all consultants. We are very much treated like family. I feel, much like our founder, Jeanette Lynton, that this hobby and this company- like its name states- has become 4) Close to my Heart.
My solution is to pull people out of the woodwork and encourage them to visit my website and start placing orders. It can be as little or as much as you want. Every little bit counts. I’m forcing myself to be assertive and ask people to help me out and buy! Meeting my monthly requirements is actually relatively low. If four people ordered $25 worth of product every month, I’d remain active! Do you feel you can afford that? There’s also home gathering (aka party) options available, too. You can earn free product in hostess rewards if you host a party. A ‘party’ could also look like a workshop. Get 5 or 6 girlfriends together and commit to 5 or 6 monthly workshops. Each month, there’ll be a new hostess. There’s lots of options available!
What I’m trying to say is help me out by getting your shop on! You can make a $10 order or a $150 order. There are incentives if you spend a certain amount of money, such as the Stamp of the Month when an order of $50 or more is placed. Take a look at your budget, and determine what you can spend per month, if anything. That’s not to say I won’t order at all, or never. I will place orders as I can and as I need and when i can afford to. I’m asking people to share the cost with me. That’s not too much to ask, I hope! Is it fair? I think so!
Visit my website here to start shopping and visit my Facebook page to see what stock I have on hand. Please, please help me out, and please spread the word! We have something for everyone!

Pinterest Hacks

If you’re anything like me, even just looking at Pinterest makes me fat. I don’t have to just eat food to achieve that. There are so many great recipes for food, home renos, DIY, art,  photography, clothing, crafting, and the list goes on and on. I thought I’d share a few craft storage ideas with you- that were either free or inexpensive– that I’ve implemented into my own haven and crafting space. We all like things to be easy and cheap or free, right? It’s ok,  your secret is safe with me. I know I like looking for bargains too. We’re all the same, really, except for a few subtle differences here and there. ..
All the ideas I’m about to share with you, I found on Pinterest first. You can find me on Pinterest Here.

Note: in each picture I’m about to share, what inspired me is in the left photo of the collage, and my hack is on the right. This does not include the Close to My Heart options at the end of this post.


I have way too many stamps to store in an adorable fruit stand like this (and I’ve also got another way to store my stamps!!), so instead, I use my fruit stand for storing all of my washi tape. Right now, it only fills the top basket, but one day it might fill the whole thing. In the mean time, I’m trying to figure out what to store in the other two baskets. Any suggestions? Currently, the little bit of twine that I own occupies the second basket. The bottom one is empty. (I know. An empty anything in a crafters’ room?! Traitor!) The fruit stand cost me zippo. It was a Christmas gift from my MIL back in 2011. There’s no place to put it in my kitchen, so after it lived in the inlaws suite for a while, doing nothing other than wasting space and collecting dust, I moved it into my haven to be useful. And, it hasn’t let me down. Except when my rolls of washi fall through the cracks. I really need to remedy that!


Can anyone make me an adorable little fabric box like this?! (The left picture). I love my current system, but it isn’t pretty enough. This current system (hanging file folder system from Walmart. It cost me $10) works great, but is slightly flawed. The small pieces of scrap paper (any sort of irregularly shaped scraps and anything that’s smaller than 8×8 gets lost. Very easily. I’d love to find a system that groups like sizes together and doesn’t take up too much room. It also must be easy to see what’s inside. And, of course, it needs to be affordable. 
I have my scraps sorted by color, and it follows the rainbow spectrum of colors (starting with pink and ending with grey/black). I have a second hanging file system paired with this one for my most favorite manufacturers (it includes embellishments and papers). Once I thin out (read use up) the stuff I’m not really crazy about, I’ll move my favorite stuff to where the rest of my paper is located.
(Truth be told, I just want my scraps to look as neat and pretty as the picture on the left!!)


Ok, so seriously,  this is my most favorite Pinterest hack yet. Find tackle boxes at Walmart (for a minimal price), and throw all your miscellaneous alphas in it! It takes up only one drawer in my sterilite storage towers (I have two- both in one drawer; they fit like a glove. Like it was meant to be!) and it can hold a lot of alphas in it!! It’s really a huge bang for your buck.


I forgot to take a picture of it, but I do have a blister pack (which can be found at any pharmacy) that’s filled with brads. I forgot to take a picture of it because I rarely use brads in my projects. I also don’t have my blister pack labelled all pretty like the one in the picture. It does work really well to corral those small items, though! You’re looking at about $5-$10 (or more) depending on the size of blister pack you purchase.
Instead, I’m sharing a storage option for all those buttons you may have kicking around. For the longest time, I had my buttons stored in jam jars, but I didn’t like the varying sizes they were all in (my OCD is kicking in here). I wasn’t about to shell out the money for anything to store them in, so I left them as is. And then, my husband asked me if I’d have any use for the glass jars that you see in the right photo above. His buddy got these jars for his body shop business, but they weren’t the right size. I sure could find a use for them! Now, all my buttons are in the same size jars and they’re color coded, like my papers! (Cost to me: free!!)


Lastly, did you know that Close to My Heart has some fabulous storage items, too? They do! You’ll find storage boxes in varying sizes for paper, stamps, sponge daubers, or whatever else you can think of! They’re made from durable plastic and have a simple flip tab to keep the contents safely secured inside. Also, their stamps are strictly acrylic,  and always come in those handy sleeves, keeping your stamps altogether. They fit beautifully inside the storage boxes. (This one is one of the smallest and can store up to 15 stamps inside. Depending on size, they’ll cost you $16.50 to $27.50).


Looking for a practical and economical way to store your ink? Try CTMH’s Exclusive Inks Organizer (pictured above $76.95), or Exclusive Inks Stamp Tower (not pictured; $13.25). It’s perfect for storing my CTMH Exclusive Inks and journalling pens. It’s worthwhile to note that Stampin’ Up inks do not fit inside the organizer (and likely the tower. I have some SU inks, and they are too thick. This item is made specifically to store your CTMH inks).
There’s more {great!} storage items at Close to My Heart than just this! Visit me here, then click home > shop online > organization to see more!
What are some of your favorite Pinterest hacks? Please share-I’d love to see! Here’s one that was shared to my business page on Facebook:


I think this is fabulous! Ribbon scraps would work beautifully in these, as would beads, glitter, flocking or other powders. What else could you use in here?
Share your hacks in the comments! We could always use some inspiration!

Laugh. CREATE. Smile.


In the same vein as yesterday’s post, here’s another layout highlighting my kids’ learning and creativity. The chalkboard in the picture is one I played with as a girl- and now my kids get to play with it!
Since we’re playing with an “was once old, but is new again” theme, I browsed my scraps again and layered them to form somewhat of a visual triangle. I also mixed some “new” 6×6 sheets of patterned paper in there, too. And, by “new”, I mean fresh from the paper pad, uncut and waiting to be used.
The laugh, create, smile stamp has been in my stash for quite some time; I’m pretty sure it came from the dollar bins at Michaels. The poinsettia and leaves are “new” goodies, while the original rub-on has been in my stash for quite some time. All the stamping and sequins- yeah, they’re all new-to-me goodies.
How would you mix new and old?
Join me on Monday for a bit of a change of pace. I’ve been thinking about adding more storage to my haven, so turned to my Pinterest boards to “pick” the next installment of storage apparatuses. As I was browsing, I realized I’ve already implemented a few of the ideas found on my boards- with my own twist. Join me for a “their version-my version” blog post of some neat craft storage ideas!

Rolling Totes from CTMH

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We have another big day here today. We’ve got our Christmas concert tonight! My picture for today’s photo prompt will be taken tonight at the girls’ concert. I’m pretty excited- I think they are too!
Also, Close to My Heart has new rolling totes and shoulder totes in stock. They are roomy and look great, to boot! Order yours fast- they won’t stay around for long! (They’ve been sold out once already, and we only learned about them yesterday! There is currently more in stock). To learn more, visit me here.
I’ll be back later on with more shenanigans from Snowflake and my DD submission! In case you’re wondering, today’s prompt is MUSIC! To see the full list, please visit this post.
What’s your favourite Christmas song or album?