Try Something New!

Good morning, and welcome to a rainy and soggy Wednesday! I’m a little earlier than usual, because the rain has kyboshed my usual morning walk. But, that’s ok. I’ve got a lot to share with you!

First up is Scrap Your Stash. Ever heard of it? Its an online event I host for one week every month. It’s geared toward getting us using up our scrap paper pile and our hoarded stash. I know you’ve got one. If you’re a paper crafter, its part of the territory. It happens. What do you do with it all? How do you use it up? There are new creative challenges every day, meant to inspire you and ignite your creativity. You’ll find it fun and rewarding! We’re in full swing right now, but its not too late to join. Did I mention its completely online and 100% free?! Oh, yes. Come check us out! I love you all, but this challenge is open to Canadian residents only. Sorry!

New product alert!!! We all know Father’s Day is coming up, and CTMH has just released the most amazing Fathers’ Day mini album kit, called You’re the Best. Its similar to the Mothers’ Day album I shared with you earlier this month, in that its got a stylish wooden cover like the other one did. But, this kit is geared totally towards the dads in our lives. The papers in it are earthy and masculine, the album is interactive (there’s different shaped pages inside), its simple to put together, and at a fantastic price to boot!

Included in the kit is a stamp set, card stock and patterned paper pack, twine, and the square mini album cover (three O- rings included). An album kit like this would regularly cost you around $52, but we’re giving you a 25% discount that you can apply to the purchase of this awesome kit right away, making it just $39! Woot!

CC61911 You’re the Best Fathers’ Day 6×8 Mini album kit

OR purchase the CC 6199 workshop kit without the stamp set, and get it for just $27.50. Both price points are phenomenal! You’ll be spending around that much on a gift for the dad in your life anyways, so why not consider a handmade gift? If you purchase the CC6196E My Father stamp set and CC6197 wood mini album separately, you’re looking at $24.75 and $10.25 respectively. The paper would be up to you; its only available in the kit, not a stand alone item.

This amazing mini album workshop is available today through June 30, so there’s lots of time to purchase it. But, a word to the wise- don’t wait too long to purchase it. This will be a hot item, like the Mothers Day album was, and will only be available while supplies last. Head to my website and type in You’re the Best into the search bar, click on it in the header at the top of the page, or message me to reserve yours!

I mentioned last week that I wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to in some of the various groups I have on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join them! I’ll provide the links as I go along so that you can easily find us. To start, I’d like to share with you what the Try it Out Techniques group is up to. For the month of May, we’re putting together the Story Starter- Story by Stacy mini album. We’re doing it slowly via Facebook live, and when the month is over, we’ll have a beautiful album of the special women (moms, or people that fill the mom role) in our lives. Share it with them as a gift, or proudly display it on a shelf at home. Today is our next meeting- at 1 pm MST. If you’d like to join us, visit us on Facebook here. Just be aware that you’ll need to purchase this album, and its coordinating stamp set, D1786 Quotable Words! Find both on my website, which is found in the watermark on the photo below.

Z4207 Story Starter- Story by Stacy

Next, I shared a quick video with my friends about our new Liquid Glass Applicator. Its a totally new product to Close to My Heart, and it makes using our Liquid Glass so much easier! It no longer clogs, and the flow is easier to control with the applicator top. I could hardly wait to show it off to everyone, because its that amazing. If you don’t believe me, you’ll have to try it out for yourself. Its just $6 CAD to purchase, and once again, is available on my website. Look for Z4089 (Fine Tip Applicator), and Z679 Liquid Glass (in case you need a new bottle). See the video I did here.

Last, but not least, I have one more video tutorial to share with you. This time, its using some of our product- specifically our re-inkers- to create a water-colour background for a layout and card that I made. Its a really simple technique involving dropping some re-inker onto your craft mat, spritzing it with water, and dragging your card stock through it. Water-colour paper would work. I did not have any on hand at the time, so I used regular White Daisy card stock to achieve the same look (just in a slightly different way). Check it out and maybe try it for yourself! If you do, tag me so that I can see how it inspired you! I love seeing everyone’s creativity.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, and found something intriguing or inspiring to fill your day. See you again soon!


Try It Out Tuesday Virtual Classroom

Ever experimented with inking? Do you know what it is, or how to do it? If you answered no to any of those questions, consider joining me on August 8 at 1 pm mst on Facebook. I’m hosting my first ever virtual class, and we’re tackling this very simple and stunning technique. We’ll create a couple projects together, then I’ll turn you loose to try it out on your own!

A small order is required, but ONLY if you do not own the tools needed for this particular technique. What would those tools be? Easy!

Sponge daubers. They come in packs of three from CTMH and cost $7.75 for the pack. They also come in a handy value pack of 12, and cost $24.25. View each below.

Regular pack

Value pack

Ink. For the two projects, in particular, that we’re creating, you’ll need CTMH Pewter ink if you don’t currently own it. All ink pads at CTMH are $10.25, and come in a wide range of hues. See this particular ink below.

Pewter Exclusive Ink

What are we creating? Two simple projects: one 4.25×5.5 inch card, and one double page layout. Each project features inking, though the layout will be more inking- intensive. (Meaning there’s much more inked elements in it.)

The theme for each of your projects is up to you, as is the papers you use. However, if you add the Fresh Air paper packet and Documented cardmaking stamp to your order, I’ll give you $5 CTMH cash as a thank you gift!

Fresh Air Paper Packet

Documented Card Stamp Set

Of course, you’ll use your own basic tools and embellishments to complete the projects.

Are you in? I hope so! Facebook is where all the fun will be taking place! Follow this link to find the event:

If you’d like to be added to my Facebook group (its a closed group so you’ll need to request to be added), search Try It Out Tuesday With TEDS. Click Join if you’d like to learn more! I hope to see you there!

Watercolor Technique with Faber-Castell Gelatos

Hi everyone, happy Monday!

I mentioned recently that I would share the process I use to create a watercolor effect using Faber-Castell Gelatos. 

My kids are home sick today so unfortunately I won’t have a photo or video tutorial ready for you. (What are your thoughts on video tutorials…would you like to see them occasionally on my blog??)

Here are the materials you’ll need to create this effect:
– Faber-Castell Gelatos  (one or more colors)
– craft mat
– spray bottle set to a fine mist
– blow dryer, heat tool or good, old fashioned time
– watercolor paper, cardstock or patterned paper
– wipes, kleenex or paper towel

The process:

Choose which color, or colors, gelatos you want to use, and scribble directly on your craft mat. A little bit goes a long way. You dont need much! The areas you color can be close together or far apart, or you can also use one color at a time. Play around with it- don’t be afraid to experiment!

Using your spray bottle, spray directly on the areas of the craft mat you colored on. Note: a tiny bit of water goes a long ways. Less is more! I bought a cheap dollar store water bottle, so it doesn’t mist very well. I’ve learned to spray very, very little water. Too much will saturate your paper making it look less nice.

Using my pointer finger, I next blend the color with the water. I find that if you skip this step, the water and color don’t mix very well. I’ve set aside many sheets of “ruined” cardstock to eventually cover up with paper or pictures because I wasn’t happy with the end result. I’m just trying to save you the hassle!

If you used several different colors at once, you can blend them together a bit, creating a kaleidoscope of color. Here’s an example:


As you can see, I used celery green (which looks yellow in the picture above) and pink gelatos here. Mixed together, you’ll also see a touch of orange.

Delicious, amirite?!

(You’ll see this layout again in a future post!!)

So, now you’ve colored on the craft mat, sprayed that area with a teensy bit of water, and blended that with your fingertip or a paintbrush (if you don’t want to get dirty).

Next, take your watercolor paper, cardstock or patterned paper, and place it over your watercolors on the craft mat. Position it roughly where you’d like it to appear on your paper. Gently rub your hand or fingers over the paper, or slide the paper around a bit, then lift off the craft mat.

Let any excess water run off the page or blot it with paper towel. Using your heat tool, dry your paper off, or set it aside to dry on its own. I’m not patient enough for that, so I use my embossing heat gun to finish it more quickly.

Voila! You should now have a watercolor background on your paper- the first layer of many on a delicious mixed media- or not- layout!

To clean your craft mat (because water and color will be left behind), simply wipe with paper towel, kleenex, wipes or whatever else you might have lying around.

Do you have any other helpful tips or techniques for using Gelatos? I’d love to hear- leave a comment with your tried and true tips. I’d love to learn more!

Thanks for tuning in today! I’ll be back again soon to share another layout with you- this one featuring lots of washi tape! See you then!