Quick Note

Hello friends. Just popping in quick to let you know I’m on vacation today! I’ll be away with my family until Sunday, but if you follow me on insta or my personal fb, I’ll keep you posted with pictures. 

See everyone again next week!

CTMH June BOGO Album Sale

One of the housekeeping items I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to share with you is this months’ promotional sales we have happening. Now is a great time to stock up on items that paper crafters tend to run out of fairly quickly, depending on how quickly you get your crafting done- scrapbook albums! The other is card stock- but I’ll share more about that in a moment.

Yes, we definitely have you covered this month. When you buy one album of any style- post pound or d-ring, get a second one 50% off! All our albums are 12×12, and are sturdy and durable. This year’s albums have a lovely leather cover and come in an assortment of colors. The hot one is Sea Glass, which is this year’s CTMH color of the year. You’ll definitely want to snatch that one up- its sold out once already! They are the perfect way to store your layouts- and the best part is that the page protectors don’t stick out the side of the album, like some tend to do. They stay neatly inside, where they belong.

Why stop at stocking up on albums, when you could stock up on the other item paper crafters run out of quickly- card stock!

Yes, card stock. The basis for nearly every layout there is. All card stock, including paper packs and variety packs, are 25% off at check out when you shop my online store. Go mixed, stay solid, stock up on card stock! You won’t regret it! Our card stock is made from quality paper, and has a white core, just like you saw in yesterday’s post. They all come in a wide variety of colors and coordinate beautifully with all our patterned papers.

This deal just seems to naturally fit together, doesn’t it? As if the deal couldn’t get any better, it does. But, you’ll have to wait until next month (July) to find out what the next promotional sale is! You’ll want to stock on up on this, too! More details to follow in the next week.

(June passed quickly, didn’t it?!) I feel like I’m just going to have enough time to catch my breath for school to end before the chaos of summer begins! Honestly, I don’t think I’ll even have the time for that! If your kids are already done school (even if they aren’t), take some time to inventory what you’ve got on hand, and if you find it lacking, give me a shout! I’d love to help you stock up on some of the essentials!

A New Attempt

Hi everyone! I’m back, after an incredibly long break from blogging. I know things got hectic at the end of 2016, which accounted for my absence, and the start of 2017 was extremely difficult. Its also been full of incredible blessings- and that is the reason why I’m picking up blogging again! I plan to use this platform as a tool to help build and strengthen my business, which has taken a dramatic and (happily) positive turn as of late. Its beginning to grow, and I’m so thankful for that! I’ve been drawing in new customers (yay!) as well as building a downline! Both these blessings absolutely floor me! I want to keep that momentum moving upwards, and I plan to do whatever I can to achieve that! Would you join me (again) on this journey of mine?

My blog format will be slightly different this time around- I’ll still share paper crafting inspiration and my personal crafting projects, but I’ll also share more of what’s going on with my business, my team, and Close to My Heart. This blog will solely focus on everything Close to My Heart and The Everyday Scrapbooker/The Everyday Scrappers. (The Everyday Scrappers are my minions. Just kidding- they’re my army of team members!) My hope is to find more customers and team members by sharing what I’m passionate about, and using social media platforms to accomplish that. Because, more is a party! The more, the merrier, right?! And, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I am 100% passionate about scrapbooking and card making! To say otherwise would be an understatement! If you are too, please follow my blog and my other social media platforms. I’ll share the links to them at the end of this post. You’re welcome here even if you know diddly squat about scrapbooking, but are open to learning more! I’ll welcome everyone with open arms. Who knows, maybe you’ll join my team or become a customer, too!  So, I’ll be sharing news from CTMH, upcoming events and activities for you (my future customers) to participate in, sales and deals that CTMH offers (and me!!), and inspiration. My blog will hopefully be overflowing with inspiration! And, hopefully you’ll catch the memory keeping bug, too.

I do have some housekeeping items to share with you, but they will wait for the next couple posts. I’d really like to kick off blogging again with one of my latest layouts. Just a note related to my layouts- starting with today’s post, I’ll be sharing a list of the CTMH products I used to complete my layouts and cards, and I’ll provide a link to my online shop if you’re interested in purchasing the products I shared. Sometimes, the products I use will be discontinued, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swap the retired items for something newer and more current! Use your creativity! I’ll make sure to note which items are retired, so you’re not left wondering or searching for a product that no longer exists. Have no fear, though! If you absolutely LOVE a certain product, and MUST have it, I may be able to track it down for you- as long as another consultant has it. Sound fair?

Its also important to note that all of my layouts and cards will have my watermark on it. I do that for two reasons: first, to show that each of my layouts is my own work, even though I use a sketch as a springboard for my creativity, and secondly, to direct you more easily to my online shop! You are more than welcome to recreate any of my projects. I just ask that you make sure to give credit where its due, and I’ll make sure I do the same!

It also goes without saying that my projects from here on in will exclusively be made with CTMH products. There may be the odd product snuck in there to complete it that isn’t CTMH (such as sequins or washi tape); everything else will be strictly theirs.

Ready to join the party?! Here we go!

Sorry for the slightly blurry and grainy image. Images won’t alway look like this, I promise! Ah, the toddler years. We’ve passed that stage by 4 years now, but I’m thoroughly enjoying scrapbooking this stage. I miss it so much, although I didn’t while I was in the midst of it. And, no there’s no more babies in our future. Been there, done that. Its time to move on!

To create this layout, I used a tip found in a recent Close to My Heart blog post. Instead of inking the edges of a torn piece of paper- which was the “old” technique, update it by inking the edge of your clean lines with a shade slightly darker than the paper you’re inking. So, in this case, I inked my White Daisy card stock with Whisper ink. I left the torn strip of card stock as is- especially since its unique already, with the white core. And, how awesome is the play on words in my title- the ‘rip’ in the title highlights the rip in the Eggplant card stock! Also, just a note- I created the title using my Cricut!

Products used:

– CTMH My Reflections Urban X7204B

– CTMH Lagoon Card stock X5762

-CTMH Eggplant Card stock X5774

-CTMH Whimsy Fundamentals Paper Packet Z3255

-CTMH Charlotte Complements X7205C

-CTMH Good Life Complements Z3264

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Complements X7217C (retired)

-CTMH Some Kinda Wonderful Workshop Your Way X7217 (retired)

-CTMH White Daisy Card stock 1385

-CTMH Whisper Exclusive Inks Z2872

As promised, I said I’d share my social media links at the end of this blog post. I try not to disappoint, so here you go! Either click directly on the link to go where it leads you, or paste the link into your browser. Feel free to add me! I use all these accounts regularly 🙂





Bear with me…

Hi everyone. I’m so sorry I haven’t dropped in this week! It’s been busy and, truth be told, I’m struggling to stay afloat with the addition of working out to my daily routine. Carving out time to blog has fallen by the wayside, but I’m working on getting it back into routine. Just bear with me while I work out the kinks and adjust! 

I miss y’all!

CTMH White Pines Let’s Play

Hello friends! I made a layout a few weeks ago, that I’d like to share with you.


I finally had the chance to create, and I finally had the chance to blog about it!PicsArt_10-31-08.03.15

I began creating this layout before I even had pictures printed for it. I  planned ahead so I knew exactly what pictures I would {eventually} use and what their orientation would be (meaning like horizontal or vertical).

Happily, my pictures arrived in the mail! After I put my munchkins to bed, I’ll add them to my layout.

I mainly used CTMH White Pines, and turned to my Cricut Explore for the cut files you see. There’s also a touch of Seaside in there too.

It feels good to be back again. Hopefully I can drop in again soon!

CTMH Welcome Home

Hello! I finally had the chance to escape into Edmonton for a weekend away, and as trips into the big city always goes, it was a chaotic frenzy! I was able to drop off a custom scrapbook order (that’s been done for at least a month), get my computer keyboard fixed, glasses picked out for the twins (yes, they need glasses at 5 years old. Boo!), winter boots bought (which was perfect timing- we’ve had snow since returning on Sunday), and lastly celebrate my husbands’ birthday, moms birthday, Thanksgiving, dads birthday, my birthday all of the above! Phew!

And, since I got my keyboard fixed, the first thing I did was order prints so that I can scrapbook! The next was track down my resume, since I’m looking at returning to work. That in itself is bittersweet. I enjoy being a stay at home mom, but I’m also looking forward to adding something to my schedule that gets me out of the house for a little bit. Fingers crossed I find something part time, which is what I’m hoping for!

I have a few projects to share with you, now that everything is back up and running (and now that I can start using my beloved Cricut again).


I used up scraps to create both of these cards. The patterned paper is Echo Park, and the glitter paper is CTMH. I punched the border using a Martha Stewart border punch. Also, I cut the houses with my Cricut, adhered all the pieces together with liquid glass, and stamped the message with D1581 Give a Lift and E1030 Handwritten Print Alphabet, both by CTMH. Inks are Peacock and Glacier.

Tomorrow, I’ll drop in again with a layout. Hope to see you then!

Rain Or Shine

Close to My Heart really offers a wide range of products. The exclusive Cricut cartridges are fantastic for off the page and unique projects, including home decor or party related items. Base and Bling is perfect for making a unique and handmade touch to your wardrobe- specifically jewelry- something that no one else (or very few!!) people have. I guarantee people will be asking where you got your necklace and charms from! Close to My Heart also carries home decor, such as shadow boxes and picture frames. There’s a lot to check out!



To see more and to place an order, visit me at
I’ve also got a card to share with you today! I made this card for my niece, who had a baby (her second one) just the other night. A card I found on inspired the card I made.


I used a mixture of scrap papers here, including (mostly) Close to My Heart Seaside and Jillibean Soup. I used CTMH Rain or Shine stamps and Glacier, Flaxen and Desert Sand ink.