CTMH Something Fierce

There’s a fierce new collection from Close to my Heart that’s coming your way very, very soon! Its perfect for your dinosaur lovers, your paleontological road trips and vacations, or your sweet, frilly girls that are sweet and pink. There is something for everyone in this collection, and there’s some new surprises coming with it! Watch for it in January!

Lucky for you, I’ve got some fresh new layouts to share with you using this FUN and whimsical collection! I had the perfect pictures to use with it. Don’t you love when that happens? I personally feel that this collection was meant to be paired with these pictures, and the stars aligned at just the right time to bring them together! Way to go CTMH!! The only problem is, most of the paper (I got this paper packet early due to a CTMH launch event I was privileged to go to at the beginning of the month) was used to create a couple layouts from that event. I have to wait until my next order arrives so I can keep creating with it! Argh! That won’t be until early January (my next order goes in on the 31. Do you have anything to add? Comment below, and I’ll be sure to add you!)

Explore Something Fierce layout
Oh Snap dinosaur layout

There are a lot of patterns in this paper packet that are perfect for everyday girl or boy layouts (or cards!!), but there are a few that are saturated in the dinosaur theme. I wish I had more of that paper! I have a lot of pictures to get through, and I’ll need as much of it as possible to get them done! Typically, I’m more into the pinks, but this time around, it was refreshing to work with something totally different and out of my norm. Ever feel that way?

So, I mentioned that there’s some surprises in this paper packet. Actually, the surprises also apply to the entire collection. Are you interested in seeing what they are? I bet you are! They’re fun, I promise! But, first, how cute is this paper packet? Its some of the most adorable paper I’ve seen in a while! I just love that it works for both boys, girls, and vacations!! Woot!

The first change, or surprise, if you will, is in the paper in the paper packet. No longer are the days of journaling cards. The new thing is cut away paper! Personally, I will get more use out of the cut away paper, but I know that some people really liked the journaling cards. The good news is that there’s a pack of journaling cards that coordinates with this collection, and its available to purchase. Great news, right?!

So, the paper in the bottom right corner of the image above showcases the cut away paper. Isn’t it great?! If you’re not crazy about the cut away paper, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The flip side of the cut away paper, which you see behind it in the image above, is that cute scallop paper, which you can use in your crafting instead. You still get two sheets of every pattern in the paper packets, so you can use one of each side, if you prefer! How great are all the patterns and colors here? As you can see, there’s really only two papers that have bold patterns in them, and only one that’s dinosaur saturated, and the rest are soft spoken, and great for everyday layouts of your loved ones if that’s what you prefer.

The next change that CTMH made to their collections comes in the form of their Complements. We’ve gotten used to seeing them in cute 6×6 inch sheets, and once again, I personally preferred them. But now, they are back to 6×12 inch sheets!

What do you think? Super adorable and totally cute, right? Well, I think so, and I hope that you do, too! Seriously, pictures on the computer don’t do these products any justice. Neither do my layouts. You need to see this stuff in person. Its bright, its happy, its whimsical and give me more. You’re going to find with all the collections coming out with the next catalog are going to blow your ever loving mind. Really. Close to my Heart blew it out of the park! Both the collections, and the artwork are phenomenal! You’re going to fall in love with errything. Imma buy it all in bulk (perk of being a consultant. Want to join? Lets talk!)

Speaking of the new catalog, you’ve got something like 11 days to stock up on our current product before 99.9999% of it retires along with the current catalog. There’s only one or two items that are coming to the new catalog, and the rest are new; so, no pressure, but get on it! 11 days only! No more waiting, the time is quickly running out. CTMH posted to their blog today 10 of their most popular items (that are retiring, mind you), and they’re freaking awesome! Check it out here. (I’ve got to get the Cricut cart. Oh. Emm. Gee.) If you’re like me, you’ll be sitting on pins and needles waiting on being able to get your new product ordered…my next order date can’t get here soon enough!

Join me again soon so I can share with you January’s card blitz cards! They’re cute and super simple to make! I’ll also have a list of the dates of other events I’m hosting through January. Hope to see you at one of them!


TIOT- Why Recording Dates is Important in Journaling

Hello, friends! I’m dropping in to share with you what I’ve created over the last little while. It’s been so refreshing to do my own creating for a change, but I have to say I feel a bit out of the loop! Do you ever feel that way in relation to your crafting?

I’m on a roll with Fresh Air. I made a point of using the complements, stamps and journaling cards where I could. Of course, I used the papers too. I just love the neutral palette. It really speaks to me. I find it calming and welcoming. My home is painted in the same hues. (At one time in my life, I dressed in mostly earthen tones, too). Yes, I love neutrals!

I also turned to Central Park, and used it to highlight a significant milestone in my husbands’ life:

But, because I can’t get enough of Fresh Air, I snuck some of its papers into this spread, too! You’ll find a number of collections here. I used two paper collections, and two different complements collections, too. Can you spot them and name them? Here’s your homework for the day! 😉 (Just kidding, I don’t actually expect you to research what they are). Here’s a hint: Fresh Air (duh), Central Park, Documented and Stargazer. Now can you pick them out?

Do you share your pictures on Facebook? Are you meticulous about recording the dates of events as you scrapbook them? And, by extension, do you jot down your thoughts for the purpose of journaling on your layout at a later time?

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I like recording the dates in my layouts. It’s a little piece of information that’s quite important. It’s a detail that I want included and not forgotten. (Especially if it’s related to a special event, like Easter, and the only photo you have from it is a home made cake). 😐

I share my pictures to Facebook. Naturally, right? Lots of people are prone to add pictures to their Facebook. As a result, it becomes an unintentional photo album- or, dare I say it- a scrapbook album. It’s a good practice to get into, because if you run into any problems with your pc (for any reason), or you lose your stick it notes or journal with notes jotted in it, you’ll have a “back up” of sorts to help you out of that bind. Dates are always recorded when pictures are posted to Facebook. When you have a printed photo and you can’t figure out why it’s in your ‘to scrapbook’ pile, you’ll be able to deduce- through Facebook and google- that April 17, 2016 was Easter. So, that mysterious cake with blue frosting and duckie sprinkles was actually for Easter. (On a side note, stay tuned for a layout with that very picture in it).

Recording dates, especially for the purpose of journaling, is super important. It helps keep you organized. Holidays, such as Easter, always fall at different times of the month. Sometimes it’s in March, other times, it’s in April. You’ll want to stay on top of those dates so that the details remain accurate. If you’re not a chronological scrapbooker, keeping dates becomes even more important. Knowing what day your BFF’s wedding fell on is something you probably shouldn’t forget!

It helps you keep your events and other (‘smaller’) daily memories in order. Say someone asked you to confirm the date of something- maybe a particular vacation you took together. Would you be able to recall it off the top of your head? What if it happened 8 years ago, or 20? Now can you? My sister texted me the other day, and asked me when we took a particular family vacation. There was a bet going between her and my parents: mom believes I was in high school when we went on this particular trip, and dad and K believe I was already in college. Umm. I can’t tell you when it was. That makes my heart so sad. Dates are incredibly important! Our memories are even more so! Treat them with the utmost care, so they don’t die along with us. I didn’t scrapbook back then, but it highlights the importance of recording dates along with your thoughts and emotions of events that occur throughout your life.

If I did scrapbook then, I would’ve been able to consult the album it was in and provide the exact dates. All I know (that I can remember), is that I had written a letter to one of my high school friends while I was on that trip. I believe I was in high school, but that may not be accurate. Memories lie. (Read this blog post to understand what I mean).

Also, it makes the labor of putting your heart into each page of your album so much easier. It completes the package. Rather than wracking my brains trying to remember details that have completely escaped me, ultimately giving up in defeat and only sharing half to little supporting information, I can relax in the knowledge that the missing piece of the puzzle is tucked safely away in a place I can access easily at any time I need to. Personally, I feel that when some or all the pieces of a memory are missing, my layout is incomplete. I’ve told only half the story, my layout hasn’t reached its full potential. The easiest way to prevent that is to jot your thoughts down, record the date, and share as many supporting details as you can. No one wants an incomplete grade on their homework assignment. Why would you want your layout labelled the same way?

That’s my little tangent for today. I hope you find this tip useful! My scrapbooking became much easier, as a result, and I hope you find the same! Apply it, try it out and see how it feels. It’s never too late to try something new. I suppose it’s better late than not at all! It’ll save you heartache, writing only part of your story, and it’ll help you stay on track and organized!

January SOTM

I’m headed out here right away to help with the clean up efforts in the building we rent for gymnastics. We suffered an awful flood inside and have lost equipment. There are other facilities that use this building as well, and they’ve lost a lot, too. That’s including our local food bank.

But, I wanted to drop in to share a layout that I completed today, that’s been sitting on my desk for a few days. I’ll return later on to share the recipe kit I promised, and a special offer CTMH has right now to kick off paper crafting month. It’s pretty great, so make sure you check back in later!

Halloween 2017

Happy morning after Halloween! Did you enjoy last night? The weather was poor, but my beanie babies still had a blast. They cleaned up pretty good, too. 

Our costume was very cost effective this year- meaning 100% free! I’d recently bought the girls these onesies from Walmart. After scouring Pinterest and seeing a post of girls dressed as beanie babies, I knew I had the cat in the bag. I used my Cricut to cut the hearts and Ty letters from red and white cardstock. Easy peasy! I’m so relieved the twins loved this idea! I found it after they’d gone to school one morning. 

I attempted going as the 80’s but I didn’t feel I could pull it off, so skipped the costume this year. I’m not sure what that is 🤣 I still want to wear the tutu…I’ll try again next year. Got any suggestions?

The Silver Lining

Hello friends, I’m just dropping in to give you an update and let you know how things are going. We’ve been fighting an uphill battle, but I’m so happy to report that things are going well. My husband has been home for just over a week, now. He took two weeks off from work, and plans to ease into it once he does go back. Our schedule is very full of appointments over the next six weeks, and there will likely be more over the next 3 to 6 months. What my husband had is very serious, and we’re lucky (and grateful) that he walked away from it. He has what’s called Constrictive Pericarditis. It means that the lining surrounding his heart hardened from fluid that built up in it, so his poor heart is working harder to pump blood through his body. He still sweats (which he never sweated before this), but his stamina is returning, and he feels much better than he did previously. The medication he is on seems to be doing its job. Its rare for a person to develop pericarditis; however, it was confirmed, early on, that his rheumatoid arthritis (a pre-existing condition) was the culprit. We knew that he didn’t have it under control; we just never thought it would get this serious. The silver lining is that we’ve found a new rheumatologist (who already seems to be much better than K’s original rheumatologist. We don’t officially meet him until the 19th), but his students have been such a help to us while K was in the hospital. Even though K was admitted to the Cardiac Unit (and even spent two days in the Cardiac ICU), it was RA all along. And, its none too soon, because K seems to be experiencing joint pain again (associated with RA). He marvelled at the fact that while he was in the hospital, he had no flares. I eventually realized that the ‘flare’ was the pericarditis. Ugh.

But, since coming home, I’ve kept a close eye on K and spent as much time with him as I could (can). This morning was the first time in weeks that I felt comfortable enough to leave him and go for a walk on my own. (He actually had an appointment of his own that I wasn’t required for; it was for something minor and completely unrelated to the current events in our lives). When he goes back to work, he’ll be working 18+ hour days (as much as I dread him doing that) again, so I want to enjoy him as much as I possibly can! I’m so excited, because today we finally have a ‘down’ day, and he told me to scrapbook. I haven’t played in like 3 weeks! I’m really excited about it! (Yet, here I am putzing on the computer, LOL).

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. It was a good weekend- we drove to Edmonton on Saturday to spend the day with my family, then yesterday we had my Father in Law and K’s dear friend over for dinner. I spent Sunday going apple crazy- check out my Facebook if you haven’t already. Here’s just a hint: imagine a milk crate 3/4 full of baking apples that need to be peeled, cored and chopped. That was me. (Happily. I considered it a labor of love. Mostly because I love this time of year!) K helped a bit, but I got the majority of it done myself. And, on top of it, I baked an apple crumble for dinner yesterday, a pistachio pie and 6 loaves of pumpkin loaf. I also wanted to make apple pie, but I forgot to get K to buy me lard while he was out at the grocery store! IF we get any more snow this week, I may just hunker down and get those pies done. Wednesday and Thursday are write offs, so it’ll have to be Friday.

Well, now that I’ve rambled on long enough, I’ll sign off here. I would hate to bore you with the mundane events and facts on my life. I will not be back (likely) again until next week, when my husband ventures out into the oil patch again. My presence here may be limited for the foreseeable future as I don’t know how consistently my husband will work. I will, however, make a point of dropping in when I can to keep you updated and share CTMH! Projects will be a bit yet until I’ve got some things to share with you 🙂 To all my fellow Canadians- Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone- I’ll see you again soon!

A Nightmare

Well folks, here’s the reason it’s been so quiet here again. A little story in pictures…

It’s been an excruciating four days. My husband had a bout of pericarditis a week and a half ago. Four days ago, he was rushed by ambulance to Edmonton for a possible pulmonary blood clot. Turns out he has fluid on his heart in addition to the inflammation. 

Thankfully, he’s on the mend! But, you’ll not see me until we are back home. 

I’m thinking of you and love you all! Be back when I can ❤️

Quick Note

Hello friends. Just popping in quick to let you know I’m on vacation today! I’ll be away with my family until Sunday, but if you follow me on insta or my personal fb, I’ll keep you posted with pictures. 

See everyone again next week!

CTMH June BOGO Album Sale

One of the housekeeping items I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to share with you is this months’ promotional sales we have happening. Now is a great time to stock up on items that paper crafters tend to run out of fairly quickly, depending on how quickly you get your crafting done- scrapbook albums! The other is card stock- but I’ll share more about that in a moment.

Yes, we definitely have you covered this month. When you buy one album of any style- post pound or d-ring, get a second one 50% off! All our albums are 12×12, and are sturdy and durable. This year’s albums have a lovely leather cover and come in an assortment of colors. The hot one is Sea Glass, which is this year’s CTMH color of the year. You’ll definitely want to snatch that one up- its sold out once already! They are the perfect way to store your layouts- and the best part is that the page protectors don’t stick out the side of the album, like some tend to do. They stay neatly inside, where they belong.

Why stop at stocking up on albums, when you could stock up on the other item paper crafters run out of quickly- card stock!

Yes, card stock. The basis for nearly every layout there is. All card stock, including paper packs and variety packs, are 25% off at check out when you shop my online store. Go mixed, stay solid, stock up on card stock! You won’t regret it! Our card stock is made from quality paper, and has a white core, just like you saw in yesterday’s post. They all come in a wide variety of colors and coordinate beautifully with all our patterned papers.

This deal just seems to naturally fit together, doesn’t it? As if the deal couldn’t get any better, it does. But, you’ll have to wait until next month (July) to find out what the next promotional sale is! You’ll want to stock on up on this, too! More details to follow in the next week.

(June passed quickly, didn’t it?!) I feel like I’m just going to have enough time to catch my breath for school to end before the chaos of summer begins! Honestly, I don’t think I’ll even have the time for that! If your kids are already done school (even if they aren’t), take some time to inventory what you’ve got on hand, and if you find it lacking, give me a shout! I’d love to help you stock up on some of the essentials!

A New Attempt

Hi everyone! I’m back, after an incredibly long break from blogging. I know things got hectic at the end of 2016, which accounted for my absence, and the start of 2017 was extremely difficult. Its also been full of incredible blessings- and that is the reason why I’m picking up blogging again! I plan to use this platform as a tool to help build and strengthen my business, which has taken a dramatic and (happily) positive turn as of late. Its beginning to grow, and I’m so thankful for that! I’ve been drawing in new customers (yay!) as well as building a downline! Both these blessings absolutely floor me! I want to keep that momentum moving upwards, and I plan to do whatever I can to achieve that! Would you join me (again) on this journey of mine?

My blog format will be slightly different this time around- I’ll still share paper crafting inspiration and my personal crafting projects, but I’ll also share more of what’s going on with my business, my team, and Close to My Heart. This blog will solely focus on everything Close to My Heart and The Everyday Scrapbooker/The Everyday Scrappers. (The Everyday Scrappers are my minions. Just kidding- they’re my army of team members!) My hope is to find more customers and team members by sharing what I’m passionate about, and using social media platforms to accomplish that. Because, more is a party! The more, the merrier, right?! And, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I am 100% passionate about scrapbooking and card making! To say otherwise would be an understatement! If you are too, please follow my blog and my other social media platforms. I’ll share the links to them at the end of this post. You’re welcome here even if you know diddly squat about scrapbooking, but are open to learning more! I’ll welcome everyone with open arms. Who knows, maybe you’ll join my team or become a customer, too!  So, I’ll be sharing news from CTMH, upcoming events and activities for you (my future customers) to participate in, sales and deals that CTMH offers (and me!!), and inspiration. My blog will hopefully be overflowing with inspiration! And, hopefully you’ll catch the memory keeping bug, too.

I do have some housekeeping items to share with you, but they will wait for the next couple posts. I’d really like to kick off blogging again with one of my latest layouts. Just a note related to my layouts- starting with today’s post, I’ll be sharing a list of the CTMH products I used to complete my layouts and cards, and I’ll provide a link to my online shop if you’re interested in purchasing the products I shared. Sometimes, the products I use will be discontinued, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swap the retired items for something newer and more current! Use your creativity! I’ll make sure to note which items are retired, so you’re not left wondering or searching for a product that no longer exists. Have no fear, though! If you absolutely LOVE a certain product, and MUST have it, I may be able to track it down for you- as long as another consultant has it. Sound fair?

Its also important to note that all of my layouts and cards will have my watermark on it. I do that for two reasons: first, to show that each of my layouts is my own work, even though I use a sketch as a springboard for my creativity, and secondly, to direct you more easily to my online shop! You are more than welcome to recreate any of my projects. I just ask that you make sure to give credit where its due, and I’ll make sure I do the same!

It also goes without saying that my projects from here on in will exclusively be made with CTMH products. There may be the odd product snuck in there to complete it that isn’t CTMH (such as sequins or washi tape); everything else will be strictly theirs.

Ready to join the party?! Here we go!

Sorry for the slightly blurry and grainy image. Images won’t alway look like this, I promise! Ah, the toddler years. We’ve passed that stage by 4 years now, but I’m thoroughly enjoying scrapbooking this stage. I miss it so much, although I didn’t while I was in the midst of it. And, no there’s no more babies in our future. Been there, done that. Its time to move on!

To create this layout, I used a tip found in a recent Close to My Heart blog post. Instead of inking the edges of a torn piece of paper- which was the “old” technique, update it by inking the edge of your clean lines with a shade slightly darker than the paper you’re inking. So, in this case, I inked my White Daisy card stock with Whisper ink. I left the torn strip of card stock as is- especially since its unique already, with the white core. And, how awesome is the play on words in my title- the ‘rip’ in the title highlights the rip in the Eggplant card stock! Also, just a note- I created the title using my Cricut!

Products used:

– CTMH My Reflections Urban X7204B

– CTMH Lagoon Card stock X5762

-CTMH Eggplant Card stock X5774

-CTMH Whimsy Fundamentals Paper Packet Z3255

-CTMH Charlotte Complements X7205C

-CTMH Good Life Complements Z3264

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Complements X7217C (retired)

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Workshop Your Way X7217 (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy Card stock 1385

-CTMH Whisper Exclusive Inks Z2872

As promised, I said I’d share my social media links at the end of this blog post. I try not to disappoint, so here you go! Either click directly on the link to go where it leads you, or paste the link into your browser. Feel free to add me! I use all these accounts regularly 🙂





Bear with me…

Hi everyone. I’m so sorry I haven’t dropped in this week! It’s been busy and, truth be told, I’m struggling to stay afloat with the addition of working out to my daily routine. Carving out time to blog has fallen by the wayside, but I’m working on getting it back into routine. Just bear with me while I work out the kinks and adjust! 

I miss y’all!