Make it Monday

Happy Monday, dear friends!

As promised, I have my Grilled Tuna Melt to share with you. If you’re tired of your usual, run of the mill grilled cheese sandwich, then give this recipe a try. It’s great to eat on days you don’t particularly feel like cooking or days that are miserable and cold.  Like yesterday lol. Last night, it dropped to 0° C overnight. Summer is most definitely gone from here!

Instead of typing out the entire recipe here, I’ll just include the Pinterest link to this delicious sandwich. 

Next week, I’ll share a new, tasty and healthy recipe that you and your kids are sure to love snacking on! Mine do- and it has flax seed in it. (I wasn’t sure I was a fan until I tried this recipe). 

Stay tuned for my next Make it Monday post!

Make it Monday

Hello, friends, welcome to another make it Monday!

Next week, I’m hoping to share my Kraft Mac Chicken Cacciatore recipe, and today I’m going to share my Kraft Go-Go Green Smoothie. So delish!

*Note: All images from Kraft Canada.

I hope you enjoy today’s recipe! We just had it for breakfast and is super tasty. I love it and my kids love it. Double score!

Make it Monday 

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

Mondays had been scheduled for sharing ctmh with you, and you may have noticed those posts have dropped off as of late.

I have been struggling as a consultant- I’ve been fighting a losing battle building up a client base and weathering the economic downturn we’re experiencing here in Alberta.

I can’t afford to keep my status active by placing orders for just myself, so I have let my status slide. I am still active right now, thanks to my dear friend and only customer, but she may not be able to place orders much longer, either.

I’m not here to complain- I’m at total peace with this. I can still purchase scrappy supplies, I’ll just do it elsewhere- when I’m able to afford it!

So, instead of sharing crafty ctmh inspiration, I’m going to start sharing foodie crafty inspiration on Mondays, which I’ll call Make it Monday. 

Stay tuned next week for my first recipe!

CTMH Our Story PML

Hello crafty friends. TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend?

My girlfriend is coming over for a scrappy date, and while we play, our kids can (will) play the Wii. Later on, we’ll take our kids to nerf mania, an event happening at the leisure centre in our community.

I was thinking of taking the kiddos to see Zootopia, but since tomorrow is going to be utter insanity (again), I’m going to hold off. We’ll hit up the next kids’ movie.

How about another layout? Are you getting tired of seeing them yet?

I hope not! I have so much to share with you!

To keep things from getting stale, I do have a Picture My Life (PML) layout to share with you.


The PML cards are CTMH Our Story, and work beautifully to sum up my March 2012 photos. The soft colors and floral patterns fit my girls perfectly!

I created the March journal card myself, by stamping with CTMH Handwritten alpha stamps in Whisper, then layered the green pennant underneath for the date.

Tomorrow, I’ll have side B to share with you! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ll join me again soon.

If the PML cards pique your interest, they are available to purchase on my website. Shop 24/7 right from the comfort of your own home!

(And, by the way, there’s many more decks of PML cards to choose from, too!)

Now Available!

Hello crafty friends!

Did you know that I make greeting cards as well as layouts?

If you didn’t, you may be new to my blog. If you’re a keener and return frequently/occasionally, you may be interested to know that my greeting cards are available to purchase.

Yep, that’s right. They’re just $2 a piece,  or $7.50 CAD if you buy 5. That works out to $1.50 per card.

Sound reasonable?

Would you like to see them?  To keep you in suspense, I’ll share only a couple, but I do have a card for every occasion.




To see all the cards I have on hand, please visit my Facebook page. Some of the cards are stamped inside, as well.

Like any of the cards you see but want to make them yourself? Let’s talk- I’m open to creating kits and organizing workshops too!

Now, the items I have for sale doesn’t end with handmade cards. I also offer scrapbook albums- by commission. If you don’t have a scrapbook album, don’t worry! I can order you one through CTMH (your choice of cover), which will be included in the overall price of your completed album.

I can also order your favorite papers from CTMH, too, so that the theme, colors and embellishments remain consistent throughout.

Most, if not all of the products used to create your special album will be Close to My Heart, though my other favorite products and manufacturers may find a place in it too.

You’ve already seen a lot of my scrapbook layouts, so you’ll have a good basic idea what your scrapbook album will look like once it’s completed. All I need are your pictures.

(My printer does not print high quality photos, so I suggest printing them via your favorite store and I’ll take it from there.)

I’ll hand deliver or mail your cards or album when it’s completed. It’ll be done in a timely and efficient manner. The size of album is negotiable, too!

So, if this interests you, let’s talk! I’d love to help you out!

Fall Has Arrived!

Hello dear friends! Forgive my long absence! I don’t have much to share these days- I’m hoping to remedy that in the near future. I placed my monthly CTMH order today, so by next week I’ll have new goodies to play with!
It’s also been a tumultuous couple of weeks here since I last posted. I had a severe allergic reaction to horses a couple weekends ago, that landed me in emerge and a prescription for an epi pen (which is new to me). I’ve always had allergies; I’ve just never reacted so severely before. Who knew allergies can worsen later in life?! As a result, I’ve been feeling fairly unlike myself since that incident. I’m feeling much better as of a couple days ago, but lost the scrappy bug in the process. Instead, baking has taken up residence! So…I’m still being creative, just using totally different mediums while I’m at it! Here’s what I’ve been up to:




(5 loaves of pumpkin bread under my belt!!)


(Family tradition Boterkoek- two batches ready to go), and I’m just about to try apple crisp in my slow cooker. Fall has arrived in the K-house!

What’s For Supper?

The other day, I dug deep into the dusty, cobwebbed mental archive, known as my brain, and came up with a dinner idea that hasn’t come to fruition in our house since I was a kid.
Pizza buns!!


What have you made recently,  that is “new” to you? How did your family receive it?
By the way, my family- my kids, especially- loved it!
Happy International Scrapbooking  Day. There’s no scrapping for me- the day belongs to my husband, apparently. 
See you all again soon!

New Generation Die-Cutting

I’ve had a die-cutting machine for quite some time. Originally, my husband wasn’t going to let me get one because they were so expensive. We were in Rocky (Mountain House) for a good friends’ wedding, and the morning of the big day, he was up crazy early, thanks to his internal clock. Since it was too early to do anything, and there wasn’t much worth watching on TV (and, I was still sawing logs), he wound up settling for infomercials. How many of us have done that?
Well, serendipity was hard at work that morning, because as I woke up, I heard my husband on the phone with someone. Someone was Cricut;  as a late wedding gift (ours had been a month earlier), he decided to buy me the Cricut Expression. I treasured it ever since- at least, the intention behind it. It wasn’t long before I figured out that I hated cutting anything small and intricate with it. Sizing was a constant guessing game, too. But, I ignored my frustrations. After all,  it was an incredibly meaningful gift.
Fast forward 7 years, and it finally comes out that I’m unhappy with my Expression, and had been from the get-go. Rather than having to appease a hurt husband, I heard “Well, why don’t you get a new one???”
I was dumbfounded. After picking my chin up off the floor, I told him that it was a special gift and I wasn’t sure how he’d take me wanting to trade it in for a new one. It was ok; he bought the Cricut Explore for me this Christmas. And, I think it’s already paid for itself! I’ve used it for every project since I hooked it up. And, the layouts I want to share today marks the beginning of a new Cricut creative era for me!
Boy, are there a lot of die cut machines to choose from nowadays! There’s the Silhouette, Cricut, Brother Scan ‘n Cut- just to name a few. How do you choose? They’re all so sophisticated and impressive! For me, the choice was a no-brainer. Since I’d already had the Expression and consequently owned a number of cartridges, I switched to the new generation Cricut. I no longer need my cartridges, but I’m hanging onto them a little longer, just in case anything happens (for some crazy reason).  It is possible to purchase images from the Cricut craft room library, but so far, I’ve had no need to.  I might never need to! Fun, right?!


I started off simple with my first cut via the Explore. I wanted a heart to frame these pictures of C. I also needed to make sure the entire focus remained on her goofy yet serious expressions. And then I found the heart you see on the layout above. Perfect! The cutting process is a dream. It literally cuts like a knife through butter, smooth and effortless. Gah- I’m smitten! Ask my husband how many times I’ve told him I love it. He’s probably already lost count, but he’d play it cool, grin and say “yeah, a few times”.
And, if you’re wondering, the alphas at the bottom are not die cut. They’ve been in my stash for quite some time.
Also, if you’re wondering whether it can cut letters and images only, the simple answer is no. What I’ve used it for (so far), has barely scraped the surface of what it’s capable of. Think vinyl, iron ons, printing (with your computer!!!) as well as many other fabulous uses. I can’t wait to try it all out!


If any of you frequent my Facebook page, the title mat on this layout might look familiar to you. Remember the sneak peek I shared a few weeks ago? This is the layout I was working on. I cut the title mat using my Explore, as well as the title. The mittens and leafy branch are chipboard accents from Close to My Hearts’ Snowhaven paper packet and embellishments. I used a tiny bit of embroidery floss to create the idiot straps mitten harness. And, the title- I love that I am able to cut out all the layers in one simple step. (There are 3 layers to the HOLIDAY portion of the title.) Seriously, the software is just about idiot proof. My kids could probably figure it out, without having to know how to read. It’s that good. (They aren’t even 5 yet).
What die cutting machine do you have, and what’s your favorite way to use it?

Top 14 of 2014

Everyone seems to be doing one “Top 10” list or another, to pay homage to 2014, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too!
Introducing TEdS’ Top 14 of 2014!

1. CTMH Skylark patterned paper and coordinating embellishments (sorry, no graphic)
2. CTMH Snowhaven patterned papers and coordinating embellishments


3. Frozen (the movie)


4. Younique 3D Fibre Lashes


5. N & J’s Nailz Don’t Be Gel-less (’snailz)


6. Simply Frosted By Dianna Goller (


7. YEG Love Letters (@yegloveletters on IG)


8. Demetri Gianni (@demetrigianni on IG)


9. Taylor Swift


10. Edmonton Humane Society


11. SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society)


12. Cricut Explore


13. Crop-A-Doodle Scrapbook Retreat


14. Las Vegas High Roller


These are some of my most favourite things, businesses and places I experienced this year. I’m happy I had the chance to share these with you!