DIY Tooth Fairy Ideas

Hi everyone! If you tuned in yesterday, you’ll know that my sweet miss M lost her very first tooth. If you missed it, you can scroll down to the next post, or click on this link. I also mentioned that today I’d be sharing boy-friendly tooth fairy ideas.  I noticed that when I searched ideas for girls on Pinterest,  there were also options for boys. I thought there’d be a vast list of ideas for creatively explaining what happens to baby teeth after they’ve fallen out. Sadly, I was mistaken. Most of the ideas I shared yesterday apply to both boys and girls- they’re not gender specific. However, I did find a couple extra ideas that are more DIY/crafty in nature.






I especially like this last idea. Use an empty floss container to make a cutesy container for the teeth that decide to fall out while at school. What a great idea!
Don’t forget, you can find this- and a plethora of other ideas- on Pinterest or your favorite search engine, such as Google or Bing. Some of the ideas I shared in yesterday’s post can also be found on my twinlets board.
Drop by again tomorrow for another layout I made!
I hope your feet stay connected to the ground on this incredibly blustery day- I’m not going anywheres else today. The wind is so strong and cold, it takes my breath away. March is coming in like a lion after all! 


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