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An Exercise in Positivity

It was a great day for exercising my one little word, positivity, yesterday. We had growing concerns that our kitty was diabetic- or, at the very least, something was amiss. He peed a number of times around the house; I caught him in the act once, and he filled his litter unreasonably fast on a regular basis. I shouldn’t have to completely empty and refill it after two mere days.
My husband brought kitty to the vet on Monday, and the vet quickly ruled out diabetes. Fewf. But then what could it be? Drinking more water, because we’re cutting back on how much he eats, and so there’s a higher volume of output?
It turns out, in kitty’s old age, his renal function has become unsatisfactory. It’s slowly failing. Luckily, we caught it early, and can give him medication to help improve his quality of life. It’ll mean a total diet change, as well. Not only have we cut back on his consumption, he also needs to eat food thats low in protein. The good news is that he could have a few more years for us to pester and annoy love and enjoy him. Here’s hoping!

As promised on Monday, here’s a small tutorial using the water droplet technique- it’s really easy and fun! First, gather the materials you’ll need: card stock, acrylic stamping block, ink(s), stamp spritzer or spray bottle, scrubbing pad (for cleaning stamping block), stamps.


In the first step, fill your acrylic stamping block with ink. If you’re using multiple colors, like I’ve done, start with the lightest first, then move to the darkest.


Once the surface is covered in ink, give it a quick spray with your stamp cleaner (spritzer) or spray bottle. Ensure your spray bottle nozzle is set to a fine mist. (In the picture below, my stamp block has just been sprayed with my stamp cleaner.)


Stamp onto your card stock like a regular stamp! Stamp in any pattern you like, using as many or as little colors as you please; repeat steps 1 to 3 for every successive color (with cleaning in between).


Set aside to dry. Once your ink and card stock is dry, you’re ready to stamp on top, if you so desire. Choose a complimentary ink, or stick with an ink you just used. Fill stamp as usual and stamp away, in any pattern you choose. I chose something that reflects my one little word and theme for 2015: positive. The adjective that particularly caught my eye was grateful. This will be going into my gratitude journal next week!



(For a little extra oomph, ink your stamp in multiple colors for an ombre look, like I did here!)
And, to sign off, I’ll leave you with last weeks’ gratitude journal entries:



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